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Welcome to the Dixie Chicks Fastpitch Website

Dixie Chicks are a competitive fast-pitch tournament travel team. We also have a 16u and 12u team and will be adding a 14u team in the Fall. We have just finished another successful season and we are getting ready to play our 2015 Summer Season. Dixie Chicks are a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of girls fast pitch softball in the greater Richmond area. Our players have a love for softball and a special enthusiasm and dedication to the game. The outcome of which has been a higher level of play, at a very competitive level. We have seen the fast-paced growth of our ballplayers individual and team related softball skills. This leads to a mental attitude that is focused on the need for conditioning, commitment, and hard work. More importantly, we have seen the evolution of such life skills as self-confidence, leadership, and sportsmanship. They have created new friendships and have learned that sports are about having fun. We are seeking sponsors for our upcoming season. If you know of anyone interested in becoming a primary or secondary sponsor please contact Allan Spencer at 804-564-9467 for more information.

Tuesday, July 21
Chicks Contacts

If you are a high level player and are looking for a team for the upcoming season then contact the coach in your age group for an individual tryout or maybe even come practice with our current players. Dixie Chicks are offering teams in every age group this upcoming season.

18u - Allan Spencer 804-564-9467

16u - Eric Kuester 804-400-1648

14u - Steve Ruch 804-677-3401

12u - Trent Melhbrech 804-690-3734

10u - George Gerdes 804-399-2100 

Monday, July 20
Chicks go 4-1 in shortened showcase

The Chicks headed back to the Beach for another long 3 day tourney this past weekend and got a little bit of everything. We got our 3 games in on Friday and played really great ball. We also got our 4th pool game in Saturday afternoon with another Chick like performance. Then as we were warming up for elimination play we got thunder, lightning and then some hard rain to cancel the rest of the day. Then Sunday morning we got a forfeit win and then we played our last game as the final 3 rounds of the tournament were canceled for extreme heat as temperatures reached 98 degrees and 108 heat index. We are down to our last practice of the season as Nationals approach next week in Myrtle Beach. We need some players to step up and finish this season strong with a National Championship. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, July 13
Chicks go 6-2 in Va. Beach


The Chicks went back on the road again for another long 4 day event in Virginia Beach and went 6-2. This was our first tournament of the Summer that we didn't win the Championship. It wasn't our weekend as we didn't play our best ball. We did play well at times but we hit a bunch of balls right at people and didn't catch any breaks. The ball bounces funny sometimes and it did for the Chicks last weekend. We will move on and try to finish our Summer strong in Virginia Beach again next weekend and Myrtle Beach Triple Crown Nationals at the end of the month. Every Summer seems to just get started and before you know it is over. Only 2 tourneys left and we will be saying good-bye to our college bound kids and starting our Fall season with some new faces. Practice is Wednesday this week at Midlothian High School. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 29
Chicks Stay Hot

The Chicks took our show on the road for a long hot 4 day trip to Rock Hill, SC and brought home our 3rd Championship in a row this Summer in the Carolina Cardinals East Coast Fireworks. This was a tough format as 78 teams started the tourney on Thursday and only the top 23 even got a chance to play on Sunday in the Championship Elimanation round. We made our way in and won 4 straight on Sunday to claim another Championship. We showed a lot of guts as we fell behind in the quarter finals, the semi finals and the Championship game and found ways to win them all. They were all 1 run games and the semis took 2 innings of ITB to get the win. It took a total team effort to win this tournament and we got some great play from every player on the team at one time or another. These ladies are warriors and I couldn't be prouder of them. Our record for the season now stands at 20 wins 2 losses and 1 tie. We have practice on Thursday at Midlothian to get ready for our next road trip in Virginia Beach July 9-12 in the ASA Elite Showcase. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 15
Chicks Win States

Our Chicks played in States this past weekend and did not disappoint as we went 6-0 and claimed the State Championship for the second straight year. After a tie in the first game of the season we have ran off 12 straight wins to run our record to 12-0-1 for the Summer and 2 Championships. It was a brutal hot few days with heat indexs over 100 and the girls never faltered. Staying in the winners bracket the whole way certainly helped to win the tournament. We had some great pitching and defense and big hits from multiple players. It was another great team effort, I'm very proud of how we are playing with just limited practices but we need to keep working hard and improve every week, we have some tough games coming up in Rock Hill in a couple weeks and we need to be at our best. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 8
Chicks Start Season with Championship

