DCG Soccer Club: Fields

The DCG Soccer Club uses the RainedOut service to send "Field Status" Text Messages and/or Email Alerts directly to your mobile device or email account. There is no additional fee to use this service. The soccer club offers the following two options.

Daily Status
The first option provides a daily in-season message as to the status (open / closed) of the soccer fields. To sign-up for this service simply text the keyword dcgfieldsdaily to 84483 from your mobile phone. Or click on the badge below for more information.

     Update Status
The second option provides an update in-season message only when the status changes from open to closed or closed to open for the soccer fields. To sign-up for this service simply text the keyword dcgfieldsupdate to 84483 from your mobile phone. Or click on the badge below for more information.

Daily Status
Daily Status
  Update Status
Update Status

Lightning Safety Policy
When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, all practices and games need to be immediately suspended for a MINIMUM of thirty minutes.  No one is to remain on the fields.  Notify others there is danger from lightning and take shelter right away.  Practices and games will not resume until a MINIMUM of thirty minutes has passed since the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder.

Soccer Goal Safety: Preventing Potential Tragic Consequences

The safety of our membership is our number one priority.  Soccer goals can pose a real safety hazard if they are not properly anchored therefore our club anchors all of our goals and makes an effort to check them periodically to make sure they remain safe.  We are posting this information to help increase awareness and ask that everyone take part in helping us by reporting any goals that are not properly anchored.  When kids hang on goals they can also create an unsafe situation even with goals that are properly anchored.  Therefore we also ask that everyone help by encouraging kids not to climb on the goals.  A compelling story on the Early Show on CBS emphasizes the seriousness of this topic by reporting on how a 10 year old boy named Hayden was killed when a goal accidentally fell over on top of him.  The CBS video report is embedded below. You can visit Hayden's Goal, a website where the mother of the 10 year old boy recalls the horrific day her son died from this unexpected hazard, to learn more.


Hayden's Goal

The DCG Soccer Club supports Hayden's Goal both philosophically and financially.  The mission statement of Hayden's Goal is:

Hayden's Goal is committed to promote continuing education of players, parents, coaches, referees, soccer organizations and the general public, regarding soccer goal safety. The mission of Hayden's Goal is to prevent injuries and deaths caused by the improper handling and use of soccer goals by increasing public knowledge and awareness about their correct setup and use. The organization exists to provide help and guidance to any person or organization in the safe and proper use, handling and storage of soccer goals. 

The DCG Soccer Club received this thank you from Hayden's Goal for the financial support provided. 

Field Layout

Current field layouts for the Grimes Sports Complex.  Includes both the South Complex (games and practice fields) and the North Complex (practice fields only).

 Last revised and published on 2/2018.

Handout: Field Layout

Field Closure and Usage Policies

If the fields are open and it is safe, we play soccer in the rain. The field status is updated according the the Field Closure Policy.  And if you want to sign-up for field status notification via email or text we use RainedOut.

When other organizations want to use the DCG Soccer Club equipment (goals, nets, flags, and lines) a Field Usage Fee Policy has been developed to govern those situations.