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Saturday, August 8
Team History up to August 8, 2009

Team History and Progress to Date 

The Team Begins…  

The Dayton Fangs began on October 1, 2005, with just 5 players. With weekly Saturday night practices at South Metro Ice and Inline the team more than doubled by the time it was ready to move to practices twice a week at Hara Arena in January 2006.  

The Game Begins…  

Thirteen Fangs played their first game February 12, 2006, versus the Columbus Wizards, a 3-0 loss at Hara Arena. The Fangs then traveled west entering their first tournament, the March Classic in Indianapolis, IN. The Fangs first took on the host team, the Circle City Sirens, the eventual tournament champion Pittsburgh Piranhas, and finally the Michiana Sting. The Fangs were outscored 25-0 and allowed 145 shots on net, but only collected 2 PIM.  

Bring on the Men…  

The Fangs, along with coaches and other male friends, then entered the Ice Box Adult Hockey league at the Kettering Recreation Center, where several players scored their first goals in a Fangs uniform. The first game was one of only two shutouts of the Fangs, a 31-0 blowout. Angie Hendricks scored the very first women’s goal ever in a Fangs uniform on April 6, 2006. Krista Kercher followed Hendricks’s tally with one of her own, her first ever goal and the second goal by a Fang. In her first Fangs game ever, Michelle Spaven scored the third goal in Fangs history on May 6, 2006. Though the Fangs started with a 31 goal deferential in IBAH, by the final two games of the season the goal deferential was just 10. Up until this date the Fangs had yet to score in a women’s game.  

Back on the Ice, Verses the Women…  

The Fangs then traveled east for a repeat of their first meeting verses the Columbus Wizards. In their first road game, the Fangs were toppled 8-0. The June 11th score did not reflect how much the team had improved, but a return to the ice the following weekend would reveal the vast improvement.  As the Fangs once again packed up and headed west for the 2nd Annual Indiana Blades Women’s Tournament, they had an entire season of practices behind them. Stepping onto the ice verses the Nashville Pegasus, the 16 Fangs were an immeasurably different team. Taking on the Nashville Pegasus and the separated White and Black Indiana Blades teams, the Fangs were outscored 13-0 and allowed 92 shots in the three games. The tournament showed a 4 goal per game improvement and more than 17 shots less allowed per game.  In pre-season matches prior to the beginning of the first POWHA season, the Fangs got their first goals in women’s games as Michelle Spaven scored 2 goals against the Indiana Blades in exhibition matches in Indiana. These goals followed the Fangs first major injury where Carol Galbraith broke her leg in two places.    

POWHA and More 2006-2007…  

The Fangs joined the Pennsylvania-Ohio Women’s Hockey Association (POWHA) in the Fall of 2006. In match-ups against POWHA league teams (the Cincinnati Rising Stars, Cleveland Ice Hawks, Columbus Bandits, Pittsburgh Piranhas, and Pittsburgh Puffins) the Fangs were 0-10-0. The Fangs also played Exhibition games against the same teams as well as the Columbus Capitals, Indiana Blades, Kent Twisters, and Pittsburgh Ice Maidens. It was against the Ice Maidens that the Fangs got their first shutout and most decisive win, 7-0 with Kim LaPole recording the Fangs first hat trick. The record for Exhibition games was 1-12-1. The Fangs participated in two Tournaments, Strongsville Autumn Classic (1-1-1) and the Cincinnati Lucky Stars Tournament (2-1-0). With only eight skaters and one goalie playing in the POWHA playoffs match-up against the Pittsburgh Puffins the Fangs lost 7-1 and then faced the Columbus Bandits in a consolation game.

POWHA Round Two...

The Fangs returned to the Pennsylvania-Ohio Women's Hockey Association (POWHA) for the 2007-2008 season. The Fangs took on the Cincinnati Rising Stars for two exhibition games, losing both games 2-1 and 3-1. However, when the two teams met again in the regular season, Dayton tied the Rising Stars 1-1, with Kim LaPole getting the game tying goal. On March 15th, 2008, the Dayton Fangs won their first POWHA game when they beat the Pittsburgh Puffins at the Ervin J. Nutter Center with a score of 4-3. The Fangs brought back the win when they played the Cincinnati Rising Stars on Cincinnati's home ice at SportsPlus Arena.  The Fangs won 7-1, with Kim LaPole gaining her second hat trick, and Liz Burton and Tana Frangioni each scoring 2 goals. The Fangs ended their 2007-2008 regular season with a shutout against the Pittsburgh Puffins, winning 3-0. The Fangs finished the season 3-7-1, and earning 3rd Place in the POWHA Novice Division.

A Big Tournament Win...

The Fangs traveled to Cincinnati for the annual spring tournament, where they played games against the Michigan Premium Blend, Berkley Predators, and the Cincinnati Rising Stars. The record for the Exhibition games was 2-1-1, and the Fangs went home with the first place trophy from the tournament. The record for Exhibition games was 6-5-2, with the Fangs participating in four tournaments; The Strongsville Autumn Classic (2-1-0), The Windsor, Ontario Tournament (1-1-1), The Circle City Sirens Tournament (1-2-0), and the Cincinnati Rising Stars Tournament (2-1-1).

A Winning Season…

The Dayton Fangs entered their fourth season (third year in POWHA) ready for the competition. They kicked off the season with a win against the Pittsburgh Puffins in Pittsburgh with a score of 4-2. The Fangs went on to tie the Cincinnati Rising Stars, then tied the previous year’s champions, the Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks at 3 apiece, then crushed the Mentor Ice Demons with a score of 7-1. Dayton finished the season 6-1-3, coming in second in the league as they headed for the playoffs.The 08-09 POWHA Playoffs were held at the Mentor Ice Arena and were hosted by the Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks. The Fangs received a bye for the first round of playoffs, then beat the sixth seeded Pittsburgh Pirahnas 4-1 and went on to play the number one seed, the Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks, in the Championship game. The Fangs shut out the Ice Hawks 5-0 to win the Lower Division Championship Cup.

This marked the Fangs most wins in a season, as well as the most individual awards the team received to date, with both forward Tana Frangioni and goaltender Sari Hardyal being named to the All-Star team, Frangioni being awarded the Offensive Player of the Year Award, and Hardyal being awarded Goaltender of the Year Award, both for the Lower Division of POWHA.

2010-2011 Season

2011-2012 Season

2012-2013 Season

2013-2014 Season

2014-2015 Season
The Fangs finished 3rd overall in the 2014-2015 POWHA league playoffs! After winning against the Cinci Rising Stars, we went on the face the number one seeded team, the Indy Speed. They were undeafeated going into the tourney and remained that way to finish as Champions. We played a hard fought game against them and had a great time over the weekend. We finished up with a game against the Steel City Sirens on Sunday to compete for the 3rd place finish. We were up by one in the 2-1 game after a short-handed goal, we were playing them tough, determined to win. After a couple injuries to their players they decided to call the game and go home early, handing the win to us by forfiet.....not the best way to win a game, but a good way to finish out the season!

Monday, March 21
2015-2016 Season
The Fangs finished 2nd overall in the 2015-2016 POWHA season. We played 12 league games and finished with a 6-3-3 overall record. It was a great season, with parity across the league. We will look to build on this years success and go for the top spot next season! Two of our players earned POWHA League MVP's our goalie Katie Kennedy with a 91.9 SV% and one of our new defensmen Katie Browning with 10 games played, 5 goals, 1 assisit and (?) votes for MVP. We also played 4 exhibition games against the Louisville Womens team with a record of 2-1-1.

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