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04-30-18 02:46 PM
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Danville Hoots
Don Johns
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Danville, California
2017 Connie Mack World Series Finalist
Friday, August 18
Welcome to HOOTS Baseball - A Tradition of Excellence

The "HOOTS" Baseball Club has established themselves as one of the top amateur baseball teams in the nation. This 'Tradition of Excellence' goes beyond our past success as a team, as we are equally proud of the accomplishments that our players have achieved at the collegiate and professional level of baseball. Consider that in the nation, only a few select teams can boast of their success as achieved by the HOOTS.  

  • 2017 HOOTS Connie Mack Premier World Series National Finalist
  • 2017 HOOTS Connie Mack Premier West Region Champion
  • 2017 HOOTS Prospects Under 17 USA Premier Firecracker Champion
  • 2015 Connie Mack West Region Finalist
  • 2015 HOOTS "Fly With Owl Classic" Champion
  • 2014 Connie Mack World Series, Farmington, New Mexico 
  • 2014 Connie Mack West Region Champion
  • 2014 Connie Mack Northern California State Champion 
  • 2014 HOOTS "Fly With Owl Classic" Champion
  • 2013 Connie Mack Northern California State Champion 
  • 2013 Champion "Strike Out Lou Gehrig Disease" State Cup
  • 2012 Connie Mack West Region Runner Up, Concordia University 
  • 2012 Champion "HOOTS Fly With Owl Classic" Invitational
  • 2012 Champion Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Invitational, Pepperdine U. 
  • 2011 Connie Mack World Series, Farmington, New Mexico 
  • 2011 Connie Mack West Region Champion, Tempe Diablo Stadium, Az 
  • 2011 Connie Mack Northern California State Champion 
  • 2011 Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Invitational, Southern California 
  • 2010 Connie Mack West Regional, 5th Place, Seattle, Washington 
  • 2010 Connie Mack Northern California State Finalist
  • 2009 Connie Mack World Series, Farmington, New Mexico 
  • 2009 Connie Mack West Region Champion 
  • 2009 Connie Mack Northern California State Champion
  • 2009 Josh Anderson Nevada Classic, University of Nevada, Reno 
  • 2008 Connie Mack Northern California State Champion 
  • 2008 "Fly With OWL Classic" Champion
  • 2007 Connie Mack Northern California State Champion
  • 2007 Sierra Nevada Classic Champion, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 2007 3rd Place Perfect Game National Wood Bat Championship, Georgia
  • 2006 Sierra Nevada Classic Champion, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 2003 Pepsi Challenge Tournament Champion, Eugene, Oregon
  • 2003 Brea Holiday Classic Champion
  •  2000 National Champion American Legion Baseball
  • 1998, 2000, 2001 American Legion World Series
  • 1998, 2000 American Legion Northwest Region Championship 1998, 2000
  • 2000, 2001 Western Region Champion 2000, 2001
  • 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001 California State Champion American Legion
  • 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001 Northern California Area 2 Champion 
  •  District Nine Champion Eight Consecutive Years
  • The HOOTS Baseball Club, founded in 1991, had it's early beginning in American Legion Baseball as Danville Amateur Baseball from Post 246.  Players from local high schools comprised the roster for all of the club's early years.  Led by the talented class of 1996, the club won it's first American Legion State Championship in historic Yountville at Borman Field, advanced to the Championship game of the West Regional in Gillette, Wyoming and suffered a difficult loss to keep the team from their first American Legion World Series.  It is here where the foundation of the club began, the standard of high achievment and committment were met, and the now curious but famous name HOOTS Baseball began.

From that 1996 season, HOOTS began a journey in American Legion Baseball that saw them achieve multiple California State Championships, three World Series appearances, and the American Legion National Championship in 2000.  But, as the geography of their base area changed, and the advent of showcase baseball began, the club slowly moved from American Legion Baseball and in 2005 affiliated with Connie Mack Baseball, a division of American Amateur Baseball Congress. While a greater competitive challenge, the 2009 HOOTS won both State and West Regional Championships in Connie Mack Baseball to advance to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico and become only the second team in fifty years from Northern California to achieve that goal. 

While many players from those early years went on to successful collegiate careers and selection to professional baseball, the 2003 professional draft by Major League Baseball saw a former HOOTS player and local player, Nate Schierholz, become the second round pick of the San Francisco Giants and the 63rd pick overall. In addition, five other former HOOTS players were selected in the draft and former standout pitcher, Mateo Miramontes, who was selected by the New York Mets in the sixth round, followed Nate. Mateo was a member of the 2000 National Championship Team that set an American Legion record for lowest ERA. Overall the HOOTS Baseball Club had more players selected from one program than any amateur baseball program in Northern California.  Since that year, the club has seen many players receive scholarships to advance to the collegiate level, some choosing to do so from a junior college, and several players selected in the professional baseball draft.  In 2010 draft, two former 3 year HOOTS players, Josh Slatts and Nick Bartalone, were some of the highest selected players from the bay area

These accomplishments are outstanding, but it is also important to note that since 1996, over 90% of the HOOTS players go on to play college baseball. Today, players have choices, but the strength of our program has been from the local players staying home to make the HOOTS one of the top teams in the country year after year. That commitment, during the fall program and the summer schedule, has separated us from all other baseball programs. Our silent creed, "Champions Are Made When No One Is Watching" has served us well for many years.  It also has led us to make a commitment to our players, to teach the game as well as give them the opportunity for exposure to college coaches and professional scouts.  With that in mind, our schedule is packed with games against teams from all types of leagues that have excellent reputations. Regardless of their national affiliation, we compete where the best teams play, and our tournament schedule is outstanding.

Many players join the HOOTS from the Fall Development Program which operates on Sunday only during the off season.  All players are welcome to participate.  Players are selected for the HOOTS Summer teams from the fall program and by invitation from the coaching staff.   Please contact Coach Don Johns at 925-820-0481, or email at for further details regarding the HOOTS Baseball Club. 

Disclaimer: This site is intended soley for the information and entertainment of the Danville Hoots Baseball Players, Parents, Coaches and Fans.


Monday, April 30

The 2018 HOOTS Summer Program will release the schedules and rosters beginning on Tuesday May 1.

Also we will be updating the progress and performance of our collegiate and high school players as their season heads into the final month of the 2018. 

Monday, August 14

The HOOTS program after a very succssful 2017 Summer Season will have their first work out on Sunday August 27 at San Ramon Valley High School field in Danville. 
This past summer the HOOTS Premier Connie Mack team finished as the National World Series Runner Up at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.   The HOOTS Prospects won the U17 Championship at the USA Premier Firecracker tournament in Southern California.
Players interested in the program must attend or contact a HOOTS coach.  The coaching staff will hold a training session beginning at 10:00AM.  Players will break for lunch and the afternnon session will begin at 1:00PM.  Players should arrive early.
The afternoone will include live intersquad.  It is recommended players download the Fall
Registration form online on this site or register prior to August 27 and submit your form to the HOOTS address on the form.
The players and parents will have a Q and A at the conclusion of the afternoon session. A full schedule will be provided at that time.  
The Fall program consists of skill training and college opportunities.  The objective is "Player Development and Exposure."  The program is run on Sundays unless there is a conflict with a college event or tournament.  We offer "Spring Training for Pitchers & Catchers" which begins early November and concludes at the beginning of the high school season.
The HOOTS program operates two teams, HOOTS Prospects and HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team.  The Prospects begin at Graduation Year 2021 and play in Under 17 competition .  The Connie Mack PremierTeam is comprised of the top players in the program regardless of graduation year. 
Should you have any questions plese contact Coach Don Johns at or mobile number 925-487-9207. 
You can download the 2017 Fall Information and Player Form on the link below and also in the Handout Section of the web site. 

Handout: 2017 Fall Program

Tuesday, August 15

The 2017 Danville HOOTS Connie Mack Team received the American Amateur Baseball Congress "National Sportmanship Award" in recognition of their performance, behavior, and sportsmanship at the Connie Mack World Series.  The award is recognition of everyone associated with the HOOTS program and for respect and ethical conduct throughout the season and the Connie Mack World Series.  

Kim Stradling, AABC Vice President Connie Mack Division commented to Coach Johns "we take the Sportsmanship Award very serious."  Additional response, "it was a pleasure to have the Danville HOOTS in the CMWS this year. You guys are a class organization and it was very evident from Day 1 that it's leadership was first rate.  I mentioned to Mike and Richard that to have each member of a team come up and personally thank me for the opportunity to be here, as your team did, was a first. You have a great bunch of kids! "

This is the second time the HOOTS have been recognized for their conduct and sportmanship at the Connie Mack World Series.  In 2009 the team received the C.O. Brown Sportsmanship award on their first trip to the World Series.

Coach Johns, "The HOOTS program each year has a goal to play at a high level and achieve success, yet develope our players both on and off the field.  That is part of the respect you want as a program and as a player. I am very proud that our players receive recognition for sportsmanship and conduct.  These are life lessons, and that goes a long way when the game ends which is does for everyone."

Tuesday, August 8



The "Run" ended for the HOOTS Connie Mack team in the National Championship game against Midland Redskins.  They had to wake up the following morning to the headlines in the local Daily Times "MIDLAND ROMPS TO TITLE IN CMWS." Their season ends as the National World Series Runner Up in the Connie Mack World Series Championship at Ricketts Park in Farmington, New Mexico.

The HOOTS starting pitcher Nick Krauth was in early trouble but settled in after the first inning as the Midland offense and speed kept the HOOTS off balance the entire game.  Manager Don Johns commented "After our 3-2 game last night I felt we could stay with them if we just would not make any mistakes. The first inning error and hit batters was a bad omen against a team like them.  They took advantage of our early mistakes and they deserved this title.  They are a great team and tough to beat.  It is an emotional time to get that close to a National Championship, you want to win that game.  Our guys were in major battles for over 2 weeks at the World Series and only one other team in the nation lasted as long as we did so no regrets. We are not a big program but this is our 4th trip to the Connie Mack World Series since 2009, and in 2014 we finished in the Final 4 and now the World Series National Runner Up.  I am very proud of the 2017 team and our coaching staff for a major accomplishment.  Most of the local fans loved the way we played and loved our players who many welcomed them into their homes and the Farmington community. We are the little engine that could it just didn't go our way at the end"

Prior to the Championship game the HOOTS and Midland remained the only 2 teams left at the Connie Mack World Series.  Saturday night Midland defeated the HOOTS in a tight game 3-2.  East Cobb lost to Midland leaving only the HOOTS left to play for the National Championship.  Mason Legate pitched a complete game for the HOOTS against Midland.  The HOOTS left the tying and winning run on base in the 7th inning. The go ahead run by Midland was a result of a foul ball that was caught but left home plate not covered by the HOOTS defense.  

Post game interview by Manager Don Johns. "It is that type of mistake that is costly in a game where there is little room for error.  Mason battled thru the entire game and did a great job for us.  There are no easy outs in their lineup. Really unfortunate to give them that run but still our offense has to continue to be productive against good pitching.  We play for the title now and get our starting pitcher back due to pitch count limitations.  Our players have been terrific as they battle thru the World Series.  We lost our first game here to East Cobb then go on a 5 game winning streak against some of the best teams in the nation.  Doesn't get any better than that except to win the Final game which we are trying to do. Stay tuned"

Friday August 4:  HOOTS Final 4 World Series Game Tonight t 7:30PM against Florida Legends. 

The brackets were set for the Final 4 games leading to the National Championshp after the Midland Redskins defeated the Florida Legends Thursday night.  Midland received the Bye.  DBat Elite who the HOOTS defeated earlier in bracket play defeated the SoCal Renegades earlier in the day.  The Legends have one loss and the HOOTS remain undefeated in bracket play as does the Midland team.

