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Tuesday, July 3
POWHA- Women's Travel Hockey
POWHA League Games – Fangs v. POWHA OpponentsThe Pennsylvania-Ohio Women’s Hockey Association (POWHA) was founded in 2002 with 8 teams.  It is a recreational women’s ice hockey league.  The season runs from mid-September to late April.  Each team plays 10 regular season games (5 home games, 5 away) and 2 playoff games.  Two of our away games are against teams that are about an hour away (Cincinnati and Columbus) and the other 3 are road trips, which most likely involve overnight stays in hotels.  One of the away games will be at Cleveland (against Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks) and some exhibition games will be played to make the trip worthwhile.  The other trip will be to Pittsburgh, to play the Puffins and possibly one other exhibition game.  All POWHA players need to play at least half of the games to be eligible for playoffs. POWHA FAQs 

I heard POWHA is expensive.

The league costs are equivalent to a tournament ($750).  The team fee that we pay is 1/10th of the whole league’s fees that go to ice time, refs, and awards for the playoff tournament, which is held in Cincinnati this year and rotates alphabetically by city each season (which means it will be in Cleveland next year).  There is also a shared fee for non-profit status and a team insurance fee of $50, which goes to a league fund that allows the league to pay for a makeup games, under circumstances outside of the control of the teams.  For example, this money would be used for teams that had their first game cancelled, but still incurred charges rink charges.  In total, we are looking at $800 for our entry into the league.

 Is POWHA only for the most experienced players?

No, our division was created specifically so that women’s teams with beginner players, with little or no experience, could learn, have fun and play games.  This does not mean that there is not a place for the more skilled players either.  Every team we play against will have a mix of experience and inexperience.

 Do I have to do this?

No, no player will be required to play in POWHA.  It is optional and is not based on skill, only will.  If you want to play, there will be a spot for you.  If you choose NOT to play in POWHA, you can still play in exhibition games and tournaments.  However, players playing in POWHA have the first right of refusal for all games.

 What’s a right of refusal?

Because some players will be contributing more time and money to the team and because the coaches have asked that we limit the number of players in a game to 15 skaters, not including goalies, potentially, we may have more players than open spots for certain games.  POWHA players will have the first opportunity to say whether they are available for any extra games we play.  This means that players who contribute more time and money to the team will get to choose first for those games that everyone will want to play in.

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