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The Dawgs
Shmuel Goldstein
Box 96
Ph: 050-5726749
Revava, Israel

Fastpitch Moving
Dawgs, 2010

Dawgs, 2010

Photo from Mar 09, 2010.

The Dawgs were a Men's Fastpitch Softball team based in the center of Israel. This team played in the framework of the ISA (see their link in our Links page) from 1997 to 2013, at Kibbutz Gezer, Baptist Village in Petach Tikva, and Mosav Ma'or. 

The Dawgs folded after the 2013, and most of the players either retired from playing or moved to other teams. The Amuta (non-profit organization) was transferred to The Warriors - a youth team run by Corey Vyner and Brian Klaf. 

For those of you new to the sport, softball is similar to baseball, but a lot easier to play. Israel softball and baseball are fast becoming popular in the country. 

Sign in to our Guestbook, we've got a whole bunch of teams already there . . .


äãåâæ äéà ÷áåöú ñåôèáåì ùì âáøéí îîøëæ äàøõ. àðçðå îùç÷éí áîñâøú ääúàçãåú äñåôèáåì ìéùøàì. äîùç÷éí ùìðå äéðí áòé÷ø á÷éáåõ âæø åáëôø äáôèéñèéí áôúç ú÷åä.

ñåôèáåì äåà ñôåøè ãåîä ìáééñáåì, àáì äøáä éåúø ÷ì ìùç÷, åòãééï ëéó ìà ðåøîìé.


"If you got good pitching, anything
can happen."
Center Fielder Kenny Lofton

Thursday, February 24
2011 Season is Here

The season start is just around the corner, but fields have been wet, and we have not been able to get a practice together. But we do have a preliminary roster: 


Lowell Blackman
Daniel Bar-Am
Shmuel Goldstein
Dani Machlis
Yigal Rozval
Jeff Weiner
Yuval Amir
Sergei Shishkin
Robert Even

And Daniel reports that there are several promising new players from the youth league in Rehovot. We hope to see them soon.

Natan Mandel just got married, and is now busy with that, and as most of you know by now, Michael Moronov has joined ZionTours. Barry Medderick is injured, and Brent White returned to the U.S.


Monday, March 8
2010 Season is Here

The season is just starting, and we've had two successful practices. Here is our roster for 2010: 


Lowell Blackman
Michael Moronov
Daniel Bar-Am
Shmuel Goldstein
Dani Machlis
Natan Mandel
Yigal Rozval
Jeff Weiner
Yair Amir
Eden Bir
Barry Medderick
Brent White
Yuval Amir
Matan Mesika
Sergei Shishkin


Robert Even 
Mamma Maor

Wednesday, May 14
Dawgs Do It Against Shimshon

In a season that started out poorly for the Dawgs, with the loss of fireballer Aron Kurz to greener pastures outside the country, the Dawgs were again in the market for an accurate fast pitcher. With Michael Moronov promising, and improving, but still wild after a couple of innings, and Shmuel Goldstein not quite having "it" back, the Dawgs were faced with an uphill battle.

The Dawggies nevertheless came back on May 13 at Kibbutz Gezer and won their first game of 2008 against the Shimshon Hi-Tech team, 12-11 in extra innings.

To make a long story short, Shmuel Goldstein came back with his windmill pitching, closing down the Shimshon bats after a shaky first inning in which they scored 6 runs. Backed by inspired defense (especially a clutch play by Mamma at short), the rest of the Dawggies responded to Shmulik's presence on the mound, and their defensive play was top notch.

 In the extra inning, Robert Even showed extreme cool at bat, with a single that pushed Dani Machlis forward, and a stolen base. Newcomer Yaakov Mandel then hit a sacrifice grounder that scored Machlis and put Robert at third, tieing the game at 11. Robert, in his haste, tried to stretch the play to a game-winning run, but was caught in a rundown. Fortunately for us, Shimshon couldn't handle it and Robert was left safe at third. Shimshon's Gadi Bossin then pitched a wild and high one, and Robert scored on the pitch, winning the game for the Dawgs.

Playing tonight was: Shmuel (P), Shaul Daya (1B), David Sommer (2B), Mamma Maor (SS), Robert Even (3B), Jeff Weiner (C), Dani Machlis (LF), Yaakov Mandel (CF), and Natan Mandel (RF). 

Jeff was solid behind the plate, and Natan Mandel was tonight's manager.  