Wednesday August 2:  HOOTS Defeat East Cobb Yankees to advance to the Final 4 of the Connie Mack World Series. 

The Danville HOOTS saw the headline in the local Farmington Daily News Wednesday morning on the front page with the headlines of "Hammerin" HOOTS" after their 9-1 win the day before over D Bat Elite.  Facing the East Cobb Yankees and the 2016 National Champion the HOOTS seemed unfazed by the game earlier in tournament where East Cobb dominated them.  "I don't think our guys care who they play.  At this point of the season we are here to win the game and play it our way." Assistant Coach Pat Massoni.  "Mitch Benson and Will Bishop gave us 5 good innings and our offense continues to be very productive."  The HOOTS now have a day off on Thursday and will resume play in the Final 4 on their path to the Connie Mack National Championship.  

Coach Johns live on the air in Farmintong gave praise to the East Cobb program.  "They are not done, and the path to the National Championship on Sunday is a long way away.  I am excited for our players to be one of the Final 4 teams remaining in the nation.  This is huge for our players and Northern California baseball.  There is not show case baseball being played here.  This is about the best teams in the nation competing to be crowned the National Champion."

 Tuesday August 1:

The HOOTS defeated D Bat Elite today 9-1 at the Connie Mack World Series to advance and remain as one of the Elite 8 teams in the hunt to be crowned the National Champion.  Nick Krauth got the win on the mound.  After going down 1-0 in the first inning Krauth settled in to pitch effective thru 7 innings.  Tied 1-1 First Baseman Zack Patterson hit a 2 run home run in the 3rd inning.  "It was a monster dead center at 400 feet with wood bat.  It doesn't happen very often or ever and it broke open the game for us and gave us some separation. I have a lot of respect for the D Bat organization, their coaching staff and their players but this was our day." comments on Live Vertical Radio from Coach Don Johns.

Late Sunday July 30 at the Connie Mack World Series the HOOTS advanced to the Elite 8 at the tournament defeating DBat of Texas 6-5 in the highlight night game at Ricketts Stadium in Farmington, New Mexico.

The battle between the two teams was tied several times but in the 7th inning the home team HOOTS were down 5-4.  After a walk and a couple hits with 1 out Ryan Cole drove a line drive into the left field corner for the walk off victory and finish pool play as one of the top 2 teams and advance to the Elite 8 and the National Championship.  The HOOTS pitching staff was led by Mason Legate.  Will Bishop relieved in the 5th inning.  Gabe Giosso threw a scorless 7th inning to keep the game within 1 run.  In the post game interview Coach Johns commented on the make up of the team.  "I tell them we are the little engine that could.  These are the elite baseball programs in the nation and to be in this field is a credit to our players and our coaching staff.  This was an amazing day for us against two very good teams form Texas both of whom I have a lot of respect for.  It was just a great HOOTS day."  The HOOTS will enjoy a day off on Monday as the seedings are completed and play to being on Tuesday toward the National Championship.

Earlier in the day facing elimnation after the loss to the East Cobb Yankees the Hoots defeated Texas Stix 4-2.  Tyler Stultz threw a complete game against the Texas team

Earlier the HOOTS lost to the East Cobb Yankees who are the defending 2016 National Champion trying for a three peat in 2017. Facing the toughTexas Stix line up was HOOTS left hand pitcher Tyler Stultz. Getting behind 2-0 in the second inning Stultz took control of the game from his defense throwing a complete game under the controlled pitching limit, ending the game with a double play.  "Tyler was outstanding today in a must win game for us. He truly was dominant after going down 2 runs that should have been outs.  Our bracket is very difficult so we have to put together a complete game to stay alive were comments from Coach Johns" 

The HOOTS Connie Mack Premier league team won the West Regional Championship on Sunday July 23 at Golden West College in Southern Calfiornia to advance to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  The HOOTS defeated the  Southern California Dukes 5-2 to return to the World Series for the Fourth Time since 2009.  Both teams entered the Championship with a record of 4-0 and the HOOTS ended with not losing a single game.

The HOOTS fell behind early in the game 2-0 but that would be the last of the scoring by the talented Dukes team.  HOOTS starting pitcher Nick Krauth was able to contain the Dukes offense for 7 solid innings.  While the offense struggles at times Matt Jew led the offensive scoring for the HOOTS.

The HOOTS now represent the West Region at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico staring on July 27.  

Coach Johns commented " I never thought at this point we would go back to the World Series.  It is a special place and one of the great baseball experiences our players and coaches will every have. The one goal of our program when you reach this level is to win a National Championship, much like every college team or professional team.  To do that, you have to get to the World Series and face the best teams in the country. Our players really rose to the challenge and very proud of them.  Trust me, it was not easy."


Thursday, July 20

Both HOOTS teams travel to Southern California July 19-23.  The Connie Mack team opened up their bid to return to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington for the fourth time with a 3-1 win Wednesday night in their opening game.  Mitch Benson threw a strong 6 innings for the HOOTS leaving the game with a shut out.  The Connie Mack team has been to the World Series three times and in 2014 finished in the Final Four.

West Regional Connie Mack Semi Final Game Results.

HOOTS Connie Mack West Regional Semi Final game was won by the HOOTS 11-4 over Southern Nevada.  Mason Legate pitched for the HOOTS thru 5 innings, relieved by Tyler Stultz and Conner Corsa.  The HOOTS will play for the Championship on Sunday against the Dukes with the winner advancing to the Conniei Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  The Dukes and the HOOTS are both 4-0 in the tournament.  

Coach Johns on the call to throw Mason was a coaching staff decision.  " He has done a great job for us this summer and we felt he would give us the opportunity to play on Sunday for the Championship.  He is a strike thrower with good off speed so it worked in our favor.  We still struggle with a clean defensive game so hopefully our guys understand at this point we need to play a clean game.  We had some key offense tonight.  I am proud of our guys, they could be off doing something other than baseball but very few players get this opportunity to go to a World Series and try to win a National Championship." 

HOOTS Connie Mack Premier Game 3:

The HOOTS Connie Mack team advanced to the medal round of the West Regional Tournament with a 10-0 win over the Legends from Seattle, Washington.  At this point of the tournament 4 teams remain with the winner moving on to the World Series.  The HOOTS will play the Nevada Champion on Saturday and the the winner of the two remaining games will play for the Championship and the bus ride to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico on Sunday."Getting here is only part of the challenge, and we remain the only Northern California team remaining in the tournament.  We have winners on this team, very good players and athletes, they know the challenge and they understand what they need to do"  Coach Johns.

HOOTS Connie Mack Game 2:

HOOTS won their 2nd game 4-3 at the Connie Mack World Series qualifier and West Regionl Championsip.  Coach Johns commented "we are moving through bracket play and making sure we have our best guys ready to go on Saturday and Sunday to win this thing and go back to Farmington. I have been here in this situation and I know the quality of teams that want to do the same thing as we do so it is not an easy path.  I keep telling our players this can be one of their great baseball memories we just need to get more offense to support our pitching staff.  Mitch Benson and Will Bishop are both 2018 grad players and really delivered on the mound in these first two days of the Regional Championship to give us a great opportunity to move forward, they did their job"   

HOOTS Connie Mack went 2-0 at the World Series Qualifier for the West Region in a 4-3 game on Thursday July 20.  Will Bishop threw a 6 inning gem leaving the game with the HOOTS leading 4-1.  The bull pen faced some challenges as the team moves forward thru the tournament and facing tough games ahead to advance to their Fourth Connie Mack World Series Tournament.

HOOTS Prospects:

The HOOTS Prospects will be traveling to Cal State Fullerton for a series of weekend games at Goodwin Stadium on the weekend in an Invitational Tournament against several Southern California teams and will open play against OC Premier.  Both teams met in the finals of the USA Premier Firecracker which was won by the HOOTS Prospects. The Prospects are Managed by Mateo Miramontes and Grant Johnson.  Both coaches are products of the HOOTS program, played at the college level, have coached at the varsity level of high school, and competed in World Series wearing a HOOTS uniform.  Mateo Miramontes was in the program for 3 years and one of the top pitchers on the HOOTS American Legion National Championship team  At the University of Nevada, Reno as a pither he was an All American.   Coach Johnson also was a key player on the World Series team in 2001.  He has remained as a coach at several levels of the HOOTS program as well as coaching the varsity program at Monte Vista HS.  

Wednesday, July 12


San Ramon Valley High School and Dougherty Valley High School varsity fields will be used for the tournament.  The tournament invites 8 teams each year and the 2017 field of teams includes the HOOTS Connie Mack, Santa Rosa Connie Mack, Fairfield Expos, EDH Vipers, HOOTS Prospects, Desert Prospects, MVP Baseball and EJ Sports Warriors.

The tournament bracket will be posted by Monday July 10. This year the tournament will have two divisions, American and National.  Game times and teams will be pre determined and posted with their schedule to accomodate college coaching staffs and travel for out of area teams attending.

The full tournament schedule named 2017 HOOTS Owl Tournament can be downloaded on the link below. 

Handout: Owl Tournament

Tuesday, May 30

  • May 30.  Stanford junior Matt Winaker was named Pac 12 Player of the Week for the second time this season.  Matt was 8 for 17(.471) with five runs, six RBI's, two doubles and a home run.  Stanford was awarded the No. 8 national seed (40-14) for the NCAA baseball tournament and will host a four team double-elimination regional starting on Thursday June 1 at Sunken Diamond.  Stanford will open against Sacramento State.  The other matchups will be between second seeded Cal State Fullerton and No. 3 seed BYU.
  • May 29.  Sophmore center fielder Ryan Ruly, Ohlone College,  was named the State Junior College Player of the Year.  Ohlone College advanced to the State Junior College Final Four which was won for the first time by Grossmont College.
  • April 26.  Domenic Mazza, SF Giants prospect became the first pitcher in the South Atlantic Leagues history to throw a nine inning PERFECT GAME.  Dom is a 22 year old left handed pitcher and retired all 27 batters he faced, had 9 strike outs, while pitching Augusta to a 9-0 victory at Lexington, Kentucky. Domenic was a member of the 2011 HOOTS Connie Mack World Sereis team and was drafted by the Giants out of UC Santa Barbara after an outstanding 3 year career with the Gauchos.
  • April 26.  Ryan Ruley, Ohlone College Sophmore is one of the stat leaders in the California Junior College Conference.  Rules  is 2nd in the State in Batting Average hitting .467, 2nd in the state in stolen bases at 28.  He is the offensive leader in the entire Coast Pacific Conference, has a .534 OBP and .787 slugging with 8 Home Runs.  Ohlone is 31-3 and one of the top ranked teams leading into the playoffs for the California State Championship.  Ryan played on the HOOTS 2014 Connie Mack World Series Final Four team and he has accepted a scholarchip to continue to play next year at Loyola Marymount College.  
  • Stephen Piscotty, St. Louis Cardinals right fielder led them to a win over the Washington Nationals on April 13.  Stephen homered and had 5 RBI's to avoid a sweep by Washington in the 3 game series.
  • Cal Sophmore Pitcher Joey Matulovich pitched 8 innings in a 4-1 win for the Bears over the U. of Oregon on Sunday March 19 at Evans Diamond.  Joey moved his record to 3-0 with a 3.18 ERA.  Next up will be a start on Saturday March 25 at UCLA. 
  • Two former HOOTS players, Tommy Jew and Armani Smith are starters in the outfield for the Gauchos at U. of California Santa Barbara.  Tommy is a red shirt freshman and Armani is a true freshman.  The Gauchos are coming off a 2016 berth and one of the 8 teams at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.  Armani is one of the offensive leaders with a .364 average.  Both Jew and Smith are in the mix daily as Tommy has appeared in 14 games for Santa Barbara and Armani in 12 games.
  • Ryan Anderson is leading the UC Davis Aggies offense with a .373 average, 22 hits, 3 HR and and a .422 On Base percent.  Healthy after a knee injury in his first year at Davis he is showing his offensive ability much as he did during his 3 years on the HOOTS Connie Mack team while leading the team to the National Final Four at the Connie Mack World Series in 2014.

