Davenport Southeast Little League: SELL 2016 Regular Season Divisions

Competitive Coach Pitch
Second phase of the progressive development league consists of 10-12 players per team. Players are introduced to competitive coach pitch. This is not coach pitch as you might know it, but played to the rules of Coach Pitch Tournament play. Real baseballs are used, scores and standings are kept. There are three outs per inning including strikeouts, with 6 innings played per game (approx 1and ½ hours). All teams in league advance to post-season Tournament. Top players in the league qualify for a league All-Star Team that plays in post-season 8U All-Star Tournaments. League usually consists of 4-6 teams with 10-11 players on each team. Players attend a tryout prior to being drafted onto a team.

Davenport Southeast Little League Minor Division is a semi-competitive player pitch division for boys and girls age 8-10. 11 year-olds not selected by the Major League are also eligible. The Minor Division gives players a chance to develop the baseball skills necessary to advance to the Major League division.
Scores are kept and three outs end an inning. All players on a team are placed in a continous batting order, which gives all players approximately the same number of turns at bat. Players will have the opportunity to play many positions depending on skill development. Players in the Minor Division are eligible to participate in local and regional tournaments.

Introduction to the fun of baseball! Non-competitive, the league usually consists of 8 to 10 players, per team. Players are placed on teams by the league and try to keep neighborhood kids together. Every player bats and plays defensively every inning. Games will last for 3 innings (approx. 1 hr). All players will attempt to hit 5 coaches pitches and then will hit off of a tee. No outs, balls, strikes or score are kept. Safety balls are used.

The Davenport Southeast Little League Major Division is a competitive player pitch division and gives players a chance to compete against advanced-level players of the same age. Players will have the opportunity to further develop skills and challenge themselves against some of the best youth teams in the area. Participants are able to compete in local and regional tournaments. Players selected to the Davenport Southeast All-Star team will compete in the national Little League sanctioned tournament.