Monday, August 6
Dawgs Play in Lelchook Memorial Game

Shmuel warming up at Shomrat, Aug 3, 2007

Dawg players Dudu Zozin and Shmuel Goldstein played in the David Lelchook memorial game this past Friday, August 3, 2007.

See the following link for an article from the Jerusalem Post:  Click here.  

But this time, Ha-Aretz did a better job: Click here.

A more detailed and accurate account is below, from the game's organizer, Gadi Bossin:


The Dave Lelchook Memorial Softball Mini-Tournament, August 3, 2007 Gadi Bossin 

It was advertised as the Dave Lelchook Memorial Softball Game to be played at Kibbutz Shomrat. The organizers of the event invited teams in the Israel Softball Association (ISA) league to send one or two or three players each to the game. The hope was that there would be enough ballplayers to play the game.


The organizers also hoped that perhaps two dozen spectators might show up. They got the word out through the newspapers and on the Web.


Friday, August 3, the day of the game, 42 players, coaches and umpires arrived in uniform ready to play and officiate. Ron Blumenthal made the trip the length of Israel from Eilat. A crowd of more than 100 was on hand, including Steve Goldman, onetime Adamit-Shomrat playing coach, all the way from New York City. Dave's mother Doris, sister Judy, brother Alex, and nephew Noah, all from Boston, and Estie Lelchook and daughters Yael and Michal of Kibbutz Saar were guests of honor.


There were moving opening and memorial ceremonies. There was music. Free ice cream and drinks were provided. There was a family atmosphere alongside the tribute to Dave Lelchook and his family.


Dave, a catcher on Israel's national softball team in the 1989 Maccabiah Games, was killed by a Katyusha rocket on a pathway just outside his Kibbutz Saar home during last summer's Second Lebanon War.


Play-by-play announcers took turns calling the games in English, Hebrew and Spanish.


That's right, I said the games, with the accent on the plural "s." The number of players who came to play allowed for a quick realignment from a single game into a three-team mini-tournament. Players from different league teams combined to form the three tournament teams.


The managers of the teams were Ed Friedman and Yehuda Beinin, two of the founders of the ISA thirty years ago, and Rabbi Bob Samuels, a veteran softball league stalwart and an elected member of the Brandeis University Sports Hall of Fame. Each of the managers played in the games. All three reached base, Beinin and Samuels on solid base hits, and Friedman with his hustle causing a throwing error.


An outstanding defensive performance was turned in by Shmuel Goldstein of The Dawgs who made two half-diving, half-sliding game-saving catches in right field for Team Ed. Ron Blumenthal of Eilat Flames and Roni Bossin of the Tel Aviv Tigers alternated in left field for Team Bob. Both made fine running catches as if they were in mid-season form and not on a mid-summer break from softball. Tim Cummings of the Galil Twisters and Tal Beinin of the Israel Women's National Team combined on a shortstop to catcher throw and tag for a bang-bang put out for Team Yehuda. Beinin had just returned from the national team's successful appearance in the European Tournament in Croatia.


Cummings and Roberto Popowski (Cerveceros/Team Bob) had the tournament's key hits, each with a 2-RBI single, and Natan Tamari (Twisters/Team Yehuda) smashed a run-scoring double.


Ami Baran (Penticon/Team Ed), Bill Arscott (Twisters/Team Yehuda) and Shalom Menora (Shimshon Hi-Tech/Team Bob) sparkled in the innings they pitched, as did Gadi Bossin (Shimshon/Team Bob) and Yosi Ajzenwaser (Cerveceros/Team Yehuda) and Hezi Ganz (Cerveceros/Team Ed) in their innings. Ganz struck out the final batter of the tournament to give Team Ed the tournament championship.


The scores of the three abbreviated games: Team Ed 4-3 over Team Yehuda; Team Yehuda 1-0 versus Team Bob; 1-1 between Team Bob and Team Ed in the final game. Team Ed captured the tournament title with one win and one tie. Team Yehuda finished second with one win and one loss. Team Bob was third with one loss and one tie.

 A ruling by the tournament commissioner turned a 4-1 Team Bob lead over Team Yehuda in the top of the third and final inning of their game into a Team Yehuda victory, 1-0. The tournament rules required a reversion to the score at the end of the previous inning if the game was not completed within forty minutes. 