The Chicks got the 2015 Summer Season started on the right track with a Championship in the USA Elite Select Showcase in Annandale, VA. We started a little shaky in our first game but got on track after that posting 6 straight wins all in shutout fashion. We were shorthanded and had some injuries but everyone stepped up and we took home the hardware going 6-0-1 for the weekend. I am proud of the girls, the played hard all weekend and left the field worn out and dirty but still Champs. We don't have much recovery time as we start again Friday night in States. See you at practice on Wednesday, Stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, February 16
Laing headed to Radford

Jordyn Laing will be continuing her softball career and joining her teammate and fellow 2017 grad Heather Childress at Radford University. Jordyn is really excited about heading to Radford but she still has 3 seasons left with the Chicks that she is equally excited about. I'm sure she will represent the Chicks well at Radford. We are all happy for Jordyn and I think she will only get better the older she gets. I have always expected big things from her and pushed her hard. Even when she was a freshman playing with girls 4 years older than her, I pushed her and she withstood every challenge. When she first showed up as a Chick we had 3 other shortstops that were all much older than her but she never blinked an eye and always persevered, now it has paid off. She is an hard worker and wants big things for herself. The whole Chick family is very proud of her and wish her nothing but the best. 


Thursday, February 5
Childress verbals to Radford

Heather Childress will be continuing her softball career after High School as a Highlander. Heather has verballed to Radford University. I'm very proud of her as she has worked hard and I'm sure she will make the Chicks proud. I know she is excited about getting her college recruiting out of the way and now she can relax and just play ball. Heather is only a sophomore so she still has 3 years left with us and I am very happy about that. I get attached to these girls and it seems like they grow so fast and before you know it they are gone. I tell my players all the time to play the game like you love it and the rewards will happen. Heather plays the game that way, all out all the time. Congratulations kid, we all wish you the best.


Wednesday, November 19
Chicks finish Fall in Myrle Beach

The Chicks went on the road for the last time this year to Myrtle Beach expecting some nice weather and got frigid conditions for most of the weekend. We finished the season going 4-2 in the showcase event and ended with a pretty strong 24-5 record for Fall. The 8:00 game on Saturday morning was as cold as I have ever played in with 29 degree temperatures and 15 mph winds. We played well at times last weekend and I'm proud of our team as we played some really good teams every game. Like any team we had good and bad moments this Fall.  We are a young team with 8 sophomores and I expect by next Summer we will be ready to take on anyone. Enjoy your holidays, we will have Winter workouts in Feb. to help you get ready for High School ball. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, October 27
Chicks are Champs

The Chicks played our only local tournament of the Fall and did not disappoint. We claimed our first Championship of the Fall in Powhatan with the newest edition of the Dixie Chicks going 7-0 and knocking off some pretty good teams in the process. We had lots of stars and big performances from everyone at one time or another. We had great pitching all weekend and some timely hitting. It's hard to believe but we finish our Fall in Myrtle Beach in 3 weeks in the Early Signing Showcase. I am really proud of our team as we have come a long way quickly and I'm expecting big things from this young squad. Great job ladies, enjoy your week off.  Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, October 13
Chicks get rained out in Salem

Our tournament was canceled this past weekend in Salem, next tournament is in Powhatan on Oct. 25-26. Looking to get a scrimmage together for this Sunday Oct. 19. We give everyone the details as soon as I get them.