Sunday, July 10

The HOOTS finished pool play with a record of 4-1 after a loss late Saturday night to the Utah Marshalls 9-2.  They will be the #2 seed in the American Division.  Early on Saturday the team entered the day undefeated and stood with a record of 3-0.  The early Saturday game featured the Southern California Renegades and the HOOTS who see each other often in Regional Connie Mack Championships and both teams have represented the Western Region at the Connie Mack World Series several times since 2009.  The HOOTS scored early and went on to win the game 13-3.

The Saturday night game between the Marshalls and the HOOTS remained close thru the first 5 innings as the Marshalls outstanding offense took advantage of every opportunity.  Jordan Chriss pitched for the HOOTS and while was outstanding at times the Marshalls stand out in the tournament as one of the best teams in the Gates World Series.  

The HOOTS will play the Ohio Warhawks on Sunday and will see again the Southern California Renegades to determine the Championship bracket which is on Monday July 11. 

The Gates World Series is one of the top amateur baseball tournaments in the nation.  The event features many top national teams and is managed by the Marshall Gates Foundation and held at one of the best amateur stadiums in the country.  This is the HOOTS 7th year participating in the Gates World Series.

 The Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team will head to the Gates World Series in Salt Lake City, Utah. They will play their first game on Thursday July 7 at Gates Field.  The Gates World Series is one of the elite tournaments in the nation featuring some of the best amateur baseball teams.  The HOOTS will play in pool play thru Saturday and will see familiar outstanding teams such as the SoCal Renegades, Ohio Warhawks and the Marshalls.  The game results can be followed at www.gatesfieldworldseries.


Saturday, June 25

The Danville HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team advanced to the Championship Bracket at the  Las Vegas National Invitational.  The HOOTS with a record of 3-2 will enter the Championship round as the Number 2 seed behind the Ohio Warhawks.  The team will play on Saturday at University of Nevada Las Vegas against the Texas Prospects National Team at 11:30AM. The winner will play again later in the day and will advance to the Championship on Sunday.  The HOOTS have faced some of the nation's top amateur teams in the tournament with wins over the Orlando Scorpions, Las Vegas Knights and ABA from New Mexico.  The Ohio Warhawks are 5-0 and the Utah Marshalls who will be coming to Danville to play the HOOTS several games starting on July 1 are also 5-0 with a major win over the Evoshield Canes from Florida.

Coach Johns reported he feels the team has represented itself well and competed in every game.  "This is as difficult field of teams as you can find and for the HOOTS who really are a team comprised of players from a small geography in the east bay says a lot about our guys and our team. I am very proud of them.  We have lost a couple of our top pitchers to injury, and we have one of our best guys going today so we expect to battle.  It has been a great experience for our team."

The Texas Prospects defeated the HOOTS 7-5 to advance to the Championship against Utah Marshalls.  The Marshalls and the Prospects played in the Championship in a game won by the Marshalls. 

Monday, June 8

  • A.J. Puckett, former HOOTS pitcher who recently completed his junior year at Pepperdine University was selected by Collegiate Baseball and Baseball America as a 2016 First Team All American.  Puckett is one of four pitchers on the First Team and the only player from the West Coach Conference to garner first-team accolades.  The Waves ace was also named a Golden Spikes Award semifinalist last week, and a National Pitcher of the Year semifinaist.  Puckett finished the year fourth in the NCAA in ERA and held opponents to a .191 batting average, all while striking out 95 batters and was also named WCC Pitcher of the Year.  During WCC conference play he put up the 3rd best ERA in both Pepperdine and WCC history with a 1.27 mark in what was one of the most remarkable seasons in program history. In one of the most dominate stretches in NCAA history AJ threw in 45.2 consecutive scorless innings and 57 consecutive innings withoug giving up and earned run.  The 45 innings was the 3rd longest in NCAA history.  AJ is now back in Danville and stopped by the HOOTS practice this past weekend to say Hello to the current players and the coaching staff.  MLB will now decide the path for him as he moves forward in his baseball career.  
  • Big Congratulations A.J. Puckett.  You can view more information at
  • Tanner Pinkston, former outstanding HOOTS player and Senior 1st baseman with 18 Ranked Cal State Fullerton was honored at Big West Baseball Field Player of the Week(April 18,2016).  Tanner hit .643 and had a slugging percent of .929 with a double and home run. This past weekend the Titans(32-17) took the series from University of California at Santa Barbara.  Tanner had a solid weekend going 3 for 4 on Sunday.  The previous day, the Titans pounded out a season high 21 hits in a 18-2 win over the Gauchos at UC Santa Barbara stadium. Tanner had his second 4 hit game of the season, going 4 for 5 with three RBI's and 2 runs scored.  He scored the big blow lacing a triple to right with two runners on to put the Titans up 5-1 in the fourth inning.  You can follow the Titans at  Earlier in the week, the Orange County Register ran an article on the path Tanner has taked from his early days as a HOOTS Connie Mack player.  It is a must read and can be found at 

Tuesday, December 1

The Board of Directors of the Mercer County Western Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame inducted 11 new members to the hall in the Class of 2015.  Included in this year's ceremony was former stand out Grove City athlete and HOOTS Coach Peter "Donnie" Johns.  The annual dinner and Induction Ceremony celebrated its 68 years as the oldest Hall of Fame.  Including the Class of 2015 they have inducted 535 Mercer County Athletic Standouts into this Hall of Fame.

The following was published in the local papers in the Mercer County Western Pennsylvania Area and can be viewed online on the Mercer Couty Athletic Hall of Fame web site.

Peter "Donnie" Johns was one of the top all-around athletes developed at Grove City High school, who went on to become a nationally renowned amateur baseball coach.  A 1962 graduate of Grove City High School, he was a standout in football, wrestling and track and field.

As a running back and corner back in football, he was a three year letterman and helped the Eagles go unbeaten in the 1961 campaign. He also earned three letters in wrestling and track.  He served as co-captain of the mat team in 1961 and was an outstanding pole vaulter in track and field.

He went on to play football at Slippery Rock University, but a shoulder injury in 1963 ended his career. 

In 1991, Donnie founded one of the nation's top amateur baseball organizations, the Danville (Calif.) HOOTS, which he serves as head coach and President. The team won 9 consecutive Northern California District Championships in American Legion Baseball and made 3 Legion World Series appearances as California and Western States Champion.

His 2000 team won the United States National American Legion Championship, first out of 5200 teams round the country.  That team went 59-9 that season against some of the best teams in the country.

Donnie's 2014 HOOTS squad finished in the top four in the nation, advancing to their 3rd World Series appearance in Connie Mack Baseball.  The team lost a tough contest to national champion D Bat Gallegos from Dallas in the semifinals. The HOOTS have won multiple state titles in both American Legion Baseball and Connie Mack Baseball.

Joining Coach Johns at the Induction Ceremony in Sharon, Pennsylvania was his son Matt who was a two sport stand out at San Ramon Valley High school and played Division I baseball at Western Kentucky in the Sunbelt Conference.  Matt is a personal trainer and the current SRVHS Strength Coach and also a coach on the HOOTS Connie Mack team.  His Sister Nancy Sturgeon from Erie, Pa. and her son Chris accompanied by Heather.  The children of his sister Sandy Pawk, Laura Santora and her daughter El, Matthew Pawk and Michael Pawk. Also attending were former GCHS Eagle teammates and life long friends Jim McLean and his wife Norma, Bill Neely and his wife Lynn and Roger Luli.

Coach Johns was introduced at the ceremony by Bill Bestwick, the brother of Dick Bestwick who was the outstanding GCHS football coach of the undefeated Eagles and later on went to coach at the college level and at the University of Georgia where he later became the Assistant Athletic Director.  Larry Frattare introduced Coach Johns and Bruce Drennan of Sports Time Ohio "Drennan Live."  Tim Neverett, Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster was also a guest speaker.

The full article and pictures can be viewed at the Mercer County Athletic Hall of Fame web site.

Congratulations to Coach Don Johns as a 2015 Inductee to the Mercer County Western Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame.


Donnie HOF 2015
Saturday, December 5

The Mercer County Western Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame Induction of Coach Don Johns gathered together former Grove City High School team members and life long friends.  Growing up in the shadows of coal mines and steel mills,  the 1961 Eagles led by lengedary football Coach Dick Bestwick went undefeated with a record of 9-0.  Several of those individuals gathered together for the induction of their friend. 


2009 Connie Mack West Champion
Friday, October 9

The MLB playoffs feature two multiple year former HOOTS players who are starting for their current teams, Catcher Jason Castro for the Houston Astros and Stephen Piscotty for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Both players represent the best of what the HOOTS program stands for.  Quality young student athletes, team players, terrific work ethic, great character and outstanding skills.

Watching these two young men have success at the highest level of baseball sets a mark for others to follow.  Their results during the season and in the opening games makes everyone in the HOOTS program proud to have had the opportunity to work with them.  Reminding players, that even at the highest level, you play to help your team.  Watching Jason catching and controlling the game as he did and Piscotty moving from Frist Base, to Right Field to Left Field in Game 1 of the playoffs and then hitting a 2 run home run to give the Cards the lead they needed to win says it all.



Saturday, September 19


The HOOTS Baseball Club has advanced to the Perfect Game National Championship Playoff Round in Arizona on Sunday September 20.

The reloaded team from the 2015 Connie Mack North State Champion and West Regional Finalist team from the summer season earned their spot with a record in pool play 0f 3 wins withou a loss.  The HOOTS defeated the SoCal Bombers on Saturday in their final pool play game  9-1 behind a solid pitching performance by Liam Steigerwald, Clark Eder and AJ Gessini. 

The HOOTS 2015 Fall roster has been reloaded with returning players from their Connie Mack North State Champion and West Regional Finalist team, and many players from the HOOTS EBR Under 17 Prospect Team. Many new players were added as they work thru the fall season in preparation for another run at a Connie Mack Championship in the summer of 2016.

Many college coaching staffs were in attendance as the HOOTS program continues to produce quality teams of very competitive players on a consistent basis.  The program is led by founder and long time Coach Don Johns and Brad Wellman. 

The HOOTS will play on Sunday at the Goodyear Baseball Complex, Home of the Reds.

First Pitch will be 11:30AM on Sunday.  GO HOOTS!!!

Tuesday, July 21


The Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team will try to repeat as the Connie Mack West Region Champion and return to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico when they begin play on Wednesday July 22 at the College of Alameda.  The HOOTS are the defending Champion and a 2014 Connie Mack World Series Final 4 team.

They begin play on Wednesday with the first pitch at 5:00PM.  While there are several returning players from the 2014 team several new additions are expected to fill key spots lost to graduation.  Coach Johns in a recent discussion commented "Always difficult to replace players like Tim Susnara, U. of Oregon freshman who was the Ducks starting catcher this year, Ryan Anderson, UC Davis, Austin Piscotty, St. Marys, Bradley Pluschkell, UC Davis and first baseman Chris Williams, San Jose State. Our returning players and new players know it is time for them to lead.  We have had some great results this summer, and some tough spots given the competition we face.  This West Regional Championship is very difficult and the I know all eyes nationally will be watching to see who will represent the west at the World Series. Everyone in the tournament is good, very good, and while we have won this 3 times in the past there has never been an easy path to get to Farmington and the World Series" 


The two best Connie Mack teams left in the West Region had an epic battle in a one run game in the Championship game for the berth in the World Series later this week in Farmington, New Mexico.  The SoCal Renegades will represent the West with their 1-0 victory over the HOOTS Baseball team.  Both teams had their best pitching available as Joey Matulovich, headed to Cal, threw 6 outstanding innings and took the loss for the HOOTS on a late inning run scored by their rival from Southern California.  Right handerJared Noonan relieved in the 7th inning with the bases loaded but was able to retire the side to keep the game at 1-0.  The Renegades started USC bound Quentin Longrie, followed by another USC committed pitcher Solomon Bates and closed with UC Irvine commit Jordan Bocko.

