DCG Soccer Club: Coaches Corner

ISL L3 Central Rules
Coaches should review the latest version of the ISL L3 Central Rules that govern U9+ teams.

Contacting Coaches
ISL Level 3 Central (U9+) coach contact information is only available via Tourney Machine. After launching Tourney Machine select your division, locate your match, and then select the blue information icon at the right of your match. The coach contact information will be displayed.

Rostering a Guest Player

ISL Level 3 Central (U9+) has implemented a Guest Player Allowance as a tool for coaches to use to ensure they have enough players and/or substitutes at a game so that the game doesn't have to be rescheduled. Please use the ISL Level 3 Central Guest Player Form to submit a request.

All details of the program can be found in the Guest Player Allowance section of the ISL L3 Central Rules. 

How to Reschedule a Game
If you need to reschedule a game or your game is postponed due to weather, please follow this procedure:
  1. If you are the home team, contact the Assignor (assignor@dcgsoccer.com) or the Director of Referees refereeing@dcgsoccer.com) for additional dates. Please do this prior to the day of the canceled game if possible, so that a referee does not show up when a game will not take place.
  2. Check with the other coach about the best alternative date. Again, do this as soon as possible.
  3. Verify referees have been assigned and the other team can make the date. 
  4. Notify ISL via the ISL Level 3 Central Game Reschedule Form.
It is the coach's responsibilty to get the game rescheduled even if the club canceled the game due to weather.

Score Reporting

For ISL L3 Central games it is the coach's responsibility to report scores via the Tourney Machine Schedule.

See the Scores and Standings section of the ISL L3 Central Rules for details.

Join DCG Soccer Club's Licensed Coaches

DCG Soccer Club's Director of Coaches, Nick Reggio (pictured in DCG Soccer Club red) completes his E license for coaching through Iowa Soccer.

We would love to have other coaches within the DCG Soccer Club take advantage of this opportunity, which is reimbursed by the Club.

Nick joins DCG Soccer Board members Tyler Lyon (President), Jared Koelling (VP), Shad England (Treasurer), and Dan James (Player Development) who all have similar levels of coaching licenses.

Congrats Nick! 

Changes for 2016

The US Soccer Player Development Initiative includes a number of changes for players, parents, coaches, and referees. Here are two resources that will be important for coaches to review

Training Materials - Part 1
Handout: Training 1

Training Materials - Part 2
Handout: Training 2

Training Materials - Part 3
Handout: Training 3

Coaching Resource - Soccerxpert.com

Need some new coaching ideas? How about some new drills? You can find new ideas at soccerxpert.com.

At soccerxpert.com you will find drills, skills, and tips for all levels of play, number of players, and available time. Information is short, informative, and easy to follow. Check it out for some fresh ideas for beginners to advanced soccer players and soccer coaches.

Coaching Clinic Materials

The following materials were covered at the Coaching Clinic.  The materials include general information you can use as a new or experienced coach.  There are plenty of ideas and activities for all levels of players and coaches.

Contact the Director of Coaches if you have questions.

Coaching Means Correcting
The Coaching Means Correcting article provides very good information on correcting players' mistakes - how to recognize and fix. Spend a few minutes reviewing it.

Coaches Hard Pass
New for the Fall 2010 season, the Coach's Hard Pass will be enforced in all practices and matches in the state.  The hard pass is intended to provide another safety check for players.  All coaches including assistant coaches will be required to wear a hard pass that can clearly be seen.  This pass will indicate that the coach is registered and has passed the Iowa Soccer background check.  This is to be worn during all practices and matches.

The Iowa Soccer office is working on the processes and procedures for implementation and will be communicating with the registrars on printing and distribution of these passes.

Review the revised Risk Management Policy (2.6.1) and the Q&A for all the details. 

Field Use Policy
City of Grimes Field Use Policy
Handout: Field Use Policy

Closure Policy
Sports Complex Closure Policy
Handout: Sports Complex Closure Policy

Code of Conduct forms
Handout: Code of Conduct