Monday, September 29
Chicks go 2-2 in Va. Beach

The Chicks travelled to Virginia Beach this past weekend and posted a 2-2 record. It surely wasn't one of our better performances but we did have our moments. We didn't catch any breaks and we hit some really hard shots right at people that turned into outs. Both the games we lost we did get more hits than our opponents but couldn't scratch across enough runs to win. We need to work hard to get better real quickly as the schedule is going to get tougher the next few weeks. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, September 15
Chicks finish 2nd in Salem

The Chicks went on the road for the first time of the Fall season and finished second in the Play the Valley Showcase in Salem. Saturday pool play was rained out and we had to play 5 games on Sunday to claim the Championship. We won the first 4 games but fell a run short in the Title game. We had our moments but we need to get more tme on the field together and improve every week. I was still pleased with our performance and I think this team is going to get a lot better real fast. Practice is Thursday 5:30 at Midlothian High School. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, September 1
Chicks start Fall 3-0

The Chicks started our Fall season this weekend and it surely didn't feel like Fall weather. It was hotter Sunday that any game we played all Summer. We did pick up 3 wins in our annual Labor Day weekend round robin and played some good ball at times and saw some things we need to work on. It was good to get back on the field and get started strong before we get into the rest of our Fall season. We did pretty well for being together only a few weeks. I expect big things from this team and I think we can win a lot of ball games. I'm looking forward to Salem in 2 weeks. Our next practice is Thursday 5:30 at Midlothian High School. Stats from Sunday are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Sunday, August 3
Chicks finish season 5th in World Series (2014)


The Chicks season ended on Friday with a 5th place finish in the World Series in Salisbury, MD. This years team really had a great season winning 4 tournaments, finishing second in another and finishing the season with a 56-7-1 record. This was one of the most relentless teams I have had as nothing ever bothered them and they never quit. We fell into the losers bracket early last week and as rain threatened the end of the tournament the Director of the tournament decided to try to finish it all on Friday which meant we would have to win 10 games in a row in one day which is virtually impossible for anyone. It would have meant about 20 hours on the field in a row as we started at 8:00 a.m and the Championship was scheduled for 1:30 a.m on Saturday morning. We did get 6 games in on Friday and still didn't get off the field until 9:00 pm. As it turned out the rain finally canceled the remainder of the Friday games and they finished on Saturday afternoon anyway as the rained was no factor on Saturday. Nevertheless it was a good run and I'm proud of my girls. It's always hard when this tournament ends as I have to say good bye to my Seniors. They are all off to play ball in college and I wish them all the best in everything they do in life. I'm sure you all will be great in whatever you choose to do in life. Remember to always be a leader and not a follower and you will go far. Don't forget rule #3 either as that will become more important down the road. We have practice next Sunday, August 10th at Midlothian High School at 11:00. We will start with some new faces and get ready for another sucessful Fall campaign in September. Final Summer stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, July 28
14u Chicks Claim World Series Championship

The young Chicks team went to Spartanburg, SC last week and claimed the NSA Class "A" World Series Championship. They did things a little easier than we did as the stayed in the Winners bracket the whole way and went undefeated in the tournament. I'm really happy for the team and Coach Steve Ruch. He puts in a lot of time and effort and does a great job with the team. Some of those players are moving up this year and I'm looking forward to having them. Keep up the good work. Congratulations again, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, July 21
Close Call

The Chicks took their show back on the road to Virginia Beach this past weekend for the PGF Summer Scorcher and played in our 5th Championship game in a row but fell 4-3 to Pa. Chaos Gold to finish 2nd. We were short handed most of the weekend with injuries and we were still relentless. We beat some really good teams to advance to Championship game but it wasn't meant to be.  It has still been a great Summer for the Chicks as we ran our record to 47-4-1 claiming 4 championships and State title. It's hard to believe we are almost done for the Summer but all that is left is practice on Wednesday and the World Series next week. We need to continue to play hard and go claim the World Series title in Salisbury, MD. next week. Again, great job from the Chicks this past weekend, see you at practice on Wednesday. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, July 14
Chicks Impress Again !!

The Chicks took our show back on the road last week for a long hot 4 day stay in Spartanburg SC and impressed again. The Chicks ran off 12 straight wins and claimed the Hot Times Classic Championship. It was a tough 4 days with the heat and humidity but the girls never faultered. This team is relentless, the team never gives up and they expect to win. I'm very proud of my girls as they have now won 4 straight championships and 33 straight games as we head into the final 2 weeks of Summer Ball. We head back to Virginia Beach this weekend for PGF Summer Scorcher Showcase and then all that's left is the World Series. I can't believe it's almost over, seems like we just got started. See you Friday at Princess Anne, stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, July 7
Chicks do it AGAIN !!

