Darien Fuzion: Welcome

Monday, July 13
Drawing towards the end of another season.


  We have set tryout dates for the 2015 Fall and 2016 Spring/ Summer season!  Sunday August 16 10U and 12U at 9 a.m. and 14U and 16U at 2 p.m., all at Darien West Park.  Registration will begin 1 hour before. We plan to have 10U through 16U next year! If interested or have questions call Marty Speth at 262-745-2759 or e-mail at mspeth5 at gmail dot com.

Below is link to our other website which contains our calendar and announcements.



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The 14U Blue and 16U teams traveled to Omaha the summer of 2012 to compete in the Chicago Bandits/Hall of Fame Experience!

Please check the list of sponsors from the fundraiser and thank them and patronize them whenever possible!

We increased the level of competition for our top teams in 2012, competing in the USSSA, NSA, and NAFA State Tournaments and at least one National Tournament


Check out the 10U 12U Rage and Stateline tournament videos! Same pictures different tune.2010



  New videos! 2011

10U  http://animoto.com/play/zLQL0I3NgOhYt0mLu0LuHQ

14U http://animoto.com/play/NyZ9L10yUNe2Q1TX1zeaWQ

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Our goals are to

  • have fun
  • improve the softball skills of our girls
  • be competitive
  • learn to win and lose with sportsmanship
  • get our girls exposed to a high level of competition

Contact information 
Marty Speth 262-882-4779




Sunday, March 11
We have another website that we will work to keep the dates up on.

To stay up on our current news check out https://sites.google.com/site/fuzionfastpitch/

That google website is attached to our calendar and it is less work frankly!

That website has our players and current schedules on it!

Sunday, October 30
Chilly weekend!

The 12U white braved the elements in the Bordertown Bandits tournament going 1-3-1, getting 5 more games in and the experience to carry into next summer!  The 10U played 2 indoor games in Monticello Iowa, winning both games.  The pitching and offense showed improvement and the defense remained solid! 

Monday, October 17
Voodoo Tournament Results

The Voodoo tournament was a positive experience for the 5 teams we had in it.  The 16U took some punishment from some 18U teams but understood defensive lapses really hurt at that level.  They came back Sunday to get a win, beating a team that had beat them on Saturday and playing very competitive ball in the second game. They finished 1-4 for the tourney. The 12U White competed well, going 1-3 but played well, improving every game.  The 14U went 2-3, with the small ball game improving with solid defense.  The 10U went 2-3, losing two games by a run. The hitting improved with every game as the girls settled down and the defense improved also.  For getting a 10U team out that early, they played well.
The 12U Blue went 4-1 this weekend to place 3rd in the VooDoo Sticks and Stones Tournament.  Over the course of 5 games the girls put up 66 runs and gave up 36 runs.  The bats were hot for most of the weekend collecting 48 hits including 6 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 home runs en route to a .400 team batting average.  The highlight of the weekend was a come from behind 9-5 victory in the 3rd place game to end the weekend!  Each girl contributed on offense and defense and should feel proud of the weekend we had. 
Great job FUZION!

Sunday, July 31
10U Recap

The 10U team finished up a great year!  Their final record including the league games was 38-10-1.  They won 4 tournaments and were co-champs of the Stateline League, 2 third place finishes and two second place finishes, one of those being a 12U tourney.  This team was especially strong and deep in pitching and could put the ball in play.  They bunted pretty well and put pressure on teams to make the defensive play.  The development of the younger players was steady as was the improvement of our "veteran" 10's.  Congratulations on a solid year and best of luck in tryouts for next year!

Sunday, July 31
Beaver dam Results Good, Real Good!

The 10U team completed tournament play in Beaver Dam going 5-1 to capture the tournament Championship, defeating the OshKosh Raider Silver team 7-3 in the finals.  Solid defense and timely hitting was the story for 5 games.  The girls rebounded from a poor effort defensively on Friday giving up 4 runs in four bracket games.  The 12U took a 1 seed into bracket play and played in the undefeated game on Sunday losing to Watertown but came back to play Watertown again in the finals, but finished second posting a 5-2 record.  They had a really strong finish to their year!  The 16U was in action also and went 1-3 but were very competitive in their games!

Monday, July 25
Mixed results from the weekend!