Calling the games were ISA umpires Howie Litz, Bob Kessler, Shmuel Goldstein, Brian Aron and Goose Gillett.


Gillett, of the ISA executive, presented the Lelchook family with two balls signed by the players. Gadi Bossin presented memorial tournament souvenir certificates to the family.


Rabbi Shimon Gorelik of Nahariya, a personal friend of Dave's, spoke and then chanted El Maleh Rachamim.


Jonathan Friedland, US Consul in Haifa, also addressed the gathering, as did Rabbi Bob Samuels and Alex Lelchook, Dave's brother.


Bill Arscott, Dave's pitcher and battery mate on the Shomrat Cubs during the 1980s and 1990s, shared his thoughts and feelings one year after: "In a way, this gentle giant is immortal to me. A day doesn't go by when I don't hear his voice in my head. I miss my catcher. I miss my friend. I miss my brother. I miss our Dave."

Photo below shows "Team Ed" in the game, including (right to left) Dawg players Dudu Zozin, Shmuel Goldstein, batboy Yona Goldstein, former Dawg Yechezkel Ganz, and (fourth from left) former Dawg Leandro Leon.  

From the right, Dawg Dudu Zozin, Shmuel Goldstein, batboy Yona Goldstein

Wednesday, February 14
2007 Season Is Here

The season is well under way, but as usual, there have been a few rain-outs. See the Games links for game summaries, and an up-to-date schedule.


Lowell Blackman
Danny Epstein (sometimes)
Robert Even
Ken Goldstein
Shmuel Goldstein
Yan Kaminer
Aharon Kurz
Dani Machlis
Natan Mandel
Yigal Rozval
David Sommer
Jeff Weiner
Dudu Zozin


Michael Moronov
Daniel Bar-Am
Aharon Goldstein
Nissim Eliezer

 In the photo: Yigal, Dudu, Aron, Yan, Danny Epstein, Dani Machlis,
Jeff, Shmuel, Robert, Lowell

Dawgs, Spring 2007

Do you want to play ball in the league ?

Israel Softball and Israel Baseball are alive and kicking !!!
Play in the league.

Drop us a line at:, or tel: 0505-726-749
and we'll get in contact with you. We are especially looking for skilled catchers, and shortstops, who can hit.
éù áééñáåì éùøàì, éù ñåôèáåì éùøàì.
ùç÷ áìéâä. ùìç ìðå àéîééì áëúåáú äð"ì

"It always starts with pitching. The team looks so much better when you get good pitching."

Yankees Shortstop Alex Rodriguez

"I just used my experience and threw strikes and got them swinging."

Mets Pitcher Pedro Martinez

Thursday, October 19
Dawgs Clean 'em up

A simple, but elegant video of Aron Kurz pitching against the Twisters on Oct 4, 2006. A good drop ball for a called strike, a high and outside ball, then another drop that is hit to second baseman David Sommer, who makes the play to Lowell Blackman at first to end the game. Video taken by Dawggie Yigal Rozval (800K, click on icon to view)
preview Three Pitches Aron Kurz by Shmuel

Wednesday, September 20
Weird Walla Video | ñøè îåæø îååàìä, îàú éåòã àìôøå

You know, when Israelis don't know something, they tend to make fun of it. Think it's weird. And that's weird. But hey, who's complaining? We've got a cute, funsy video from Walla, which is an Israeli site that is sorta kinda like the Detroit Free Press. They've got fun stuff, and off-beat stuff. Take a look at the video, which stars their host, Yoad Alperon, with the ISA's Goose Gillete, and our own Shmuel Goldstein, with the famous Dawg call, immortalized by the late, great, Jon Dym, z"l. It was taken at the Dawg-Tigers game of September 14, 2006 at Baptist Village. We also see glimpses of the Tigers catcher, as well as Dawg pitcher Aron Kurz, and briefly, Dawg firstbaseman Jeff Weiner.

It's in Hebrew, but if you don't understand Hebrew, just look at the pix, they are fun as well.

Click on this link.


ñåó-ñåó éù îäùäåà áòáøéú ëàï. ìîøåú ùæä áà îååàìä, ìà îåëø ëàúø øöéðé, àáì àéëôè ìîéùäå? ìà àéëôè ìé.
áñøè, ëåëáéí âåñ â'éìè, åùîåàì âåìãùèééï ùìðå. øåàéí âí ä÷ö'ø ùì äèééâøñ åâí äôéö'ø ùì äãåâæ, àäøåï ÷åøõ. öåìí áîùç÷ áéï äãåâæ ìáéï äèééâøæ, î14 áñôèîáø, 2006, áëôø äáôèéñèéí.

