DCG Soccer Club: Schedules (S18)

Spring 2018 Soccer schedules are now available for all divisions.

The U6 division is organized in the "Festival Format" this season. All practices and scrimmages are combined and will be held on Saturday mornings at 9 AM at the Grimes Soccer Complex.

The U7-U8 schedules are provided as PDF files and named according to season (S18), team number, and coaches' last name. Please note that coaches will frequently adjust schedules so that they can be present at games so it is important to refer to any schedule provided by the coach as final authority for games.

The U9-U19 schedules (ISL Level 3 Central) are hosted on Tourney Machine. The DCG Soccer Club recommends the following two links for Tourney Machine. The first link is useful from your mobile phone while the second link is useful from your computer. Both links require you to know your Team ID listed below.

  • 9U Boys-DCG G9A-Cully
  • 9U Boys-DCG G9B-Finestead
  • 9U Girls-DCG G9R-Wheeler
  • 10U Boys-DCG G10A-Eickelberg
  • 10U Boys-DCG G10B-Cully
  • 10U Girls-DCG G10R-Baier
  • 11U Boys-DCG G11A-White
  • 11U Girls-DCG G11R-Hoffbauer
  • 12U Boys-DCG G12A-Bonner
  • 12U Girls-DCG G12R-Beeman
  • 13U Girls-DCG G13R-England
  • 14U Boys-DCG G14AA-Topalovich
  • 14U Girls-DCG G14R-Smith
  • 16U Boys-DCG G15A-Beaudet


All U7/U8 games are played at DCG, ADM, and VSA fields. Please see the S18-U7-Field-Directions.

All U7/U8 games are played at DCG, ADM, and VSA fields. Please see the S18-U8-Field-Directions.