DCG Soccer Club: Referees

Calling All Referees
Referees are essential to the efficient operation of the soccer club, as refs are needed for every U8 and above game. Referees come from the club and community. Currently, the DCG Soccer club has a need for more refs. As the number of families in Grimes and Dallas Center continues to grow, the number of children playing soccer with the club continues to grow, and the need for additional referees will continue to grow. Being a referee is a great way to learn the rules of the sport better, be able to watch your own child play, and become involved with a great sport in the community. Plus, it is a great way to earn extra money.
Current needs are for referees at all age levels. New and younger refs will generally officiate U8 and U10 games, while older or adult referees will generally move fairly quickly into officiating higher level games – U12 up to U19.
We have a particular need for adult referees. Adults are able to referee games of our school age refs who play soccer. Adults will also be ref supervisors on Saturdays and Sundays, helping guide the younger refs to become better refs, resolving issues with coaches and/or parents, and rearranging schedules to fill open slots when a scheduled ref can’t make the game.
If you would like more information on becoming a soccer referee, please see this Iowa Referees website. Or contact the director of referees at referee@dcgsoccer.com or the ref assignor at assignor@dcgsoccer.com for more information.

Referee Clinic Info
The Referee Clinic Handout includes important information for all referees.

Important Referee Links
These are important links and sites for referees:
  • Iowa Referee Committee
  • This is your resource for certification and re-certification forms and requirements.
  • ArbiterSports
  • This is your resource for access to game assignments.

Advice to Parents of New Referees - Video
US Soccer has released the following 6-minute video production entitled Advice to Parents of New Referees. The video is hosted by Region 2 Referee Administrator and National Instructor Jonathan Meersman. While this video is intended for parents of new youth referees, it is a good review of important topics for any new referwe. Please take a few minutes to watch it.