ä÷ì÷ ëàï

Tuesday, September 5
Fall Season, 2006

Fall Season has started. We had a kinda weird first game against Shimshon (the Beit Shemesh boys). An experimental game, we learned several things. We'll not go into detail here, see the Games link.

Bottom line: Dawgs are continuing without the players who went to the Brewers.

Wednesday, June 14
ISA Undergoing Expansion

The Israel Softball Association is undergoing an expansion for Fall, 2006, and if everything goes well, for the regular season of 2007.

The new team will consist of some Dawgs: Yechezkel Ganz, Alberto Tascher, Leandro Leon, and Julio Mirabel. You guessed it, it will be a "Hispanic" team. And Zeke informs this webmaster that he's got a whole bunch of other "Cubans" as well.

The new team will be called The Brewers, but in Spanish: Los Cervaceros. See their new website at this link.

This is good news for the ISA, if it works (and all indications are that it should). And it could be good news for the Dawgs, as that means that we have a few openings, especially for skilled catcher(s) and pitcher(s).

Interested parties, send an email to:

Zeke pitches against TTT, Mar 20, 2006 (photo: D.Machlis)
view full size
Saturday, June 17
Dawgs Play .467 Ball

After their recent victory against Eilat, the Dawgs are 7 and 8, a position that they haven't been in since, well, since before they were puppies. For more details, see the Games link. See also a write-up in the Jerusalem Post here.

In the photo above (click to enlarge), we have Zeke pitching against TTT's Jake Miller (Mar 20, 2006 @ BV), with TTT's Micah Winston the runner on second. Alberto Tascher is behind the plate for the Dawgs, and we also see Julio Mirabel at short, and Shmuel Goldstein way back in center. Finally, Adriana Luchansky is plate umpire, and Goose Gillette field umpire.

Zeke Alberto 2006
Battery mates Zeke and Alberto (photo: S.Goldstein)
Sunday, May 14
Strong Battery for Good Performance

The Dawgs are blessed this year with a strong battery in the form of Yechezkel (Zeke) Ganz on the mound and Alberto Tascher behind the plate. Bueno trabajo amigos !!

Alberto got married on May 5 to Maya. We wish them mazal tov and all the best.

(move mouse over photo below to change)

(photo: D.Machlis)

Sunday, May 21
New Feature: Dawggie Quiz of the Week

Each week, during the season (bli neder), we will publish a Dawg quiz. It is a multiple choice quiz (aka "American Test" as they call it here in Israel).

The first person to send in the correct response will receive a special prize: A seat of honor in the Dawg dugout for the upcoming game.

OK, here goes:

Look closely at the photo below, and choose the correct description of what is going on:

  1. Jeff Weiner is in the middle of a sneeze, due to residue from nearby fireworks
  2. Jeff Weiner just laughed at one of Shmuel's really really dumb jokes
  3. That's not Jeff Weiner at all, it's his identical twin
  4. Jeff Weiner is trying to catch a pop fly
  5. Jeff Weiner is practicing to be chazzan for Yom Kippur
  6. None of the above

Send in your replies to the webmaster.

What IS this man doing? (photo: D.Machlis)
view full size

Wednesday, May 24
Alberto hits cameraman (almost)

Look at these video clips (click on the links). But watch your head, why dontcha?

First Hit

Second Hit

Wednesday, May 24
Coaching Corner: Double Steal

Look at this video from Fall 2005. This is an excellent example of a double steal.
Double Steal against TTT
(file size is 1.5MB, so be patient while it downloads)

The double steal works like this:

  1. R1 (on 1st), and R3 (on 3rd), less than two outs, and a run is important, and might make the difference in the game.

  2. On the pitch, R1 takes off for second base, and R3 takes a few steps off third. The batter either swings and misses, fake bunts, or doesn't swing at all. The catcher (we hope) then throws the ball to second, and they either get R1 or not. If he gets him, R1 is a sacrifice, if not, then all's the better.

  3. As soon as the catcher makes the throw, R3 takes off for home. More often than not, he scores, and the fact that R1 might be out on the steal attempt is a price that the team is willing to pay for getting the run.