The Chicks took our show on the road again last weekend and even Hurricane Arthur couldn't slow us down. We ran off another 8 wins in a row to run our winning streak to 21 straight and claimed our 3rd Championship in as many weeks in the Mid Summer Showcase in Virginia Beach. All The Hurricane did was give us a day off last Friday but by Saturday we were back on the field and nothing had changed. The girls were still hungry for a Championship and they got it. No time for celebration as we are off to Spartanburg on Wednesday to see if we can claim the Hot Times Classic Championship. I am very proud of all of these young ladies as everyone has stepped up at one time or another to help the team win games. Overall record for the Summer is now 28-2-1. It's hard to believe that we only have three more weeks left. It has flown by. See you in South Carolina, stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 30
Chicks roll to another Championship in Firecracker

The Chicks took our show on the road to this past weekend to Mechanicsburg, PA and rolled off another Championship going 10-0 and claiming the Firecracker Gold Championship. The 10 wins ran our season record to 20-2-1 for the first 3 weeks of the Summer. That's a good start but we have another tough month of games before the World Series and we need to continue to improve every week. I was really proud of the team and how they handled themselves. We had a great 7th inning comeback in our final game on Saturday and had some really tough older teams on Sunday. Every team we played on Sunday had college kids pitching against us and we never faltered. Everyone stepped up and we claimed our second straight Championship. It's off to Virginia Beach this Thursday for 4 more days of ball. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 16
Chicks win NSA States !!

The Chicks played some great ball this past weekend and claimed the NSA State Championship here in town at RF&P Park. We battled hard all weekend and had our backs up against the wall more than once and no one ever gave up and the hard work paid off with a State title. We had come from behind wins, extra inning wins and had to beat the Rampage twice in the Championship to pull it off. We were shorthanded and everyone had their moments and contributed to the Championship at some point over the long hot weekend. We didn't get off the field until after 11:00 on Sunday night but it was well worth playing all day and night to get the title. We have a week off before we go into a 5 week period where we will play somewhere between 50 and 60 games. We should be getting everyone back this weekend for practice on Sunday 11:00 at Midlothian High School to get ready for our trip the following weekend to Pennsylvania. I am very proud of all the young ladies for our performance over the weekend. Let's take that momentum into our next tourney and claim another Championship. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 9
Chicks start Summer 4-1

The Chicks went on the road to Annandale this past weekend and went 4-1 in our first tournament of Summer. We played really well most of the weekend but some uncharacteristic mistakes in our last game on Sunday got us sent home earlier than expected. We did hit the ball extemely well and being we have had only two practices under our belt we didn't do bad. I expect better results real soon and I know the girls expect better also. We have practice this Wednesday and we have quite a few things to work on and we need to work hard to get ready for the NSA State Championship next weekend in our only hometown tournament of the Summer. We will be a little shorthanded with graduations and other senior activities. That means we need everyone to step up and work hard this week. See you Wednesday, Stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Sunday, August 4
Chicks fall just short in World Series run (2013)


The Chicks went on the road to Salisbury, Maryland to play in the World Series and fell just short finishing runner up to the East Coast Xplosion from Delaware. The young ladies did put on quite a show with the bats scoring 109 runs and hitting 18 home runs in our 12 games. We finished with a 10-2 record for the tournament. We fell into losers bracket the last game on Friday and it put us in a tough spot having to win 5 straight on Saturday to claim the title. We did pull off 4 straight wins on Saturday and had 4-0 lead going to the 5th inning in the final Championship game but that slipped away and ended our season with a 11-7 loss to the Xplosion which we did beat twice in the tournament but they beat us when it counted the most, the last game. I was still very proud of our team as we played really good ball all week. Chicks All-State First Teamer Jordan Clark was named tournament MVP and fellow Manchester teammate Sydney Wells was named Defensive player of the tournament. It is always tough after a World Series because you have to say goodbye to the Seniors that are off to college and I always want to figure out a way to keep them 17 forever but as you know, time stops for no one. I'm going to miss my 2 seniors that are both off to play college ball and I wish nothing but great things for both Amy Wingfield and Taylor Balmaz. We get a week off and then we will get our new team started next Sunday at Midlothian. We will be headed to Salem twice this fall, Va. Beach and Myrtle Beach and one local in Powhatan. Final stats are posted. Again, great job this season as we ended up with 36 wins, 8 losses and 2 ties. See everyone next Sunday, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Sunday, August 5
Chicks finish runner up in Nationals (2012)