The 12U team went 5 - 0 on the weekend to win the Stateline Starz tournament!  They 12 run-ruled their opponent in the finals! One could say they are en fuego! The 10U team played in Platteville in a 12U tourney going 2-1 to finish second, loosing 4-1 to a pretty big athletic team in the final.  The 14U team took a 1 seed into Saturday but lost twice to finish 2-2 and the 16U's were playing undermanned to finish 0-3!  Both the 14's and 16's were in the Stateline Starz tourney!  All in all, nice weekend for Fuzion!

Sunday, July 17
Middleton Tournament Nets Great Results

The 12U and 10U captured Championships going 4-0!  The 14's went 3-1 for third place!  We played through the heat and had really nice pitching, improving defense and hitting. The Middleton fields are a really nice set of fields!

Tuesday, July 12
11's and 16's results!

The 11's played in Gernoa City, going 1-3 but played well and were competitive!  The 16's also went 1-3 in New Berlin, shutting out the Whitnal Falcons in their win!

Thursday, July 7
10U Co-Champs in Stateline League!

The 10U finished 5-1 in the Roscoe league!  It was a good experience, the players got quality at-bats and we got to throw 5 pitchers most nights!

Monday, June 27
Fort Results really good!

The 12U team won the Fort Tournament going 5-0!  The 10's finished second going 3-1.  The 14's had a 1 seed and finished second.  The 16's played in both the 16U and 18U tournament getting wins in both tournaments.  The 11's were in action in Waunakee and went 4-2 for the tournament!

Tuesday, June 21
Stoughton results are pretty good!

The past weekend in Stoughton saw rain Sunday morning which did not help a couple of our teams but results were good!  The 16's opened tournament play going 1-3 but beat the Bandits!  They played well and were competitive. The 14's went 2-2 losing Sunday morning in a game adversely affected by the rain.  The 12's went 5-1 capturing second place, getting better and more confident in their abilities.  The 10's went back to back weekends winning this weekend in Stoughton also, going 4 - 0!  All in all our teams are getting better and competing!

Sunday, June 12
Another great weekend turned in!

The 11U played in Stoughton, going 4-1 for a third place finish!  The 10U went 5-0 to capture a tournament championship winning over Xplozion 2-1 in an epic Championship game.  The 14U placed third in the Lake Mills USSSA Qualifier going 4-2 on the weekend.  All three teams were 3-0 on Saturday and took 1 seeds into Sunday.  Great Job!!!

Thursday, May 26
Great results from the Milton Tournament.

The 10U team went 2-1-1 for third place, while the 12U went 3-3 to win the consolation bracket.  The 14U 3-2 to finish 4th!  The 11U was in action in the Fort tourney going 1-2! Nice job girls!

Wednesday, May 18
Early Bird Tournament Results!

The rain Friday shortened the 14U and 12U tournament to double elim bracket play. The 14U went 2-2 for 5th place, the 12U went 3-2 for 4th place, the 11U went 1-2 while the 10U got 6 games in with pool and bracket play.  They went 3-3 for 3rd place losing all three games to the Lightnng in close contests, the last going extra innings.  All in all it was COLD but it was a good first weekend out of the chute for the Fuzion!

Friday, May 6
11U Goes 1-2 in Peru

The 11U team recorded their first win in Peru IL on Sunday, May 1st, going 1-2 in the tournament. Congratulations girls!

Sunday, April 17
10U goes 3-0 in IL Gold Round Robin!!

Really good pitching, solid defense and improving hitting describes the first 10U effort of the spring!  Teams we faced included SYA Fury, Huntley Red Raiders and Sauk Valley Stealers. Some people may have called the weather a bit chilly but it didn't seem effect our play.  And we represented Wisconsin pretty well.

Sunday, April 10
14U goes 1-1-1 in IL Gold Round Robin

The pitching was solid and the bats picked up as the day went on, the defense started to settle in also. 6-6 tie, a 5-4 loss and a 5-1 win capped the day!

Sunday, April 3
12U Plays in IL Gold Round Robin

The 12U showed improvement coming out of winter playing three close games but dropping all three!  The girls showed improvement in each game.

Sunday, January 16
10U goes 2-2 in the Hitters Tournament!

The 10U earned a split with the Xplozion and Richmond Junior Rockets going 1-1 with both teams.  Nice job girls as the both clubs have a history of being good.