You don't see this too often in baseball, because the baseline there is 90ft, as opposed to 60ft, the ball is smaller and eaiser to throw. So it is harder to run and beat a baseball throw. But in fastpitch, this is almost standard order of procedure in a 1st-and-third situation.

Got it?

Now, the defence against the double steal:

  1. The fielding team sees the situation and decides to defend against the double steal.

  2. Optional: The pitcher can throw a normal fastball, or a pitch-out.

  3. As a response to R1 leaving 1st, the catcher throws the ball to the shortstop or the secondbaseman, who is playing in, much too far from second to make the tag. Ocassionally, the throw can be made to the pitcher.

  4. This throw fools (they hope) R3 into running for home, but the fielder who caught the ball is much closer to home, and immediately fires one to the catcher, who has plenty of time to make the tag on R3.

  5. Thus the defense allows R1 to steal, but they make an out, and prevent a run from scoring.

This is what TTT tried to do in the video, but the catcher threw a bit too high, letting Alberto steal with impunity and allowing Shmuel to score. When they finally did make the throw back to the plate, they once again threw high, letting Alberto advance to third.

Which is why a double steal is generally a good idea for the offense - there are many opportunities for the defense to screw it up. In fact, this writer has seen instances where the defense just ignore the runner stealing second.

Tuesday, May 23
Who is that Dawggie in the Photo?

Leandro Leon, Apr. 2006 (photo: S.Goldstein)
Recent pix of Dawggies at play (Spring, 2006):

(above) Julio Mirabel comes into third, coached by Lowell Blackman.
That's TTT's Louie Miller at third base (photo: D. Machlis)

Jeff Weiner (photo:S.Goldstein)

Natan Mandel, Apr 2006 (photo: S. Goldstein)
view full size

Friday, February 24
Second Dawg Training & Start of 2006 Season

àéîåï ä÷áåöúé äéçéã äìê áñãø âîåø òí çáøä îàã øöéðééí, úçú äðäìúå ùì éçæ÷àì âðõ

Los uniquos - ejercicios generales del equipo de los Dawgs @ BV, mui bien   
Our one-and-only team practice went pretty well, under the capable managemnent of Yechezkel Ganz. Attending were:

David Sommer
Jeff Weiner
Natan Mandel
Leandro Leon
Dani Machlis
Alberto Tacher

Our first game is this Sunday, March 5, 9 PM at BV against the Tel Aviv team, formerly "Magic Homes" (Ed Freeman's team).

See updated Roster & Games schedule at the links on the left.

Friday, February 24
Roster Changes, 2006

Veterans returning:

Lowell Blackman
Yoav Eliahu
Yechezkel Gantz
Shmuel Goldstein
Dani Machlis
Natan Mandel
Michael Moronov
Yigal Rozval
David Sommer

New members joining us:
Alberto Tascher (joined Fall '05)
Jeff Weiner
Leandro Leon
Julio Mirabel
Stas Orgayevsky

Avi Davilla, who was hurt in a motorcycle accident in the fall. Get well soon, and come back and give 'em hell !!
Robert Even

Leaving us this year:
Yossi Glickman (to the Eilat team)
Yaniv Gohary (to the Eilat team)
Danny Epstein (on our "B" list)
Yosef Gittler (on our "B" list)
Eli Krantman (wants to be a doctor)
Albert Sarkovitz (to the IDF officer's training course)

Friday, February 17
First Dawg Training for 2006

àéîåï çáèåú áéåí ùìéùé, 22.02.06, áéï äùòåú 20:00 òã 22:00
ðà ìàùø äùúúôåúê.

âí ðãáø ùí òì äàéîåï äáà åëîå ëï òì äìå"æ ùì äòåðä
àðé àùìç àñ.àî.àñ áìé ðãø òã îåöàé ùáú àåìé éåí øàùåï
Ejercios de batear @ BV ,Martes de la noche, 22.02.06, en la hora 20:00 hasta 22:00   

The weather this week is going to be better, according to the forecast.

Sooo, we are gonna do a batting practice at BV, Tuesday, Feb 22, from 8 PM to 10 PM. Tell me or Lowell what time you are going to come so we can stagger it and not have too many people waiting around.

The BV field is NOT playable, and won't be by Tuesday. So, we'll use some of the time to get our team organized, and decide on when and where the next real practice will be.

