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Welcome to the Dixie Chicks Fastpitch Website

Dixie Chicks are a competitive fast-pitch tournament travel team. We have just finished another successful season and we are getting ready to play our 2017 Fall Season. Dixie Chicks are a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of girls fast pitch softball in the greater Richmond area. Our players have a love for softball and a special enthusiasm and dedication to the game. The outcome of which has been a higher level of play, at a very competitive level. We have seen the fast-paced growth of our ballplayers individual and team related softball skills. This leads to a mental attitude that is focused on the need for conditioning, commitment, and hard work. More importantly, we have seen the evolution of such life skills as self-confidence, leadership, and sportsmanship. They have created new friendships and have learned that sports are about having fun. We are seeking sponsors for our upcoming season. If you know of anyone interested in becoming a primary or secondary sponsor please contact Allan Spencer at 804-564-9467 for more information.

Monday, February 19
Former Chick tosses perfect game

Monday, February 19
Chick with a stick

Taylor Wells has a big day in opener hitting a grand slam and a 3 run double. She is the career Home Run leader of the Dixie Chicks with 30 dingers and also career RBI leader. GO CHICKS !!!

Friday, February 16
All 2018's signed

Congratulations to the Class of 18 signees. Everyone is signed and have been committed since last Fall. Everyone wishes these young ladies all the best. I know their new college coaches are excited to have them coming in but I will miss them all very much. They are great kids and all of them like to compete. I still have one more Summer with you so let's make it a memorable one.

#6 Caitlin Abernathy - Christopher Newport

#9 Taylor Dickerson - Concord University

#5 Hannah Hudson - West Va. Wesleyan

#31 Madison Morgan - Mt. Olive University

#22 Sarah Proctor - Christopher Newport

As always, GO CHICKS !!! 

Tuesday, November 14
Chicks finish season in Myrtle Beach

Our Chicks took our show on the road for the last time this year and faced some really good competiton, also faced some frigid conditions on Saturday with temps in the 30's and winds howling around 20 mph. We struggled at times in the cold but as temperatures rose so did our play. We finished the weekend going 4-2 with some exciting come from behind wins, solid hitting and great pitching. We had a difficult season with multiple injuries and missing players almost every week but we never made excuses and had a good season. We will have to work hard next summer to improve every week as I am expecting big things from this team next year. We will need our seniors to step up and lead this team to our ultimate goal of winning another National Championship next Summer. Thanks go out to the parents and players for another good drama free season for the Chicks. Final Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Tuesday, October 31
Rain wins on Sunday

Our Chicks got to stay close to home this past weekend but rain won out canceling Sunday. I was looking forward to playing on Sunday as this was our only shot at winning a tournament this Fall as everything else this year has been the showcase format. We did get to play 3 showcase games on Saturday winning 2 and losing 1 close one. We are down to one last tournament for the year in Myrtle Beach, SC in a couple weeks. It's another Showcase style tournament but I want to finish the Fall strong winning 6 games at the Beach. Practice next Wednesday, Nov. 8th. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, October 23
Chicks go 2-2-1 at Beach


Our Chicks went back on the road to Virginia Beach this past weekend for a very competitive weekend of PGF showcase softball against some really good teams from the east coast and finished with 2 wins 2 losses and a tie. It wasn't our best weekend but we did earn a couple hard fought 1-0 wins. Runs were definitely at a premium this past weekend as the pitching we saw was really good in every game. We are still playing short handed but we never make excuses. We have to get better as we are down to our last 2 tournaments for the Fall and this weekend is our only one left that we play it out to the Championship. We need 7 wins to take of business this weekend, I'm ready to get started now. See you Saturday, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Tuesday, October 10
Chicks Claim Bracket Championship


The Chicks went back on the road to Salem for the second time this Fall and claimed another bracket Championship winning both our Sunday games. It was a tough weekend as we played shorthanded again with only 9 players available but we made no excuses and went 3-1-1 against some pretty solid competition. We will eventually get everyone healthy and I expect our team will get even better. We are still playing well but we have way more upside. The young ones are getting better every time out.  It seems like we just got started but we only have 3 weekends of ball left for this Fall season. Practice is Sunday at 12:00 at Midlothian High School. Nice job ladies, see you Sunday. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Tuesday, September 26
Chicks go 3-2 in Rock Hill

The Chicks took our show on the road again this past weekend to sunny Rock Hill, SC and played some really good teams with solid pitching and put up a respectable 3-2 record. We had some really good moments and we had a few down moments but as a whole I think we are improving each week. We have a lot of new faces and it takes time to gel and get to know each other. I think the more we play and the girls getting to hang out more will make us better quickly. We were shorthanded this week with a couple players out but we made no excuses. We will keep working hard to get better. Enjoy your weekend off as we head back to Salem in a couple weeks. Practice is next Wednesday, Oct. 4th 6:45 at LC Bird. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!! 