"Our pitching was outstanding thru the entire West Region Championship.  Joey did not deserve to lose the game but it is part of baseball.  They had their best guys going, and we had our couple opportunities, runners in scoring position, runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and could not advance them to score one run.  We talk execution all the time to our players, practice what we preach because we know against these very good teams like the Renegades it will get down to a single opportunity to win the game. But you watch MLB guys and they have the same issues sometimes so I try to keep in mind we are coaching amateur players.  I told our players they have nothing to be ashamed about when you end up the best Connie Mack team in Northern California and the finish as the runner up in the West Region.  We are a great team of outstanding student athletes that are part of the HOOTS family, and we had a great summer, made a great run at the end.  It was our time in 2014, now the Renegades and Si Petro can try to bring the national title back to California. I will be rooting for them."

Coach Don Johns.


The HOOTS Connie Mack team claimed the Northern California title and advanced to the Championship game in the West Region with a 8-1 win over the Thundersox.  Jacob Hord and Chase Henley pitched for the HOOTS to secure the opportunity to face the SoCal Renegades in the West Region Connie Mack Championship game on Sunday. The two teams played on Friday in the winner bracket final in a game won by the Renegades 4-0. 

Comment from Coach Don Johns, "We play each other a number of times, and for the past several years it has either been the HOOTS or the Renegades who has advanced to the World Series.  We are rivals, friends, but very competitive, and both programs know their goal is to get to Farmington and win the National Championship. We dug a hole for ourselves early in the game and against a good team it is tough to overcome. Five of those innings both teams were held scoreless.  Our players will battle thru this, it's what we expected and whoever represents the west will have earned their way."

Game time is set at 10:00AM on Sunday at the College of Alameda.  The winner will move on to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico to represent the West Region.

HOOTS CONNIE MACK                         8

THUNDERSOX                                       1


HOOTS CONNIE MACK                         0

SOCAL RENEGADES                            4


HOOTS CONNIE MACK                         11


The HOOTS will play at 5:00PM in the Winner Bracket Final on Friday July 24 against the SoCal Renegades.


HOOTS CONNIE MACK       9               Jacob Knight Complete Game

ALAMEDA                             0

The HOOTS will play at 5:00 PM on Thursday July 23 against the Southern California State Champion Black Knights.

Monday, July 27

Former Three year HOOTS player Stephen Piscotty got the call every player dreams about on Monday July 20.  Called up to the join the St. Louis Cardinals in their inter league game against the Chicago White Sox.  Steve Trombly of Trombly Baseball in Southern Calfornia texted Coach Johns with the news and Congratulations.  A quick text to his Dad and to Steve "Heard you got the call. Congrats"  Text back, "Sure am, just got to Chicago!!  Thanks coach for everything."

Coach Johns, "Awesome, no one deserves it more."

The next night Stephen recorded his first MLB hit was a hard liner to third, and his first double the following night.  To date, he has had 5 game appearancesm 12 at bats, and 4 hits for a .333 average.  The Cardinals are in 1st place in their division.

Piscotty was drafted out of Stanford University and was a First Round selection in the 2012 draft by the Cardinals. Stephen led the 2009 HOOTS Connie Mack team to their first ever Connie Mack World Series, and broke a 30 year drought of a Northern California team advancing to the National Championship.

Tuesday, December 9


The list contains 30 of the best 18U teams in the nation based on their performance in various elite national tournaments.  Ranked #2 was DBAT from Dallas, Texas who defeated the HOOTS Connie Mack team in the Final 4 and won the Connie Mack National Championship.  Following DBAT in the 3rd ranking was the Midland Redskins who lost to DBat in the Connie Mack Championship game.  The SoCal Renegades were ranked #15 who the HOOTS Connie Mack team played 3 times in 2014 including at the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament.  And, the #19 ranking was given to the Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team with their Final 4 performance at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  Of the top 20 teams the HOOTS had on their 2014 schedule 4 of the ranked teams including the talented Ohio Warhawks who they played at the Gates World Series in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The HOOTS were the only Northern California program recognized and one of the three California programs ranked in the Top 20 teams.

The Perfect Game ranking is available at

2014 HOOTS Connie Mack Champion
Monday, August 11



"I told our players when we were at the Gates World Series in July in Utah after we lost a couple games, this summer was about their legacy.  The HOOTS program has been and will be here and they are passing thru but the program continues.  It was up to them how they want to be remembered as a team.  I guess they answered, they will go down as one of the great teams in the 23 years existence of the HOOTS program.  One of 6 teams to go to a World Series, 3 in American Legion Baseball and now 3 in Connie Mack Baseball.  That is a huge statement to who they are and how they will be remembered"  comments from Manager Don Johns.

The 50th Year Anniversary of the Connie Mack World Series held in Farmington, New Mexico remains to be one of the greatest events in amateur baseball.  Eight teams remain and the Danville HOOTS surprised everyone by winning the West Regional Championship and will represent the West in the 2014 World Series.  The HOOTS went 4-1 in the West Regional with only a loss in extra innings to the Southern California Renegades, the defending champion.  A team from one of these two programs has represented the west at the World Series the past six years.  This is the 3rd appearance for the HOOTS at the Connie Mack World Series.  The Renegades won the National Championship in 2012.

The team will travel starting on Thursday July 31 to New Mexico.  The famous Connie Mack World Series parade thru Farmington will take place on Friday followed by the opening ceremonies.  The HOOTS will open play on Saturday.  The game can be live streamed online at


In a frustrating end to their 2014 season and the run to the National Championship the HOOTS Connie Mack team lost a 6-3 lead in the seventh inning, with one out and fell to D-Bat Gallegos 11-6.  The South Plains Regional Champion put up eight runs in the seventh inning to escape with a 11-6 win against the Danville HOOTS, moving the team into the final round of the Connie Mack World Series.  "We've done this before, I just told my guys to go out have have fun and give me their best at bats of the summer, D-Bat manager Roberto Gallegos said.

Danville Manager Don Johns said his team was in the spot it wanted to be in.  "You don't like the way it ended.  You are never happy with that.  We should have not lost that game.  We just didn't get it done.  They exposed the weakness of our youth basically. Roberto Gallegos, his coaching staff and his players did an outstanding job, including taking two games from Midland"

"But this is a huge accomplishment for our team and our players.  The 2014 HOOTS won Northern California, California and Western Regional Connie Mack Championships.  We are young, but we lose several impact players, but the HOOTS will be back.  The HOOTS program is permanent and we have longevity of success."



The 2014 Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team added to their legacy as the Western Region Champion advanced to the Final 4 at the Connie Mack World Series after a 2-0 victory over the Eastern Region Champion Troy Dodgers from New York. 

The HOOTS remain one of four remaining teams playing for the Connie Mack National Championship.  

FARMINGTON DAILY NEWS.  Coming into the Connie Mack World Series Danville Manager Don Johns was unsure how his young pitching stafff would handle the setting.  His pitchers proved they were ready for teh challenge as three HOOTS pitchers combined for the shut out to eliminate the North Atlantic Regional Champion.  "We were just trying to let our defense play and be consistent, " Johns said.  "We have young guys, and we pieced it together.  I told the coaches that if we do not win today, there is no tomorrow, so we'll just do what we've got to do to keep winning."

"We've got all kinds of pitching left.  Is it the quality of Midland or DBat pitching staff? I know they have quality guys. We have quality guys, but they are young, and they are going to be on a big stage.  But you get to the Final Four of the Connie Mack World Series.  I couldn't be happier." commented Manager Don Johns. 

Midland Redskins remain the only undefeated team.  Manager Dave Evans said "There are four great baseball teams left.  Any one of them can win this thing.  We are just happy to be in this spot."

The Final Four elite teams fighting for the Connie Mack National Championship will play today starting with the first game at 5:15 PM. 

Danville HOOTS

Midland Redskins

D-Bat Gallegos

D-Bat Leach

The bracket is determined by blind draw and the National Championship will be played on Friday August 8. 

 Starter Jacob Knight went 4 innings, relieved by Kyle Graham in the 4th inning and the game was closed by Noah Bremer.  The HOOTS held on to a 1-0 lead the entire game until the bottom of the sixth inning after Ryan Anderson walked and advanced to second.  Designated hitter Ryan Weisenberg had a hard hit ball down the 3rd base line to score Anderson and give the HOOTS another run and a cushion going into the 7th inning.  Bremer retired the side for the win.  Players of the game recognized by AABC and Connie Mack Baseball were Jacob Knight and Ryan Weisenberg.  The HOOTS opposition will be determined late on Wednesday as the California team earned the first birth in the Final 4 to be played on Thursday August 7.  This is an amazing run for the HOOTS against the best teams in the nation.  The elite bracket of the World Series is a major accomplishment for the players and the coaching staff. 


The Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team remain one of six teams still alive at the Connie Mack World Series.  Elimination games have sent 4 teams home.  "Proud of our guys, coming from a local geography to be one of the top 6 teams in the nation in Connie Mack Baseball." comment from Manager Don Johns.  The remaining teams met at home plate after the late game on Tuesday to seed for the games on Wednesday.  Those teams are:

Danville HOOTS

DBat Leach

DBat Gallegos

Midland Redskins

Troy New York

Puerto Rico

Two teams remain undefeated and will play the late game on Wednesday.  DBat Gallegos who defeated the HOOTS in Game 1 7-5 and Midland Redskins from Cincinatti. The HOOTS will play the East Champion Troy New York in the 12:15 PM game.


Connie Mack World Series fans woke up on Monday morning to a full page in the sports section that read "DANVILLE DEMOLITION".  The West Region Champion Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team eliminated the Strike Zone team in Game 6 at the World Series in a 16-2 win for the California team. HOOTS pitcher Tim Susnara threw a complete game for the HOOTS giving up only 3 hits with 12 strike outs.  The HOOTS offense got started early and opened the game with 6 runs in the first inning against Strike Zone.  Bradley Plushkell went 3 for 4 and had 4 RBI's for the HOOTS.  "We put our best guy out there in a must win game, with a lot of emotion and a night that was standing room only.  Tim Susnara does not get caught up in the emotion, he just a complete player who is confident in who he is as a player and a leader.We are moving on, and forward in the World Series and that is what counts to all of us."  commented HOOTS Manager Don Johns 

SUNDAY AUGUST 3 FARMINGTON DAILY NEWS-"Baseball fans who spent their Saturday afternoon in the sun at Ricketts Park were rewarded with a showdown at the Connie Mack World Series. D-Bat Gallegos, who put 2 runs in the sixth and seventh innings, survived a scare from Danville before escaping with a 7-5 victory. It was a battle all the way through, Danville has a great team" said D-Bat Roberto Gallegos after the win".

For a program from a relative small area, the HOOTS have a long history of producing quality players and quality teams.  Many have responded with their support and best wishes.

