DCG Soccer Club: News

Uniform Ordering via Soccer Master

Uniforms should be ordered through Soccer Master, 3233 100th St, Urbandale (515-270-8141). Please order your uniforms early to ensure you have them for the start of the season. Orders take at least two weeks so plan ahead!

For 7U & up, please order the following items (correct styles and logos are reserved via Soccer Master):

  • Red Jersey,
  • White Jersey,
  • Red Shorts,
  • Red Socks.
For 5U-6U, please order the following items (correct styles and logos are reserved via Soccer Master):
  • Red Jersey only (do not order the white jersey),
  • Red Shorts,
  • Red Socks.

You have several options available:

  1. Order at the store (3233 100th Street, Urbandale) - uniforms will need to be picked up at a later date. Soccer Master does not sell the uniforms on demand anymore, this is their store policy.
  2. Order online via MyUniform and pick up at the store when ready (recommended).
  3. Order online via MyUniform and have the uniform delivered (for a fee).

To order online goto MyUniform. Remember, if you are U7 and up, you will need BOTH jerseys (there is only one option per color, Red Champro Captain's and White Champro Leader jerseys).  If you are U5-U6 you only need the red jersey, shorts, and socks. 

Join our Team of Referees
DCG soccer is looking for energetic individuals to join our team of referees. You will need to be at least 12 years of age and have completed a certification class. Classes are currently being offered at the following locations.

West Des Moines (Aug 10 - 11) Click Here To Register
Urbandale / Johnston (Aug 17 - 18) Click Here to Register

Check out the Referee Flyer for additional details.
If you would like to earn extra money and have fun doing so please become a referee for DCG soccer. As we continue to make changes to our program we have added new bonus and reimbursement opportunities for referees.  See the Referee Bonus and Reimbursement Policy for details.

If you have any questions or concerns please email refereeing@dcgsoccer.com

Soccer Field Painting Volunteers Needed!
The Dallas-Center Grimes Soccer Club takes a lot of pride in our soccer complex. One great way to get involved is by helping paint the soccer fields.
The time commitment is approximately 1.5 hours once during the 8 week season. We usually paint on Thursdays or Fridays after the city has mowed and before the weekend games. No experience necessary.
If interested please email David at fields@dcgsoccer.com

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Director of Fields

The DCG Soccer Club is looking for a volunteer to join the board as the Director of Fields. This is a fantastic opportunity to support Youth Soccer in the DCG area and share your talents with the community.

We take great pride in the soccer complex and this is a great opportunity for you to become involved.  Helping provide a quality program for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels is very rewarding. Responsibilities for the Director of Fields includes:

  • Creating field layout and maintaining painted field lines throughout the season
  • Maintaining goals, nets, and corner flags
  • Managing Field Day volunteers to assemble or tear down soccer fields each season

If you have interest in the position, please contact the President (president@dcgsoccer.com) for more information.

big... Big... BIG Changes - US Soccer Player Development Initiatives
Parents and players are beginning to hear about the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives. Some of the elements that have received more visibility include the change in field dimensions as well as birth year registration.
The DCG Soccer Club has prepared a brief overview of the 2016 Fall Season Changes, please take a moment to review.

The DCG Soccer Club implemented the new field dimensions (see the Standards Chart) with the Spring 2016 season. The 2016 Field Layout depicts the field changes. The DCG Soccer Club is implementing the new Birth Year Registration (see the Birth Year Matrix) with the Fall 2016 Season.

To learn more about the player development initiatives please visit the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives page and view the informative video. The video does a good job explaining the rationale behind the various elements of the initiative.

ISL Level 3 Central League Rules
The ISL Level 3 Central League Rules for U9-U19 are now available.

Field Painting Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to help paint the fields throughout the season. Our club takes great pride in the soccer complex and this is a great opportunity to help contribute. We are asking for a time commitment of about 1.5 hours once during the 8-week soccer season. We usually paint fields after work on Thursdays or Fridays each week after the city has completed mowing and before the weekend games.

No previous experience necessary - the Director of Fields (David Kurth) usually paints the fields each week with the volunteer.

If you are interested, please contact the Director of Fields (fields@dcgsoccer.com) directly by email. We are offering again this season a free DCG soccer painting T-shirt for those who volunteer.

Field Safety Reminders

Please take note of a couple of field related items as we get ready to start our games and as we continue to practice throughout the season.


  • Do not move the goals – the goals are safely anchored and expected to stay that way.  Our High School teams move them occasionally for practice purposes but they are the only exception.
  • We have implemented a spectator line for U10 and above age groups on one side of the field to help keep fans at a safe distance from the sidelines and to help our assistant referees (ARs) do their job.  If you are a spectator please help out by sitting on the side of the field with the white dashed line and if you are a coach please have your team line up on the opposite side.


Lightning Safety Policy
When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, all practices and games need to be immediately suspended for a MINIMUM of thirty minutes.  No one is to remain on the fields.  Notify others there is danger from lightning and take shelter right away.  Practices and games will not resume until a MINIMUM of thirty minutes has passed since the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder.

Reminders for Players & Parents
What you will need for soccer…
  • Water Bottle, recommended for practices and games.
  • Soccer Ball - Size 3 (U5-U8), Size 4 (U9-U12), Size 5 (U13 and up).
  • DCG Soccer Club Jersey - available at Soccer Connections, 3233 100th St., Urbandale (515-270-8141). Home teams wear red jersey in Grimes.
  • Red Soccer Shorts - Required for U9 and up.  Recommended for U5-U8.
  • Red Soccer Socks - Required for U9 and up.  Recommended for U5-U8.
  • Soccer Shoes - Required for all ages.
  • Shin guards are REQUIRED and MUST BE WORN AT EACH PRACTICE AND GAME for the player's own protection. 
  • NO JEWELRY!!!  Jewelry CANNOT be worn because of the danger to the player and to other players.

What if it Rains?

If the fields are open and it is safe, we play soccer in the rain.

The field status is updated according the the Field Closure Policy.  And if you want to sign-up for field status notification via email or text we use RainedOut.

If you are a coach and you decide to reschedule the game, make sure you follow the "How to Reschedule a Game" procedure.