The Chicks went to Nationals in Orlando, FL this past week and fought hard from start to finish but came up one win short of a National Championship. We had some great come from behind wins to get to the final four on Saturday. We dropped our first game of the double elimination tournament early Saturday morning but then won the final of the losers bracket 6-4 to make it to Championship but we would have to beat the unbeaten Florida Hurricanes Gold twice to claim the rings. We did force the if game by winning the first game 2-0 only to lose 3-1 in 8 innings and finish runner up. It was still a great run to get there and we fought to the bitter end. We ended our Summer with a 49-8-2 record and combined with our fall record of a perfect 36-0 puts us at 85-8-2 for the 2011-2012 season. The Chicks won 3 tournaments this Summer, finished 2nd in States and 2nd in Nationals. I don't know many teams that can match those accomplishments. I'm really proud of these young ladies as we went into every tournament this year shorthanded because of injuries and they made no excuses and stepped up and played like a team. We had a good mix of veterans and youngsters and everybody had their moments. I'm really going to miss our Seniors that are off to college to get an education and play some softball on the side. Remember to work hard on both, they won't let you play ball if you can't keep the grades. I'm sure all of you will work hard and make me and the Chicks proud. Some of you Seniors have been here longer than others but I will miss you all. If you ever need anything or just want to talk, please call me. I will even holler at you if you want me too. I plan on coming to see some games next year. I wish all of you success in school and in life, I hope you get everything you deserve. You also need to remember Rule #3 will be become more important over the next few years, follow it. Thanks for a great season !! Tryouts for our 2012-2013 team will be next Sunday, August 12th 11:00 at Midlothian High School. Final stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Friday, July 29
Chicks fall short in Nationals (2011)

The Chicks made a run at the Nationals but fell a little short in the Championship round losing 3-2 to Quebec Rebelles Performance. We were leading 2-0 going to the 5th but gave up 2 in the 5th inning and 1 more in the 6th to get eliminated in 5th place. We made a great run from the losers bracket to get to the Championship round winning 5 in a row and 4 straight in that 100 degree heat on Thursday and won them all in shutout fashion. I think the 15 hour day on the field on Thursday left us a little drained for Friday. I was still extremely proud of the young ladies as we saw every teams best pitcher. No team there saved their pitching against us. We saw every teams best and still went 8-2 and for the 8 days that we were in Raleigh and Cary we went 13-2. That ran our record for the year to 51-4. We still have 1 final tournament next weekend in Williamsburg, let's go there and win the Championship and finish our season strong. We will have practice this Wednesday, August 3rd 6:00 at Midlothian High School. We also will be having tryouts on August 13th at 11:00 at Midlothian High School to pick our Fall 2011 and Summer 2012 team. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Sunday, August 8
Chicks finish 3rd in FAST Nationals (2010)

The Chicks went to sunny, hot Florida this past week and finished 3rd in FAST Nationals. Unlike the previous 2 weekends we did not have to battle the rain but we did battle some hot humid conditions and some really good teams. We played great ball all week but fell into losers bracket on Thursday losing 1-0 to the eventual National Champions from Miami. I was proud of our Friday effort as we had to win four straight games to make it to Saturday and we did it with some hard fought battles. I think the four games on Friday took some gas out of our tank for Saturday but we still played hard. We came up just a little short, we had a 1-0 lead going to 6th inning and with 2 outs and nobody on the South Florida Cruisers came up with 3 runs to beat us 3-1 and give us our 3rd place finish. It was still a great Summer season going 38-9-1 and a combined Fall and Summer record of 63-10-2. I'm going to miss all our seniors going off to college. I hope all these young ladies will accomplish all they want in life. You are all getting ready to start a new chapter in your life but remember to have a little fun sometimes because after college the real world starts and you will be going to work full time and there isn't that much time to have a lot of fun after that. All of you girls know my phone number and if you need anything all you have to do is call, I will do anything to help any of you at any time. Thanks for a great season and putting up with me for one more year. Final Summer stats are posted . As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, August 10
Chicks finish 4th in FAST Nationals (2009)