  • Chicago Cubs right fielder Nate Schierholtz and former HOOTS player...."Happy Belated birthday.  Also a big congrats on getting to the World Series.  I am pumped for you." 
  • Steven Piscotty, St. Louis Cardinals AAA and former HOOTS player and 2009 Connie Mack World Series team."Congratulations on another trip to Farmington!!! Good Luck." 
  • Coach Johns, "I am jumping in late in the conversation.  Congratulations to the HOOTS. Whether your teams end in Farmington or Fairfield they get the summer with one of the best teachers of the game that I have seen. Go HOOTS."  Greg Moore, Head Coach Cal State Northridge.
  • Don-you are a giant in the game and you have been the guiding force in leading the HOOTS into one of the best organizations in the country....good luck tomorrow".  Reno Knight Head Coach Pete Savage.
  • Former HOOTS pitcher James Carter, 2011 World Series and now at UCSB, "Congrats on getting back to Farmington. Go get it."
  • Coach Jason Hawkins, U. of Utah...."Congrats Don.  Well deserved...really happy for u & your club." 
  • Scout Don Lyle, Cleveland Indians..."hey Donnie Congratulation once again going to CM!"
  • Coach Jordan Twohig, Cal State Northridge..."Congratulations on making the World Series! What a great honor. I know how hard it is to qualify, great job.  So very happy for you and the players and coach's."
  • "Congratulations Don." Coach John Savage UCLA.
  • Coach Tony Schifano, UC Davis..."Congrats Don, really happy for the team and for the guys to have that experience."

Sunday, July 27


The 2014 HOOTS Connie Mack team won the Western Regional Championship in Southern California and will advance to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico which begins on Friday August 1.  The Championship game featured two Northern California teams, NorCal baseball and the HOOTS.  Earlier in the day, Norcal defeated the defending champion Southern California Renegades 2-0.  The HOOTS fell behind early in the championship 3-0, but continued to play outstanding defense and scored 5 runs in the fourth inning to take the lead.  Norcal made it a one run game in the sixth inning, but the Danville team was able to get an insurance run in the bottom half of the inning.  The game ended on a double play by Austin Piscotty with the final score of 6-4.

The HOOTS will play on Saturday at 1:00PM  in the Championship game of the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament in Southern California.  The Northern California champion lost a difficult game on Friday to the Southern California Renegades 4-3.  Leading in the top of the 7th inning 3-1 the Renegades fought thru this elimination game for them to tie the game up 3-3.  The Southern California champion pushed the go ahead run across in the 10th inning for the victory.  Kyle Graham pitched an outstanding game for the HOOTS and was relieved in the 7th inning.  The Renegades and NorCal Baseball play an early game with the winner advancing to the Championship at 1:00PM against the HOOTS. The winner will move on to represent the Western United States at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.

The HOOTS defeated NorCal in the winner bracket game on Day 3 of the Connie Mack West Regional 6-0.  Tim Susnara, St Francis high school,  pitched a complete game for the HOOTS.  Matt Winaker and Chris Williams each had 2 RBI's for the HOOTS.  The HOOTS now remain the only undefeated team in the tournment for the berth to the Connie Mack World Series.  Earlier in the day the SoCal Renegades eliminated Bercovich 24 and  Orange County Giants eliminated the Nevada state champion.  Four teams remain and play on Friday.  The HOOTS meet once again with long time rival and defending champion SoCal Renegades at 4:30PM. The past 4 years either the HOOTS or the Renegades have advanced to the World Series.  The bracket for Day 4 is a blind draw, and teams must play a team that they have not played.   

The HOOTS continued to advance undefeated at the Connie Mack West Regional tournament  in Southern California for the World Series berth when they defeated the Bercovich 24 team 5-1 in Round 2 of the tournament.  Junior pitcher Joey Matulonich pitched a complete game for the HOOTS.  The HOOTS fell behind early in the game, 1-0, but Mutulonich continued to contain the offense of Bercovich 24 until their own offense was able to get on track in the 3rd inning on key RBIs' by Ryan Anderson.  Manager Don Johns, "our defense is solid and we just had an issue in the first inning. I don't really know, maybe to much time at the beach.  Joey settled in after, did a great job,  and we were able to turn key double plays to help him when he needed it.  Very proud of our guys as they battle thru the tournament. We did not take an easy path to get here.   We are focused, and our players know what they need to do to reach their goal."

The HOOTS Connie Mack Team that recently won the California North State Championship opened the West Regional Championship on Tuesday July 22 held in Southern California with a 5-0 shut out over the Utah State Champion.  The HOOTS are seeking for the right to advance for the 3rd time in recent years to the Connie Mack World Series In Farmington, New Mexico.  Junior pitcher Jacob Knight pitched a complete game for the HOOTS.  The offense was sparked by catcher Tim Susnara, who led the team with his offense as well as his outstanding defense and leadership ability.

The surprise upset in the first day was the defeat of the Southern California Renegades in a 2-1 game to the Nevada State Champion. The HOOTS will resume play at 7:30PM on Wednesday July 23.

The HOOTS continue to maintain a high standard of achievement in Connie Mack baseball.  Since leaving American Legion Baseball in 2006, the 2014 title is their 6th North State Championship in Connie Mack Baseball. It included 2 Western Regional Championships and 2 trips to the Connie Mack World Series.

The turn around time from winning the North State Championship Sunday night was limited. The team traveled within 24 hours to get to Southern California to begin play on Tuesday at 1:30PM.  "Thsi is my 3rd year in the HOOTS program and we deal with adversity, and no one is going to do us a favor when a World Series berth is at stake.  Teams know our history, we came here to win" commented HOOTS catcher and team leader Tim Susnara.

Sunday, July 20

The 2014 HOOTS Connie Mack team added their own legacy to the programs history winning the North State Connie Mack Championship, going undefeated, winning two games on the final day to capture the title.   This was Back to Back Championships for the HOOTS and Coach Johns as they completed the tournament undefeated with a record of 5-0.  The HOOTS defeated the Head First Gamers in the earyl game 9-1.  Will Pickett pitched a complete game for the HOOTS to get the win.  Catcher Tim Susnara had a 2 run home run early in the game and the offense was led by Chris Williams, Matt Winnaker and Nick Moroney.  The always tough Sonoma County Rebels defeated EJ Warriors in the early game 6-3 to earn the tournament spot for the Championship.   

The HOOTS took an early 1-0 lead, then fell behind 2-1 thru the 3rd inning.  Three year HOOTS players Tim Susnara, drafted as a catcher for the SF Giants pitched a complete game for the HOOTS. The offense worked thru some difficult innings but gained the lead in the 5th inning on key hits by Brad Pluschell, Steve Nice and Nick Moroney. 

Manager Don Johns, "Sports and a legacy are measured by results. The Connie Mack Premier teams were all in the final 4 so good teams always make it to the end.  I told our HOOTS players this is their time, for them to achieve this for themselves will leave a great memory for them, myself, Coach Dan Ward and Coach Henry Cruz who have worked so hard to get our players to respond and improve how they play.  Very, very proud or our guys.  Tim Susnara has been with me for 3 years. This was his day and he led us as expected as a great leader.  I hope our young players paid attention!!!"

The HOOTS Begin play on Tuesday at the Connie Mack West Regional Championship in Southern California at 1:30PM at Golden West College.  8 Teams represent the Western United States.  The past 4 years the only two teams to advance to the World Series are the HOOTS and the Southern California Renegades.  The battle for the World Series will continue!

The HOOTS Connie Mack team won its 3rd game on Saturday July 19 at the North State Connie Mack Championship at Chabot College.  The HOOTS defeated EJ Sports Warriors 9-1.  The Northern California Championship now has 4 teams remaining to earn their way to the Western Regional in Southern California beginning on July 22. The regional championship will advance to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.

Kyle Graham pitched a complete game for the HOOTS to get the win.  Behind an offensive surge in the 3rd inning, Graham mixed his fast ball and off speed to control the Warriors offense who took an early 1-0 lead in the game in the 1st inning.  Steve Nice, Nick Moroney and Chris Williams led the HOOTS offense. 

Earlier in the tournament the HOOTS defeated Union City Connie Mack and Santa Rosa Connie Mack who remains alive in the tournament with one loss. 

The tournament continues on Sunday July 20.  The first game begins at 11:00AM.  The HOOTS will play at 1:00PM.  The Championship game or final 2 game would be played at 4:00PM.  The HOOTS remain the only undefeated team remaining

Friday, July 18


The HOOTS Connie Mack team defeated EJ Sports Warriors 3-1 Sunday July 13 to go undefeated in the 10th Annual Fly With The Owl tournament held each year in Danville.  The HOOTS finished with a record of 4-0.  The HOOTS were the only undefeated team in the tournament, followed by East Bay Rep with a record of 3-0-1. Three year returning HOOTS player Tim Susnara took the mound in the second inning with the HOOTS trailing 1-0 and was the winning pitcher.  Susnara is a senior catcher, drafted by the San Francisco Giants, and heading to the U. of Oregon as a catcher.  "Tim has been with me for 3 years now and is a great competitor no matter what he does on the field, or at the plate.  Just one of those very good players I have been fortunate to coach.  He sets a great role model for all of our players. We have been knocking on the Championship door all summer so this is great for our players."  Comments from HOOTS Manager Don Johns.

The HOOTS now move on to the Connie Mack State Championships beginning on Thursday July 17 as to defend their 2013 North State Connie Mack Championship.

The high level competition for Connie Mack Premier Teams begins on Thursday July 10.  Game times are 10:00AM, 1:00PM and 4:00PM at San Ramon Valley High School and Dougherty Valley Varsity Field.  The HOOTS will play each day at 4:00PM at SRVHS.  The tournament features some of the very best teams in the west which include the HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team, Playa Vista and the Desert Prospects from Southern California, California Baseball from San Diego, Reno Knights from Nevada, Yakima Beetles from Washington, and includes NorCal Baseball, EJ Sports, Santa Clara Red Sox, Sonoma Connie Mack, and Wellman East Bay Rep from Northern California. 

This is a chance for local young players, parents, college coach's and professional scouts to see some of the very best players in the west compete in a high level tournament.  Players who have been drafted in MLB amateur draft, many college committed players, and the upcoming talent in amateur baseball in the west. 

Saturday July 12 at 3:30PM the tournament has it's very popular TEAM COMPETITION.  Team compete in a home run derby,fast around the bases, outfield relay and infield relay.  Winner are awarded prizes for each event.

The entire schedule for the "Fly With The Owl"  can be found in the HANDOUT SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE.

Monday, July 7

  • The HOOTS Connie Mack team lost to Tournament Champion SoCal Renegades 8-6 in the Final Four at the Gates World Series.  With the game tied in the sixth inning at 6-6, the Renegades hit a 2 run home run in the bottom of the inning to take the lead for the victory.  The HOOTS rallied to become the 3 seed in tournament and advance to the Final Four after winning games against Chaffey Baseball from Seattle and the Utah Bucks.  Two HOOTS players were selected to the Gates Field World Series All Tournament team.  Junior pitcher Jacob Knight and 1B Chris Williams both had an outstanding tournament for the HOOTS. Manager Don Johns and Associate Head Coach Dan Ward commented on the tournament results to the team, "our young guys really rose to the challenge to face this competition and our goal was to improve everyday which we did. Being down early in the game and putting ourselves in a position to win was very positive for the team. Very proud of our guys to battle thru the adversity" 
  • Junior pitcher Jacob Knight pitched a complete game for the HOOTS Connie Mack team and led them to a 2-0 win at the Gates World Series held at the Gates Field in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Solid defense led by shortstop Austin Piscotty and third baseman Brad Plushkell, and the offense of Chris Williams was sufficient for the HOOTS to win a close game by both high level teams.  Coach Johns was very proud of Knight and his team, "that is as good as a performance by a HOOTS pitcher as we have had in recent years. There are no easy games here so to get the first game under our belt is good.  The Utah Marshals are a very good team and we saw very good pitching so I am pleased.  We will see the SoCal Renegades today and just need to keep this level of play and continue to compete."
  • Tough day at the Gates World Series as the HOOTS lose 2-1 against long time rival Southern California Renegades.  One of the bright spots of the day was Monte Vista pitcher John Hooper going 5 strong innings against the top rated Southern California Renegades leaving the game with the HOOTS trailing 2-1.  Chris Williams hit a solo home run in the 1st inning to give the HOOTS and early 1-0 lead.  Execution again plagued the offense as they were unable to advance runners in the late innings that were costly.  Hooper was relieved by Ryan Anderson who kept the Renegades in check.  The game ended with the tying run and winning run on base in the bottom of the 7th inning.  The past four years the West Region Connie Mack World Series representative was either the HOOTS or the Renegades.  Southern California won the 2012 National Championship for Connie Mack baseball and remain the sole threat to return again in 2014.

