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Tuesday, May 21
Bullying, An Important Topic To Tackle

Sunday, April 28
"E" Certificate Course - Daphne Strike Soccer Club June 28-30,2013

Wednesday, February 6
Private Coaching - Player or Team Sessions

If you are interested in taking private training sessions with one of our coaches, see the attached file.

Handout: Private Coaching

Monday, August 20
Coaching Clinic - August 2013

Here are a few topics that were covered at our recent coaches clinic.  If you want to learn more, see the attached handout. 


The Principals of Coaching

Developmentally Appropriate

One of the most important aspects of structuring your training session is making sure that the Activities are ‘Developmentally Appropriate’ for the age group you are coaching. If an activity is too difficult, the child will show signs of frustration. If an activity is too easy the child will show signs of boredom so it is important that as a coach you understand children’s varying developmental levels and how their development affects the way they play soccer. 

General Guidelines

FUN – The players enjoying themselves and having a positive soccer experience is our

Number 1 priority.

NO LAPS, NO LINES, And NO LECTURES – Eliminate any practices which involve the players standing around in long lines. We want to maximize the time they have with the ball and they will lose interest if they are standing in line. Running Laps is a waste of time. You don’t run laps of the field during a soccer game. Refrain from long lectures. Children come to soccer to participate and be active not to sit and be lectured for long periods of time.

ACTIVITY VERSUS DRILL – We want our coaches to use games/activities rather than drills. Drills involve the repetition of movements/patterns exactly the same way each time which is unrealistic to what happens during a soccer game. Characteristics of Drills are: Lines, Military, Static, Little Thought, Boring, and Age Inappropriate. Characteristics of Activities are: Dynamic, Free Movement, Fun, Decision Making, Organized but Unstructured, and Age Appropriate. WHICH DO YOU THINK BEST FITS THE DEVELOPMENTAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN?

PLANNING – Try to plan your practice sessions in advance. Copy the session planners and write your session on them for reference.

BALLS – Encourage all your players to bring a ball each to practice. Try to give your players some challenges to try (such as juggling or moves) so they can practice those before practice while waiting for everyone to arrive rather than just shooting on goal as usually happens.

BEHAVIOUR – Try to ensure that your team is well behaved at practices and games.

Make them aware that when you are talking or demonstrating they should be watching and listening. Although we want all the players to have fun there is definitely a difference between ‘Having fun’ and ‘Being disrespectful’.

COMPETITION – Please remember that soccer at age levels U5 – U10 is Non – Competitive. We all realize that players know if they are doing well or not during a game as they get older but the idea of non – competitive soccer is that the players are allowed to develop without the pressure of having to win.

PARENTS – Keep regular communication channels open with your team parents. It’s a good idea to have short team meetings every month or so out on the field after a practice to iron out any problems and to give your opinions on how things are going. Encourage your team’s parents to be ‘Team Supporters’ on the sidelines not ‘Coaches’. Having lots of people shouting at the players will confuse them and younger players will usually listen to what their parents are shouting at them which may be different to what you want the player to do. PLAYERS PLAY –COACHES COACH – PARENTS PARENT.


Handout: Coaching Clinic

Thursday, October 11
Giving The Game Back To The Players

Check out this video,  it's very enlightening.   If we all get quiet and give the game back to the players, watch what can happen... 


Friday, October 12
Strike Coaches Play Together "To Kick Cancer Off The Pitch"


Sunday, January 27
Help! I volunteered to Coach