Dayton Fangs Women's Ice Hockey: News

Thursday, March 12

The Fangs finished 3rd overall in the 2014-2015 POWHA league playoffs!  After winning against the Cinci Rising Stars, we went on the face the number one seeded team, the Indy Speed.  They were undeafeated going into the tourney and remained that way to finish as Champions.  We played a hard fought game against them and had a great time over the weekend. We finished up with a game against the Steel City Sirens on Sunday to compete for the 3rd place finish.  We were up by one in the 2-1 game after a short-handed goal, we were playing them tough, determined to win.  After a couple injuries to their players they decided to call the game and go home early, handing the win to us by forfiet.....not the best way to win a game, but a good way to finish out the season! 


Dayton Fangs

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