Sunday, July 6

Chris Williams, from the HOOTS Connie Mack Premier league team was selected to the All Tournament Team at the Josh Anderson Tournament held at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Williams, is a First Team All League EBAL First Baseball from DeLaSalle High School. Chris led the HOOTS to a 4th place finish in the 12 team tournament losing 3-2 to the Reno Knights in the semi final game on a walk off double in the bottom of the seventh inning.   Chris was one of the tournament leaders in doubles, and RBI's and hit over .400 for the tournament.

Sunday, June 23

Three HOOTS players made it to Omaha and the 2013 College World Series. Infielder Chris Keck and Pitcher Ryan Deeter from UCLA and Will LaMarche, Pitcher from LSU/Chabot College.

UCLA will face Mississippt State in the College World Series National Championship starting Monday June 24 in a Best of Three series for the National Title. All three players were former HOOTS Connie Mack players and all 3 were on the first HOOTS and Northern California Connie Mack team to advance to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico in 2009.

Coach Johns...."You have to play for something, and it does not get any better than playing for a National Championship.  Our HOOTS players know the importance of being the best team in the nation, and what it takes to get the opportunity. They have seen the other dugout celebrate when we lost in Farmington, and then been in the dogpile in a big championship to get that far.  Coach Savage at UCLA, his staff, our guys and the rest of that team will not settle for anything less than winning it all."

HOOTS at 2013 CWS

Thursday, August 1

The HOOTS won the Ninth Annual "STRIKE OUT LOU GEHRIG DISEASE" Natural Balance Cup 18U State Championship held at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California.  After losing their first game 2-0, they won 4 games in a row to bring the Championship back to Northern California.  Both final games were won as walk off victories for the Northern Calfornia team.  The HOOTS defeated the Playa Vista Orioles 3-2 in the semi final game with a game winning bottom of the 7th inning single from Marcus Wise to score Blake Hannah with the winning run.  Alex Trautner and Tyler Deason combined on the mound for the HOOTS.

The Championship game between the HOOTS and the SoCal Bombers was won by the HOOTS 3-2 in extra innings.  With the score tied 2-2, and the HOOTS the home team with 2 outs, Wise stole second base and scored the winning run on a single by TJ Friedl. Four HOOTS pitchers combined for the win.  Spencer Johnson threw the final inning to keep the score tied 2-2. 

"Our guys here were outstanding, as a mix of a few of our seniors leading the way and our underclass players taking the future into their hands.  We did something for someone else in terms of raising money to help fight Lou Gehrig Disease for the ALS Foundation. One of our players lost his grandfather to the disease last year so it hits close to home. And, we proved to everyone how good a team we are winning the Connie Mack North State Championship and coming here and winning the Natural Balance Cup and State title. I am very proud of these players, they will be remembered for what they gave and what they accomplished." Manager Don Johns at the closing ceremony.

The HOOTS Connie Mack team qualified for the West Regional Tournament in Seattle, Washington but choose not to attend because of extensive travel cost due to the North State Championship not ending until late Sunday night.  The West Regional began on Wednesday with no time to plan.  The team will head south to Southern California to participate in the "Strike Out Lou Gehrig's Disease" tournament starting on Friday July 25 at Cal Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks.  The tournament features some of elite 18U teams in California and they will be playing for the right to claim the State Championship.  The tournament started in 2005 and this year will be the first year to include 18U elite teams.

 The tournament is hosted by Ventura County baseball organizations, Natural Balance, and the ALS foundation.  "Everyone can help Strike Out Lou Gehrig Disease."  The web site can be found at

Monday, July 22

The HOOTS Connie Mack team won the 2013 Connie Mack North State Championship on Sunday July 21 at Chabot College.  The HOOTS had to defeat the undefeated EJ Warriors twice since they had lost earlier in the tournament to the Solano Falcons.  Jake Dronkers threw in the first game and the HOOTS offense was explosive starting in the first inning scoring 3 runs and continued throughout the game which was ended by the run rule in the fifth inning.  Dylan Isquirdo and Daniel Jackson led the offense with multiple extra base hits.  The defense led by shortstop and Captain Jesse Medrano was solid without errors or mistakes.

The final game for the Championship and the West Regional berth was played following Game 1.  HOOTS junior pitcher Alex Trautner threw a complete game and the HOOTS went on to win the game 3-0.  Trautner earlier this summer faced the SoCal Renegades in a game won by the HOOTS 5-4 and that experience proved helpful with the championship on the line.  Bradley Pluschkell broke the game open with a base clearing double in the fourth inning to give the HOOTS the extra run  lead. Manager Don Johns commented, "Very proud of this team for what they accomplished.  This is never easy, and we lost some guys to injuries but we found our way when it counted.  Our program does not take the easy route, and all the teams in the tournament were very good, and I have great respect for those teams.  We are pleased with the outcome. We had a great HOOTS day!" 

The HOOTS advanced to the Championship round on Sunday after defeating the Sonoma County Rebels 12-1.  After a 7-5 loss on Saturday to the Solano Falcons the HOOTS bounced back behind solid pitching from Spencer Johnson.  The first game on Sunday will begin at 11:00AM.  As of this late update the final remaining teams will not be determined until late Saturday afternoon. "We have not played our best game yet, nor have we played a complete game in all three phases.Hopefully that is ahead of us.  Nothing is easy at this point of our season".  HOOTS Manager Don Johns.

The North State Connie Mack Championship started on Thursday July 18 at Chabot Collge.  Six teams have qualified for the berth to the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament to be held in Seattle.

The HOOTS defeated the Union City Connie Mack team 6-1 on the opening day to advance to the Round 2.  AJ Puckett threw a complete game for the HOOTS.  Outfielder TJ Friedl led the HOOTS offense with a no out triple in the 4th inning to get the HOOTS first score of the game.

The HOOTS play on Friday at 5:00PM. The tournament will conclude on Sunday July 22.

Saturday, August 4

The 2012 HOOTS Connie Mack baseball season ended in the West Regional Championship game held at Concordia University in Southern California in a 3-2 loss to the SoCal Renegades.  The two rivals playing each other for the third time in four years for the berth at the Connie Mack World Series.  This year was a repeat of their West Regional Championship game in 2011 with the HOOTS winning that game by the exact same score, 3-2 to advance to Farmington, New Mexico.  Dominic Mazza started for the HOOTS on 3 day rest and was relieved by James Carter in the fourth inning to keep the Renegades within reach through the entire game.  Early control problems and walks, with key Renegade hits gave them the runs needed for their deep pitching staff to control the HOOTS offense.  The Danville team had 8 hits to the Renegades 2.  Coach Johns spoke to the players of both teams after the game and wished the Renegades the best in their effort to bring home the Connie Mack Championship to California.  "I told my guys to watch the dogpile, I know that feeling good and bad.  I pay attention to it because I want that for ourselves.  We lost to a very good team, and a very good team that we see every year and battle with to get to Farmington.  In the end, this 2012 HOOTS team will be remembered as one of only 3 of our teams since we have been in Connie Mack baseball to get to this game.  It is the hardest game to win, but we had great success this year, won tournaments, improved as players, and did it with a lot of young guys who will be returning next year.  I am proud of these guys.  We will be back"

The HOOTS Connie Mack season ended with an overall record of 34 wins, 7 losses, 1 tie.  They won titles at the Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Invitational at Pepperdine University, HOOTS "Fly With The OWl, the Connie Mack North State Championship, and the Runner Up at the 2012 Connie Mack West Regional Championship.

Monday, July 9

The HOOTS Connie Mack team defeated the Playa Vista Orioles USA team 2-1 to win the Championship of the Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Invitational at Pepperdine University located in Malibu, California on Sunday July 8 and completed the tournament with an overall record of 6-0. 

Earlier in the day in the championship series the HOOTS defeated Club All Star 5-3 to advance to the Championship game.  Both the HOOTS and the Playa Vista USA team entered the game with identical 5-0 tournament records and the HOOTS were awarded the #1 seed based on least runs allowed.  Both teams competed in a very close game that showed the strength of both clubs in all aspects.  The HOOTS received solid pitching performances from Domenic Mazza, Tyler Nevins and David Elzig in the championship game.  Dylan Isquirdo delivered the winning hit for the go ahead run in the bottom of the sixth inning. 

All Tournament HOOTS Players were pitchers Domenic Mazza, Sam Nathan, Catcher DJ Jackson, Infielders Max Dutto,Jesse Medrano, and offensive selection was Tanner Pinkston.  Congratulation to all the HOOTS players for a great performance during the entire Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Invitational.

The HOOTS limited their competition to only 4 runs thru the six games due to effective pitching and excellent team defense.  The team finished second to Playa Vista with Runs Scored.

Tournament games were held at Blair Field-Home to Long Beach State University and Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  The HOOTS family appreciates the relationship with the Playa Vista Baseball Program and Head Coach Tim Oliveraz.

The HOOTS Connie Mack team advanced to the Championship game on Sunday July 8 at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California with the #1 seed and an overall record of 4-0 in the Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Invitational in Southern California.  The HOOTS have been a dominate factor in the tournament giving up only 2 runs in four games with strong pitching performances from Sam Nathan, Domenic Mazza, James Carter and Conor Neuman.  The HOOTS offense has been led by Max Dutto, Daniel Jackson and Tanner Pinkston.  The defense has been outstanding throughout the tournament and the pitching solid for combined good team results. The HOOTS won the tournament in 2011.

You can view game results and statistics at

Monday, July 16

The Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team scored the winning run in the bottom of the eighth inning to defeat EJ Sports 1-0 in the Championship game of the Eighth Annual "Fly With The Owl Tournament" held at San Ramon Valley High School.  AJ Puckett of the HOOTS pitched an outstanding 7 strong innings leaving the game with the score tied 0-0 and runners at 1st and 2nd base.  Sam Nathan relieved Puckett and was able to retire the Warriors to keep the game in a scoreless tie.  Jesse Medrano led off the bottom of the eight inning for the HOOTS with a base hit single, advanced to second, and right fielder Andre Davis had a walk off single to score Medrano for the winning run.  "If you missed that game, you missed one of the best amateur games played by two very good teams, with players who know each other, play together in high school, and compete against each other in Connie Mack baseball.  This was a great game for the community of Danville to see these two clubs battle it out.  Outstanding pitching performance, no errors by either team, no mistakes, just missed opportunities and one team that had a clutch hit to win the game" commented HOOTS Manager Don Johns.  Attending the game also was St. Marys Head Baseball Coach Jedd Soto who send an email to summarize the tournament and commented "What a great Championship game."

The HOOTS Connie Mack Team advanced to the Championship game on Sunday July 15 to be played at 4:00PM at San Ramon Valley High School. The HOOTS are the only undefeated team in the tournament with an overall record of 3-0.  The Reno Knights took a 1-0 lead against the HOOTS in the Saturday night game, but the HOOTS offense exploded for 7 runs in the bottom of the first inning to take a commanding lead. 

HOOTS pitchers Sam Nathan, Domenic Mazza and James Carter have given up a total of 3 runs in the entire tournament.  Nathan threw a first game shut out, Mazza pitched against the very talented Desert Prospects team coached by former SRV player and HOOTS coach Pat Evans which the HOOTS won 3-1. That game started with a Max Dutto lead off home run in the first inning, and James Carter threw the game against the Reno Knights only giving up 2 runs.

