DCG Soccer Club: Board

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    Board: Position: Email: Phone:
    Tyler Lyon President  president@dcgsoccer.com  
    Jared Koelling Vice President  vp@dcgsoccer.com  
    Becky White Secretary  secretary@dcgsoccer.com  
    Shad England Treasurer  treasurer@dcgsoccer.com  
    Kurt Kruse Assignor  assignor@dcgsoccer.com  
    Darci Reggio Administrator  administrator@dcgsoccer.com  
    Traci Hepker Registrar  registrar@dcgsoccer.com  515-259-3001
    Susan Norris Registrar  registrar@dcgsoccer.com  515-259-3001
    Sarah Mentele Registration  registration@dcgsoccer.com  
    Nick Reggio Director of Coaches  coaching@dcgsoccer.com  
    John Stolarz Director of Referees  refereeing@dcgsoccer.com  
    Dan James Director of Player Ed & Dev  development@dcgsoccer.com  
    David Kurth Director of Fields  fields@dcgsoccer.com  
    Steve Nore Director of Equipment  equipment@dcgsoccer.com  
    Adam Malmberg Director of Concessions  concessions@dcgsoccer.com  
    Doug Rants Director of Technology  technology@dcgsoccer.com