The Chicks went South to play our final tournament of the Summer in sunny Ocoee, Florida and didn't disappoint. We lost early in elimination play and had to battle thru the losers bracket to a 4th place finish. We played 13 games in the Florida heat and played some really good teams. I was proud of the girls performance, they played great. Especially on Friday with our backs up against the wall we won 4 straight games and all of them in shutout fashion. 28 straight shutout innings on Friday. Then we had to be back on Saturday morning at 7:00 am for a battle with local rival Richmond Storm and pulled out a 4-1 victory only to get beat in the next game to a very good Team Hammer from Florida. They gave us both our losses in the double elimination tournament, 1-0 and 2-1. I had a great time this past week and I hope all the girls and parents did also. I'm going to miss our Seniors that are leaving for college, some of you have been playing for the Chicks for a long time. I've seen you grow from little girls with pigtails to pretty young women. I wish all of you the best in college and hope you achieve everything in life you want. You girls deserve the best so don't settle for anything less. Work hard in school and play hard on the field. I will make it to some games to see you play and I want all of you to know that anytime you need anything or you just want to talk or just say hello please call me. You girls have been a big part of my life for a long time. Final Summer stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Friday, August 1
Chicks finish 2nd in PONY Nationals again (2008)

Our Chicks went north to Youngstown, Ohio this past week for PONY Nationals and finished 2nd out of 80 teams going 9-1 for the week. We played some really great teams and had some really exciting games winning 6 games by 1 run. We eventually lost the National Championship to a great Connecticut Eliminators team in 10 innings 3-2 in another exciting game. That one gave me a few more gray hairs but was still a great game and I was proud of everyone. The girls had a great showing and I'm sure they made all their parents proud. We did show the rest of the country we can play ball in Virginia and everyone there knew when they play the Chicks they were in for a game. The girls got along great and everyone had fun all week. We play next week in our last tournament of the Summer in Softball Nation Nationals, let's go finish strong and Win this thing. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Saturday, July 28
Chicks Win NSA World Series !! (2007)

The Chicks played great ball all week and claimed the NSA World Series Championship by beating a very good Wildfire team in the Finals. We had quite a few World Series performances and everyone contributed in winning the Championship. You have to have a total team effort to win Championships and we had it. It's off to Youngstown, Ohio to win the PONY Nationals next. I am really proud of everyone, see you in Ohio. As always, GO CHICKS !!

Monday, August 6
Chicks finish 2nd in PONY Nationals (2007)

The Chicks went north to play the PONY Nationals in Youngstown, Ohio and came back with a 2nd place finish out of 88 teams and showing that we can play ball in Va. We played some great ball and things looked bleak a couple of times but we never quit and thats what makes a great ball team. We played 2 different 10 inning marathons and came out on top in both. We won our pool and also won our bracket coming back from the losers bracket and beating a very good Rampage team from New Jersey twice to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. We cruised thru the first round and the Elite Eight round with 9-1 and 7-0 wins to put us in the Final Four. We then played a very good Valley Extreme Blue team winning 4-3 in 10 innings to advance to the Championship game, Click here: Tribune-Chronicle. We then lost in the Championship game 4-1 to Valley Extreme Red to end our season with a record of 68-12-2 winning the State Championship and NSA World Championship and a Runner-Up in the PONY Nationals, not to shabby. The ball just bounced funny for us in the last game but we had our opportunities leaving 12 runners on base. I am really proud of all the girls, it was a great year. I am going to miss the girls that are leaving us next season, I wish you all the best and hope you prosper at all your future endeavors. For the girls returning take a couple weeks off and I'll see you at tryouts on Monday, August 20th at L.C. Bird at 6:00 pm as we will start getting prepared for another great fall and 2008 summer season. As always, GO CHICKS !!

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Thu 7/30 Softball-Fastpitch Dixie Chicks vs. Aftershock 4:45 PM Grand Park
Thu 7/30 Softball-Fastpitch Dixie Chicks vs. MC Madness Red (OH) 6:30 PM Grand Park
Fri 7/31 Softball-Fastpitch Dixie Chicks vs. WHC Fever (MD) 8:00 AM Grand Park