The competition through out the tournament has been outstanding and has been well attended by many Division 1 coach's from the entire western states. The 2012 field of teams have very talented rosters of committed and non committed college bound players.  The bracket for the final games today, Sunday are below.

10:00AM @ SRVHS Desert Prospects vs ZOOTS-HOOTS

10:00AM @ Monte Vista Sonoma Rebels vs Colorado Batters Box

1:00PM @ SRVHS Reno Knights vs Santa Clara Red Sox

4:00PM Championship HOOTS Connie Mack vs EJ Sports

The HOOTS Connie Mack Baseball Team will host the Eighth Annual "Fly With The Owl" Tournament July 12 thru July 15 at San Ramon Valley High Schol and Monte Vista High School in Danville, California.  The tournament features eight of the top amateur baseball teams in the west.  The field of teams this year include the Reno Knights from Nevada, Desert Prospects from Palm Desert, Batters Box from Colorado.  The teams from Northern California include Santa Clara Red Sox, Sonoma Rebels, Zoots-HOOTS, EJ Sports and the Danville HOOTS Connie Mack Team.

Each of these teams has an outstanding history and accomplishments in national competition.  The rosters include many MLB drafted players as well as many of the top recruited players in California and the west.

Each day the first game will be played at both SRVHS and Monte Vista at 10:00AM. All games following will be played at SRVHS starting at 1:00PM and the final game at 4:00PM. 

Saturday, July 14 at 4:00PM the popular Team Competition and Home Run Derby is held awarding prizes to the winning teams and players.  Immediately following the final game on Saturday will begin at 5:30PM and will feature two long time coaching friends, Pete Savage leading the defending Champion, Reno Knights and the Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team led by Don Johns and his coaching staff of Johnny Rodrigues, Bryce Mendonca, Grant Johnson and pitching coach Dan Ward.

The HOOTS Connie Mack team will be playing in the final game each day.  The full schedule is available from the Handout section of this website.

Sunday, July 22

The HOOTS Connie Mack team head to the West Regional Championship in Southern California with a 6-1 win vs the EDH Vipers at the North State Championship.  Both teams secured a berth in the West Regionals which will feature the 10 best Connie Mack teams in the Western United States.  The HOOTS won the regional tournament last year to advance to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico for the second time in 3 years.  The pitching staff of Conor Neuman, Sam Nathan, Eric Crispell and Tyler Nevins only permitted one run by the Vipers.  The HOOTS offense took an early 2-0 lead on key hits by Tanner Pinkston, Shawn Vincent and Daniel Jackson while the young HOOTS defense played errorless baseball. "I am really proud of this group of players.  We are young but everyone on this team can play. I have been very fortunate to have good teams and great players come thru the HOOTS program.  Our future is bright, but this team is, has and will make its own footprints in our history." Coach Johns.

The HOOTS Connie Mack team defeated Bercovich 12-1 in the Connie Mack North State Championship to advance to the Championship game on Sunday at 12:00 at Chabot College. The victory also secured a berth for the HOOTS at West Regionals next week in Southern California.  AJ Puckett took the mound for the HOOTS and was strong thru five innings against a good Bercovich offense, but it was the HOOTS offense led by Tanner Pinkston, Dylan Isquirdo and David Elzig that gave them a commanding lead early in the game with positive at bats and execution.  The offense had seven doubles and a solo home run by Elzig to put the game out of reach for Bercovich.

With the win, the HOOTS will advance as do the EDH Vipers to represent Northern California in the West Regional Tournament for the opportunity to go to the Connie Mack World Series in Farminton, New Mexico. The West Regional tournament will feature the top 10 Connie Mack teams from the west region.  The HOOTS won the Regional Tournament and a trip to the World Series in 2009 and again in 2011 to become the first team from Northern California in over 20 years to claim that achievement. This will be the seventh straight appearance by the HOOTS at the Connie Mack West Regional dating back to 2007.

Four teams remain in the Connie Mack North State Tournament with 2 teams facing elimination after the game results on Friday.  The HOOTS lost a difficult game to the EDH Vipers from Sacramento 3-2 with both teams sending to the mound their top pitchers.  James Carter from the HOOTS threw a 3 hitter in the loss as the HOOTS could not execute twice during the game with runners in scoring position, and in the sixth inning could not score with bases loaded and no outs.  EJ Sports will play in an elimination game against EDH at 11:00AM and the HOOTS will face off against Bercovich at 2:00PM.  All games are held at Chabot College and will conclude on Sunday July 22 with the winner advancing to the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament in Southern California.

The HOOTS Connie Mack team advanced to the 3rd round at the Connie Mack North State Championship with a 3-2 walk off win in the bottom of the eighth inning against NorCal at Chabot College.  Catcher Dylan Isquirdo hit a run scoring game winning single with runners on second and third with the HOOTS trailing NorCal 2-1 entering the bottom frame of the extra inning game.  Pitcher Domenic Mazza pitched 7 strong innings and was relieved by James Carter in the top half of eight inning with runners in scoring position for NorCal and the game tied 1-1, which later scored the go ahead run on a sacrifice fly.  The HOOTS rallied in the bottom frame of the eight inning and was able to secure a win with Isquirdo's 2 run RBI single.

The HOOTS play on Friday July 20 at 5:00PM against the undefeated EDH Vipers from Sacramento.

Sunday, July 31

Day 3 at Connie Mack West Regional:


Back to the Connie Mack World Series in Farminton, New Mexico with a 2-0 win over the Orange County Renegades in the Championship game at the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament at Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona.  The HOOTS finish the West Regional Tournament undefeated with a record of 5-0.

The 2009 HOOTS became the first team in 20 years from Northern California to reach the Connie Mack World Series. 

Robert Martinez, Dublin, took the mound for the HOOTS vs the Renegades who have taken two games from the HOOTS earlier this season.  Martinez was very effective and efficient as he kept the offensive Renegades team off balance. David Elzig had a RBI single to score the first run, and later a Ryan Lacy bunt single for the second run to put the HOOTS ahead 2-0.  Martinez was relieved in the seventh inning by Nick Piscotty with the tying run at first base.  Piscotty recorded a strike out and fly ball for the HOOTS to secure the trip to the World Series and a dog pound on the field by the entire HOOTS team as they celebrate a return trip to the Connie Mack World Series.

Manager Don Johns received the ceremonial water bath after the game by the HOOTS players as they celebrated an amazing run through the North State Connie Mack Tournament and the Western Regional.  "We have great players, that have refused to let anything take away from our team goal to return to the Connie Mack World Series. One day they will look back and realize what they have achieved is amazing, and it will be a memory that will stay with them forever. My coaching staff of Johnny Rodrigues and Grant Johnson deserve a lot of credit for taking our offense to a higher level. When you go to a World Series, you wonder if you will ever go back.  THE HOOTS ARE BACK!  I look forward to seeing some of the people we met during our first trip there in 2009.  The Connie Mack World Series in Farmington may be one of the great experiences a player or coach ever has in amateur baseball."

The double header day started with the HOOTS as the only undefeated team in the West Regional Tournament with a 3-0 record. The Colton Nighthawks from Southern California took an early lead 1-0, and later led 6-3 in the middle of the game.  The HOOTS answered back to score 4 runs to take the lead in the fifth inning behind a solid pitching performance by Jack Veronin.  The HOOTS offense continued to add runs, as starting pitcher was relieved by Kyle Slinger and Domenic Mazza.  The Nighthawks had the tying run at third base and the winning run at second but an outstanding defensive play by Chris Keck at 3rd base for the third out secured the victory.

Day 2 at Connie Mack West Regional: 

The HOOTS Connie Mack team went into the double header on Friday at the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament with one win.  They left Tempe Diablo Stadium late on Friday night as the only undefeated team in the tournament with a record of 3-0.  

Earlier in the day they defeated the Arizona Diamond Backs team 11-1 on a outstanding complete game pitching performance of Duke bound Nick Piscotty.  Scoring early, pitching to contact and playing great team defense kept the Arizona team off balance the entire game.  

The winner bracket final was played at 7:30PM under the lights at Tempe Diablo Stadium.  The game started with the Arizona Athletics scoring early to take a 1-0 lead.  The HOOTS pitcher, James Carter, San Ramon Valley, kept the game close as they trailed until the fifth inning 1-0.  Carter was dominate against a very strong offensive line up for the Arizona champion.  Junior David Elzig, Alameda and Ryan Lacy, Monte Vista HS got the HOOTS on the scoreboard with back to back singles in the fifth inning for the HOOTS to take the lead 4-1. The Athletics challenged in the seventh inning and Carter was able to get the final three outs on outstanding defensive plays by Chris Keck and David Elzig.

Only four teams remain in the Connie Mack West Regional and games resume on Saturday at 5:00PM.  The HOOTS will face the Colton Nighthawks who are 2-1.  The double elimination tournament puts the HOOTS in a situation where they cannot play a team that they have already played according to AABC rules. After the first game on Saturday, only 3 teams will still be in the tournament and 2 games from advancing to the Connie Mack World Series. 

Coach Johns, "the struggle has only begun, this last day is the day you have to rise up and overcome all the obstacles to get to Farmington and the World Series. Nothing is easy, and no one is going to give this away without a battle. Our guys fought back all night against a very good team and found a way to win the game.  I am very proud of these guys and they are truly the type of players that make up the HOOTS teams."

You can now follow the HOOTS live on

Day 1 at Connie Mack West Regional: 

The HOOTS defeated the Hitman from Los Angeles 3-2 in the opening round of the Connie Mack Western Regional tournament at Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona.

Junior left hand pitcher Domenic Mazza, Clayton Valley, threw five strong innings and was relieved by Jack Veronin for the final six outs.  After giving up one run in the first inning, Mazza was very effective allowing only three hits through five innings in the 105 degree weather.  Leaving the game with runners in scoring position, Manager Don Johns went to his bull pen and replaced Mazza with reliever Jack Veronin who was able to retire the side without giving up a run. 

The HOOTS had runners in scoring position early in the game and was unable to add to their lead and take the pressure off their pitching staff, which has been outstanding throughout their run through the Connie Mack State tournament. The HOOTS offense scored their runs on a Chris Keck double to tie the game in the 3rd inning.  Ryan Howell scored on Scott Mitchell and Tyler Davis back to back singles for the go ahead run.   

Coach Johns commented after the game, "We play a very difficult schedule, and we were here in June at the Connie Mack World Series Qualifier, so we know what this level of competition is about.  Some of our guys had to travel today, and it is hot so we started a little flat.  I told our guys in the third inning that we have worked hard to get where we are in terms of the Connie Mack season, and the opportunity to go to the World Series that everyone who plays wants to achieve.  We needed to find the energy to fight through this. They found a way to get the win."

The HOOTS play Friday at 5:00PM and at 7:30PM.  The eight team tournament continues today and four teams will remain after the Friday games. The winner of the Connie Mack West Regional will advance to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico on August 4.  The HOOTS made their first visit to the Connie Mack World Series in 2009 to be the only Northern California team to achieve that in over 20 years.

Wednesday, August 10

Final Days 4 & 5:

The HOOTS 2011 Connie Mack season ended with a loss at the World Series to Puerto Rico 7-5.  Leading at one point in the game 5-0 behind the pitching of James Carter, the HOOTS bull pen could not record the final 3 outs holding a 5-2 lead and stop the scoring of the Lobos Arecibo team who used a different pitcher in each inning.  The strategy kept the HOOTS offense from scoring after the early inning lead and limited the West Region Champion to three hits. 

In the media interview after the game Coach Johns made the following observations.