Sunday, November 28
14U took 2nd place in the Chula Vista dome!

The 14U team went 3-2 on the weekend!  The team and the girls recieved trophies!  They played well, in tight games!  The competition was very good and our girls are learning to play in tight games.  The tournament was well run and the facility is nice to play in!! With 9 14U games in, we are far ahead of our inaugural season in games played to this date last year, with 17 total games in the books for the Fuzion organization thus far.  But then we never started to play til April last year!!

Sunday, October 17
Teams play well in the Sticks and Stones Tournament!

The Voodoo tournament in Beloit saw three teams in action.  The 12u team trophied with a 2nd place finish posting a 3-2 record.  The 14U went 2-2, finishing third.  The 11U got 3 games in going 0-3 but improved every game, scoring runs.  Great weekend!

Monday, August 2
The 10U and 12U complete their tournament season!

The Fuzion 10's and 12's competed in the Beaver Dam Tornado tournament this past week end.  Both teams finished 4th in the tournament.  Our level of play was very good and ran into great competiton.  Congratulations on fine seasons girls!

Saturday, July 24
Stateline Starz tourney rained out!

As the title says it didn't work out with the weather!

Monday, July 12
Results from the State ASA tournament mixed!

Fuzion's first steps into the State Tournament were tough ones.  The quality of the competition was very high.  The 16's and 12's went 0-4, while the 10's went 2-3 for a 5th place finish. Many of the best teams in the state were in the tournament, and we know we have some work to do to get to that level of consistant play.  The 14's medaled in Monroe going 1-5 for a 7th place finish!

Monday, June 28
Sunday's Fort tournament still good for Fuzion!

Sunday's Fort Atkinson 14U and 18U tournament saw Fuzion 12U and 14U playing in the 14U tournament, while our 16U played in the 18U tournament.   The 16U team went 1-2 finishing 2nd in the Consolation Bracket.  The 14U team finished 4th in the 14U tournament going 1-2 and the 12U went 2-1 for a great 2nd place finish. The organization went 4-5 on the day and went 12-9 for the weekend at the Fort Atkinson tournament.  Great job girls!

Saturday, June 26
Fuzion has great day in Fort Atkinson's Saturday Tournament

The organization turned in an 8-4 record!  The 16U's took 2nd place going 2-1 in the 16U tournament.  The 14U's turned in a 1-2 record finishing 3rd the 16U consolation bracket.  The 12U's won the 12U tournament going 3-0, while the 10U's finished 2nd in the 10U tournament, posting a 2-1 record.  Nice job girls!  Tomorrow the 12's and 14's will play in the 14U tournament and the 16U will play up in the 18U tournament.

Sunday, June 20
Fuzion teams play well in Stoughton Summer Sizzler!

The 10U went 5-0 to record the first tournament championship in Fuzion history.  Highlights included a 2-1 win in pool play with the Beaver Dam Tornadoes featuring a no hitter pitching performance by Hunter Huber.  The team hit really well all week end.  The 12U placed second in the tournament.  They went 3-0 in pool play allowing 2 runs in 3 games, finishing with a 5-1 record.  Highlights included an 8-0 no-hitter turned in by Jennah Speth.  the 14U continued play and are improving going 0-4 in the tournament.  The 16U went 1-3, getting their first tournament under their belts and recording the first 16U Fuzion win.  Congratulations girls!

Tuesday, May 25
12U take first in the Rage tournament Consolation bracket and the 10U take third in the winners bracket.

The 12U went 3-0 on Sunday to work through the Consolation Bracket to finish 3-3 for the tournament and claim the 1st place trophy.  The 10U went 3-2 for the tournament losing to the defending ASA National Champion Oshkosh Raiders  9-1 Sunday.  That run was the first scored on the Raiders all tournament.  They then went on to beat the New Berlin Magic to claim third place.  The 14U went 0-4 but played some really good teams and are continuing to improve on both sides of the ball.

Monday, May 17
10U takes third in the Stateline Starz tournament going 4-2

The 10U team showed some grit placing 3rd in the tournament earning a 1 seed and getting beat in extra innings by the eventual champions, WI Lightning.  The 12U team went 2-3 for the tournament, getting to play in a epic 1-0 loss in pool play.  Great softball!  The 14U found out what tournament ball is about posting an 0-4 record but got better with each inning played!  Congratulations to all!