Spring Season 2006

It's just around the corner, though you'd never believe it.

Umpiring clinic starts Jan 22, and continues for 5 Sundays after that. 7 PM at BV.

Big news: The ISA has decided to change the format of play a bit. That is, the league will be divided into two divisions, A and B, by skill level. Each team will play each team in its own division three times, and will play each team in the other division once. This way, we will have more competitive games.

For the Dawgs, this is great news, as we don't have to play teams that are not at our level as much.

Division teams:

A: Penticon, Tigers, ZionTours, Dimona
B: Dawgs, Tri-United, Shomrat TTT, Eilat, Magic Homes

Jon Dym, z"l
After being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor (glio-blastoma multiforme), and after a struggle for almost ...

Fall Season 2005
See the Games link for a full schedule.

Dawg Shmuel Goldstein calls games at the 17th Maccabiah
Dawg pitcher and outfielder Shmuel Goldstein called several of the softball games at the 17th Maccabiah this July, ...

Dawgs Finish Spring 2005 with 4 wins, and 10 losses
There are some good spots, some tough spots and some ugly spots.

The good spots are obviously, our three ...

Albert Makes Heads-Up Out

Check this video. Penticon batter hits to Albert at short, who tags out the runner going to third for the third out of the inning (look closely at the left edge of the screen). Click on the icon, and wait for the 500K file to download. Thanks to Yigal for the video clip.

preview Albert makes an out by Shmuel

Danny Epstein scores a run against Eilat

A bright spot in an otherwise weird game. This is an animated GIF, so there is no sound. Thanks to Yigal for the video clip.


Zeke Triples

In a recent game, Zeke hits a strong one to the outfield, netting him a triple.

view full size

Zeke Triples by Shmuel

Dawgs recover from TU loss with a win over MH

After our Passover break, the Dawggies came back barking, and topped Magic Homes for the second time this season, 13 to 8.

Star of this game was Avi Davilla, no question about it. For more, see the Games link.

But see (and listen to) this clip of Dani Machlis hitting a single:

Dani Machlis singles
view full size

Dani M singles by Shmuel

DG ET panoramic
All of us in the field against Eilat. Photo: Dani Machlis
Dawgs Win 2

The K9's got on board this week with two wins - one against Magic Homes, and the other against Eilat.

The MH game was one-sided, with the Dawggies closing them down tightly 11-4, but the Eilat game was a different story. Although the Dawgs started strong, Eilat started to threaten, but not enough. Interesting to note that that there was only one earned run in this game.

For more details, see the Games link.

Dawgs vs. Tigers, March 23, 2005

In a hard-fought game in which there were many Dawgs hit by pitches, Yoav Eliahu shined out, hitting an in-the-park home run. For a complete recap, click on the Games link.

Home run for Yoav

Avi Davilla at first
Avi Davilla (DG) keeps Yossi (SH) honest
Dawgs vs. Shomrat, March 16, 2005

Natan scoops up the ball
This was a very exciting game, and the final decision wasn't clear until the last moments. See "Games" for a write-up, including another masterpiece by Lowell.

Our intrepid writer secretly taking notes on the field:

Shmuel fires one in

Team Cheer 2005
Dawgs Have Spirit

Dawggie cheer after a game, which just goes to show that we play for fun (heck, that's the only thing we do get out of this . . . )

Clockwise from right: Natan Mandel, Shmuel Goldstein, Yossi Glickman (holding the hand of hidden Yosef Gitler), Yigal Rozval, Avi Davilla (hiding behind Yossi Glickman), Lowell Blackman, Danny Epstein, and David Sommer. Photographer Dani Machlis, poor boy, is not in the shot.

!!! 2005 Schedule !!!

The schedule is final, and that game on April 21 was moved to June 1st.

First game: March 13, Sun, 9:00 PM at Baptist Village against Penticon. Be at the field by 8:15 PM for warm-up.

Handout: 2005 Schedule

Roster Changes for Spring, 2005 . . .

Welcome to New Players:

Ari Cohen , now living in Tel Aviv joins us. Ari found out about us from this website (pat yourself on the back, Mr.Webmaster). Ari has been in the country for about 4 years, originally from the US. He's got a great arm, and moves like a cat. Let's see if he meows, or roars.

Avi Davilla , from Raanana, joins us, being recruited by David Sommer. Avi coaches youth baseball, where both David and Shmuel have met him. He's got a great bat, and hustles at first base. Watch out, Lowell. We wish him success.