Monday, September 18
Chicks start Fall going 5-0 in Salem

The newest version of the Chicks started the Fall in Salem, Va. this past weekend and even with all the new faces the Chicks looked really good winning all 5 games we played. We faced some really good competition, I'm proud of how the team is starting to come together in such a short period of time. We still have a lot to work on but we are getting better every time out. We need to continue to work hard as this weekend in Rock Hill doesn't get any easier. Next practice is Wednesday at LC Bird at 6:45. Nice job ladies, stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Tuesday, August 1
Chicks finish strong at Nationals


The Chicks went on the road for the last time this season to Myrtle Beach for Triple Crown Nationals and played as well as we have all season winning 8 games in a row to get to the Championship. We then fell 1 run short losing 1-0 in 8 innings to close out our season. It was still a great year for our girls going 46-3 claiming mulitple titles, winning State Championship and NSA Class A World Series and a very respectful 2nd place finish out of 80 teams in Nationals only getting beat by the University of Kentucky's incoming pitcher this fall. It's always tough when Nationals is over because reality sinks in for the seniors going off to college and for myself that this is the last time we will be together on the field. I love every player as they were my own and will miss them all immensely. This 2017 group of seniors are all off to college in a couple weeks to play ball and I expect big things from them all. I'm only a phone call away if you need anything and I will be coming to see some games when I can. Rule 3 will start to become more important as you get older, remember it!  This team won a lot of ball games but everyone put team first and that made it a very successful season. Practice for next season begins August 13th at Midlothian High School. It's hard for me to believe but it will be my 22nd year, I guess time really does fly when you are having fun. Final Stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!

Wednesday, July 19
Chicks Win World Series

Our Chicks finished a week straight of ball in impressive fashion going 14-1 and claiming a World Series victory in the process. Our week started last Thursday in hot and humid Va. Beach in the PGF Summer Showcase as we went 7-0 and made it to the Sweet 16 round on Sunday before getting canceled on Sunday from overnight rain, then we started pool play for World Series on Monday in Williamsburg. We played almost flawless ball until this morning before we got beat in the final of the Winners bracket. We then had to battle all day in more high 90's heat and humidity and battle we did, winning the losers bracket final and then beating the Connecticut Legends twice to claim a World Series Championship. I was super proud of these young ladies as we were down a couple players, made no excuses and still claimed Championship hardware. You need total team efforts to claim Championships and that is certainly what we had all week. We got great pitching and defense and some timely hitting. Our season record now stands at 38-2 with only Triple Crown Nationals left next week in Myrtle Beach, SC. We start play on Wednesday, July 26. I will see everyone there. Great job ladies, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, July 10
Chicks claim ASA Elite Showcase Championship

The Chicks took our show on the road to Virginia Beach for a long hot 4 day tournament and we were perfect. When you play these long double elimination tournaments you have to stay deep in the Winners bracket to win and we did just that going 10-0 for the tournament. We played nearly perfect defense and got some awesome pitching and timely hitting to get the Championship. I was very proud of everyone as we had a total team effort to run off the 10 wins. We have very little time to celebrate as we start Thursday again this week at Virginia Beach and play the next 7 days in a row. We have our hands full playing some really good teams this week but I'm confident these Chicks are up for the challenge. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS !!!

Monday, June 26
Chicks go 7-1 in Firecracker


The Chicks went on the road for the first time this Summer season to Harrisburg, PA and finshed 3rd going 7-1 for the weekend. We battled rain all day on Friday and I never thought we could play on Saturday after about 4 inches of rain but we started on time and pitched a shutout in all 4 games. We showed a lot of grit coming from down 2 in the 7th inning of the quarter final to tie and eventually winning 5-4 in 10 innings. We then lost in the semi finals in 8 innings 3-1 after being tied 0-0 thru 7 innings. We need to clean up our defense a little this week at practice but overall it was a good performance. Practice is next Sunday at Midlothian High School as we get ready for a very busy July. Stats are posted, as always GO CHICKS!!!

Monday, June 12
Chicks claim 4th State Championship in a row


The Chicks got off to a late start this year because of school ball and rain but started strong claiming our 4th State Championship in a row, Even with temps in the 90's and high humidity we outlasted everyone else going 7-0 for the weekend. I'm proud of the young ladies working so hard but we still have a lot to work on and a lot of ball ahead of us. Practice is next Wednesday June 21st at Midlothian High School to get ready for our Pennsylvania trip. Enjoy your Graduations and Beach Weeks Seniors but come back ready to play. Stats are posted. As always, GO CHICKS !!!