Yosef Gitler , also from Raanana, is joining us. Also recruited by David Sommer, he is known to both David and Shmuel (will wonders never cease?) from the Raanana pick-up game. New to fastpitch pitching, but not so new to fielding, Yosef should be a valuable addition to the Dawgs.   

Yoav Eliahu , from Rehovot, joins us as an "Active Athlete" in the IDF. This is a status that the IDF grants young athletes who are taking part in national, officially sanctioned sports leagues. This means that Yoav has no excuse for not coming to games, dude. Ya hear that? Yoav is a graduate of the Rehovot Softball League.

Farewell to those departing us:

Alon Kaminer , from Rehovot
Jon Dym , from Rehovot
Robert Even , from Givat Shmuel

Fourth Practice, Wed Mar 2 at BV

Our final, "dress rehearsal" practice was a busy busy busy night.

We had the batting cage going full blast, and that took more work than you would think. We needed two guys there all the time, and that took out some manpower from our field.

But that was some good news: We had terrific manpower. Of our regular team members, we had a total of 13 players. In addition, we had two Jeremy's as guests: Former Dawg Jeremy Shai (now an enemy agent that plays for Eilat), and a new prospect by the name of Jeremy Hirsch. BTW, we have learned that Robert Even will not be playing with us this spring.

Mr. Shai provided much-needed batting practice pitching for our long and tiring field work, managed by slave-driver David Sommer. David, where's your whip?

Attendance report:

Danny Epstein, Yossi Glickman, Albert Sarkovitch, Yigal Rozval, Natan Mandel, Yoav Eliahu, Shmuel Goldstein, Yosef Gitler, Michael Moronov, David Sommer, Lowell Blackman,
Ari Cohen, Avi Davilla, Jeremy Hirsch
Enemy Agents:
Jeremy Shai
Yechezkel Gantz, Dani Machlis, Yaniv Gohary,

Yigal Wide Arms
éâàì çé òì ñïôèáåì | Yigal loves to play ball
Third Dawg Practice, Wed, Feb 23 at Gezer

David teaches the boys how to hit | ëëä çåáèéí
Great practice, guys.

In the end, we had 13 guys, and it was like this:

David Sommer led the practice, as usual, and this time it felt really great getting back out on a real field.

We had some infield work and some situational work, like last time, but this time we worked on bunting, something that is a very good thing to do. Some of us batted against Lowell's lobs, but later Shmuel came in and warmed up nicely, giving us some good quality pitching.

Attendance report:

Danny Epstein, Albert Sarkovitch, Yigal Rozval, Natan Mandel, Yechezkel Gantz, Yoav Eliahu, Shmuel Goldstein, David Sommer, Lowell Blackman, Dani Machlis
Ari Cohen, David Cohen, Avi Davilla,
Yossi Glickman, Yaniv Gohary, Yosef Gitler, Robert Even, Michael Moronov

Danny, Natan, Yoav, and Lowell

Zeke, Albert and Ari

Second Dawgs Practice, Feb 16, 2005

Dawgs at training, spring 2005
top, ltr: Lowell Blackman, Yaniv Gohary, Dani Machlis. bot: Ari Cohen, David Sommer, Yossi Glickman, Avi Davilla, Yosef Gitler, Danny Epstein.

Great practice, guys. Wish we had more time.

In the end, we had 10 guys, and it was like this:

David Sommer led the practice, as usual, but it seemed to this writer that it was lower key, dunno, mebbe because we're all used to running around like maniacs chasing a ball.
We had some infield work and some situational work, like last time, and some work on the "hit-away". Batting practice this time was mainly from Lowell's lob pitches.

Oh, and this time, the digital camera worked, although we've got some time before we can work it well.

Attendance report:

Danny Epstein, Yaniv Gohary, Yossi Glickman, Shmuel Goldstein, David Sommer, Lowell Blackman, Dani Machlis
Ari Cohen, Avi Davilla, Yosef Gitler
Albert Sarkovitch, Robert Even, Natan Mandel, Yechezkel Gantz, Yoav Eliahu, Michael Moronov, Yigal Rozval

We spoke about doing the next practice at BV on Wednesday, Feb. 23, but that won't work out, as that field is still under water. Besides, it's going to get stormy again on Sunday, Feb 20, 2005.

So, we'll have to see. Check the website, your email, and SMS messages.

Yossi Glickman works hard
view full size

Cavaliers - First Dawgs Practice, 2005

First practice for the Dawgs was Wednesday, January 26, 8 PM at Rishon.

David Sommer led the practice, and it was full of action, and hard work. We had some intense infield work, a great deal of situational work (hit the cut-off man, stuff like that), and finally a quickie batting practice, with Shmuel pitching easy-like.

Notables were the newbie fellers listed below, who found out about us from THIS WEBSITE, Martha.

Lowell also encouraged a few outfielders (whose names we will not mention) of having a Cavalier attitude (that means non-chalant, or in a language we all understand = àãéù). Good work, Lowell.

Also notable was the really cool portable backstop we recently purchased.

Attendance report:

Danny Epstein, Albert Sarkovitch, Shmuel Goldstein, Robert (hard as) Even (welcome back!), David Sommer, Lowell Blackman, Michael Moronov, Yigal Rozval
Ari Cohen, David Cohen, Gai Weissburg
Natan Mandel, Yaniv Gohary, Yossi Glickman, Yechezkel Gantz, Yoav Eliahu, Dani Machlis

Next practice: Wednesday, 8 PM, Rishon, Feb. 16, 2005.

In all likelyhood, we will have at least one Friday practice, also at Rishon, so get ready.

Fall 2004 Tourney
Eight teams took part in the Fall 2004 ISA Tourney, and they were:
  • Dawgs
  • Shomrat
  • Tri-United ...

    Danny, Dave, and Natan set the tone:

    Danny Epstein, Dave Sommer (our coach for the evening), and Natan Mandel plot anti-Penticon strategy in a game at BV on Oct. 18, 2004.

    And no, Danny does not catch fly balls like this . . .

    Jon, We're All With You

    Dawgs help Israel to 4 and 3 record in France
    Selected results of games, as reported by Micah Winston:

    Tues, July 13, 2004:
    Israel ...

    Dawgs Help Israel to Down France, 15-11
    The ESF European Junior Men's Fastpitch Championships are being held now (July 11-18, 2004) in Le Thallay, ...

    Click here for all game results

    Zeke and David make out
    Yechezkel and David make the out at second
    Dawgs vs. Shomrat, April 28, 2004

    Shmuel pitches against Shomrat, April 28
    All photos (C) by Dani Machlis, ph# 058-795-883

    Yechezkel pitches to Shomrat

    Shmuel pitches to Dimona
    view full size
    Dawgs vs. Dimona, Kibbutz Gezer, Mar 21 2004

    Yossi Glickman at bat
    view full size
    All photos (C) by Dani Machlis, ph# 058-795-883

    Yigal hits a triple
    view full size

    Dawgs In Action (photos: Dani Machlis)

    Robert Even at Third

    Shmuel Pitching in perfect form, with Robert in background

    Dawgs Outstanding in Their Field (photos: Dani Machlis)

    Jon at First Base

    Shmuel pitches a screwball, with Robert at 3rd, and Jon at 1st

    The Dawg-berg Address by Lowell Blackman
    Six days ago our coaches brought forth on this playing field a renewed team, conceived in teamwork and dedicated ...

    Dawgs Again Help Rehovot Win Youth Hannukah Tourney

    áèåøðéø ùì ìéâú äðåòø äàøöéú áçðåëä 2003, ÷áåöú øçåáåú ì÷çä ùåá àú äâáéò.
    ùéí ìá áúîåðä éù ãåâæ: ùåøä úçúåðä, áòîöà (áìåðãéðé): àìáøè ñø÷åáéõ, åáöã ùîàì ãåâ ùòáø àìåï ÷îðéø òí ëì äùòø äæä
    The Rehovot youth all-stars took the cup in the National Youth Softball Tournament held during Hannukah, 2003. See the Dawgs on the team: Front row in the middle in all his blond glory, Albert Sarkovitch, and in the same row on the far left, former Dawg Alon Kaminer, full of hair.

    Rehovot All-Stars, 2003

    Penguin Baseball

    Cute game, if you've got a few seconds to spare.
    Thanks to Yechezkel

    Dawg Danny Epstein Umps in Tourney

    Ya see our man Danny Epstein umping here. Couldn't believe he didn't have a mask. Hope he hasn't lost his great looks, dahlink . . .


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