"You cannot defend walks, our bull pen had to pitch to contact and let our defense, the best part of our team play the game in the final two innings.  You do not want that to happen at this point of your season, and it was out of character of our pitching staff except early on this summer.  But there are a lot factors that the bench jockeys sitting at home have no knowledge as they are not here in Ricketts Park, and the pressure these players have on them.  It is the biggest game of their lives, in the biggest venue they have ever had to play in, and in front of the largest crowd.  They are amateurs, and they fail.  But so do the professional players, it just happens and it is part of the game of baseball"

"I know that getting to Farmington and the Connie Mack World Series may be the greatest thing some of these players may achieve in their baseball lives.  I set my personal goals high, to win a National Championship.  If I accept anything less then my goals were not set high enough.  So I am disappointed, but fully recognize we won a State Championship, a very tough West Regional Championship going 5-0 in Arizona, and we got to the Connie Mack World Series which only our 2009 achieved in over 20 years from Northern California and as an organization we are one of the top 10 teams in the nation both in 2009 and in 2011.  That says a lot coming from a small recruiting area that we select our players.  We will rebuild our roster and evaluate our entire organization structure, and we will find a way to get back here and win"

The 2011 HOOTS season ended with an overall record of 33 wins and 13 losses, and Championships at the Wally Kincaid Wood Bat Championship at Blair Field in Southern California, California North State Connie Mack Championship, and the Western Regional Connie Mack Championship.

To players interested in the HOOTS program for this Fall and 2012 summer season, Ben Hogan said "Every day you don't practice, you're one day further from being good."

"Champions are made when no one is watching."

Day 2:

"Game three of the Connie Mack World Series was a shoving match between the defending back-to-back champions Midland Redskins, and the Danville HOOTS, a team in their second appearance in Farmington"

The Midland team won 4-3 behind the solid pitching performance of lefty Dillon Peters, a 20th round draft pick of the Cleveland Indians and a signee of University of Texas.  Nick Piscotty started for the HOOTS and kept the Midland team scorless through the first two innings.  The HOOTS took a 2-0 lead in the top of the third inning, but was unable to keep the lead as Midland scored twice in the bottom of the inning to tie the game 2-2.  The HOOTS took the lead once again on a Ryan Howell double to lead 3-2.  Piscotty was relieved by Domenic Mazza in the fifth inning and was able to get a double play with the bases loaded to end the threat by Midland.  The HOOTS were unable to handle two infield plays in the fifth inning, and a pass ball followed by a Midland single for them to take the lead over the Danville team 4-3.  With a runner at 3rd base and the infield playing in and one out, Mazza was relieved by lefty Spenser Linney who retired the next two Midland hitters with strikeouts.

The HOOTS challenged in the top of the seventh, Howard reached second base on an infield hit and error, as the home plate umpire called it a fair ball and the 1st base umpire called a foul ball.  After arguments the play was called foul.  Howard reached first base on a walk but the HOOTS could not advance him to tie the game which ended with Midland 4 and HOOTS 3.

Coach Johns commented to the local news media "...Never happy unless we win.  We had our chances.  Should have played better defense in one inning.  We had the lead a couple of times and a great opportunity to win the game," Johns said.  "We come out of the West Region and we play a tough schedule.  We do not expect being to be in the losers bracket to be a problem...our pitching is fine."

Sunday the traditional home run derby will take place, followed by a 5:00PM game between the HOOTS and Puerto Rico. 


Day 1:

A long trip and arriving at 4:00AM did not take away from the first day at the Connie Mack World Series for the HOOTS.  The team met with their host families, caught a few hours of sleep, and was on their float made by BP America for the traditional Connie Mack parade through the streets of Farmington, New Mexico.  With the streets lined with thousands of people to see the teams who will compete for the 2011 National Championship, this city in the badlands of New Mexico for the past 47 years have made the World Series here a special place for the all the players who have earned their way to Farmington.  This will be an event they will remember forever.

The HOOTS received their clearance and orientation through AABC, visit at the stadium and picture, and later in the day had the opportunity to get some practice time, taking batting practice, short bull pens and a chance to get on a field.  The opening ceremony took place at 7:30PM with the stadium packed to see the teams and traditional opening day remarks by the American Amateur Baseball Congress. 

The players here are the celebrity, the event is the moment, but the HOOTS take the field on Saturday against the returning two time National Champion Midland Redskins to play baseball. 

Day 2:

The HOOTS Connie Mack team will leave from San Francisco on Thursday, August 4 and head to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  Due to airline restrictions the team does not arrive into Farmington until 3:00AM. The traditional Parade of Champions through Farmington will take place on Friday at 11:30AM.  The Connie Mack World Series web site is linked below. 

Support is being received to the web site from friends and are noted below.

John Hughes, Northern California Scouts Association.  Florida Marlins.

  • "On behalf of the Northern California Baesball Scouts Association I want to congratulate you and the Danville HOOTS players on your Western Region Championship and your return to the Connie Mack World Series for the 2nd time in 3 years.  You continue to produce a top notch program year after year and make all of us from Northern California proud.  Best of luck to you in Farmington, New Mexico."

Don Lyle.  Cleveland Indians.

  • "Congratulations and Great job this season Don. Beating them with fundamentals."

Steve Friend. Chabot College.

  • "Easy come-easy go-what else is new. Its what you guys do, WIN!!! Congrats."

Nate Schierholtz, San Francisco Giants.

  • "Great job Donny and the HOOTS going back to the Connie Mack World Series."

James Keller, Baltimore Orioles.

"Great job Don and good luck.  Give 'em hell down on the Bad Lands of NM.

Rich Bordi, Reds.

"Congratulations on getting to the World Series.  Best of luck and givem hell."

David Camarena, HOOTS Connie Mack Player.

"Hey coach don, this is david camarena.  Congratulations on making it back to the connie mack world series! I'm so proud of you, the coaches, and the guys! I miss you all so much and wish you the best of luck."

Tuesday, July 26

Eight of the best teams were competiting to win a Connie Mack North State Championship, the HOOTS Baseball Club won their Fourth Northern California State Championship with a 7-4 victory over EJ Sports on the final day of the tournament.

Never easy, difficult field of teams, great competition were the key phrases that surround the Connie Mack North State Championship Tournament.  One team stands at the end to advance to represent Northern California at the Connie Mack West Regionals.  The HOOTS became that team behind a solid pitching performance by Duke bound Nick Piscotty and Kyle Slinger, committed to Tufts University.  The defense once again was flawless while the offense was led by Chris Keck, Tyler Davis and Brandon Woo.  The HOOTS will be one of the 8 remaining Connie Mack teams in the west while the winner advances to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  The 2009 HOOTS became one of the first teams in 20 years from Northern California to reach the World Series.  That team was led by Stanford University junior Stephen Piscotty, First Team All Pac 10 and  who is currently playing in the Cape Cod Collegiate League and was an All Star Selection this summer.

The HOOTS will open Regional Play on Thursday at Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona.  You can view results of the West Regional at: 

Coach Johns commented on the game with the words of Chris Keck.  "We always try to outwork everyone, Champions are made when no one is watching."

Both teams faced with elimination in the Connie Mack North State Tournament the HOOTS defeated the West Lane Mets from Stockton 5-3 in a well played game by both teams to send them to the Championship game on Monday to determine the berth in the West Regional Connie Mack Tournament.  West Lane took an early lead 1-0 but the HOOTS answered back quickly to tie the game.  The battle between the two teams, who met each other in the North State Championship in 2010, saw the game tied 3 times before the HOOTS scored the 2 extra runs on key hits by Chris Keck and Brandon Woo. Junior San Ramon Valley pitcher James Carter threw 5 very strong innings for the HOOTS and Jack Veronin relieved in the top of the sixth to pitch to the minimum in the final two innings and secure the save for the HOOTS.

The Championship Game will be played at 2:00PM at Chabot College.  The HOOTS and a team to be decided will meet for the berth in the West Regional Connie Mack Tournament which begins on Thursday July 28 at Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona.  Three teams remain in the tournament which will conclude on Monday July 25.

The HOOTS lost in extra innings on Saturday 2-1 to NorCal-Cencal Valley in the Connie Mack North State Championship at Chabot College.  Spenser Linney pitched 7 strong innings for the HOOTS and was relieved in the top of the extra inning game.  Both teams played outstanding defense and the offense of both clubs was stalled behind solid pitching.  NorCal-CenCal Valley scored the winning run after the HOOTS intentionally loaded the bases with runner on second and third with one out.  The HOOTS bull pen failed after hitting the batter to force the winning run home.

The HOOTS will play in an elimination game today at 2:00PM at Chabot College.  Four teams remain and after today the tournament will be reduced to two teams to determine who would advance to the Connie Mack West Regionals in Arizona.

The HOOTS Connie Mack advanced to the winner bracket final with a 6-1 win over EJ Sports in the second day of the North State Championship at Chabot College.  Domenic Mazza threw five strong innings for the HOOTS and was relieved by Jack Veronin for the final two innings as both pitchers combined to only give up a solo home run in the first inning. The HOOTS offense got on track early in the game with key hits by Chris Keck, Tanner Pinkston and Tyler Davis.  The HOOTS played solid error free defense in their first two games of the tournament.  The winner bracket final will be at Chabot College at 5:00PM with the HOOTS and the winner of the West Lane and Cencal game held in Stockton late on Friday. 

Saturday July 23 Pairings:

11:00AM         EJ Sports vs Bercovich(elimination game)

2:00PM           EDH vs West Lane(elimination game)

5:00PM           HOOTS vs Cencal/Norcal Valley(winner bracket game)

The HOOTS defeated RBI Baseball 7-3 in extra innings in the first round of the Connie Mack North State Championship and will play in a winner bracket game on Friday at 5:00PM at Chabot College.  Duke bound right hand pitcher Nick Piscotty started for the HOOTS and threw 5 strong innings.  With the game tied 3-3, SRV pitcher James Carter threw 4 shoutout innings.  The HOOTS finally pushed a go ahead run in the ninth inning on a Scotty Mitchell lead off double, and later scored on a Brandon Woo single for the go ahead run.  The HOOTS managed to get a couple cushion runs also later in the inning while RBI made a threat in the bottom of the ninth but Carter was able to get the save.  The HOOTS have won this tournament four years in a row to advance to the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament.  This year could be one of the best fields in recent years with outstanding teams and excellent pitching.  

The HOOTS Connie Mack Baseball team advanced to the North State Championship as the Number 1 seed in their division and the overall #2 seed in Northern California Connie Mack Baseball. 

The tournament is being held at Chabot College starting on Thursday July 21.  The HOOTS will play at 5:00PM versus RBI Baseball the Number 2 seed from the Connie Mack Valley League.

The North State Championship games held at Chabot College are scheduled at 11:00AM, 2:00PM and 5:00PM.  The tournament will continue throught the weekend and will conclude with the Championship on Monday July 25.  The winner will advance to the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament held at Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona.

The HOOTS have represented Northern California Connie Mack as the North State Champion for the past four years in a row, a feat seldom achieved in Connie Mack Baseball.  The 2011 field of teams is guranteed to be challenge for all teams and will feature some of the best players in the western United States.

Saturday, January 2

The Danville HOOTS and Manager Don Johns were recognized by the Northern California Professional Baseball Scouts Association as the 2009 Summer Baseball Program of the Year.  The award was presented to Coach Johns at the annual scouts golf tournament and award ceremony on December 14 in Stockton by John Hughes from the Florida Marlins organization.  Coach Johns commented that "It always is an honor when you are recognized in baseball by baseball people for what you do, your organization, and what your players have accomplished. We had a special year and our players and coaching staff deserve this recognition for their acheivement. It didn't come without hard work."

Also receiving recognition that evening for his dedication to baseball and scouting was former Chabot College Coach and Houston Astros Scout Gene Wellman who was presented by major league coach Tim Ireland.  Recognized as the High School Coach of the Year was Pete Jensen(now retired) for his 2009 Championship season at Serra High School.  Coach Johns was joined by former SRVHS coach Rick Steen, Chabot College Coach Mike Reardon and retired Serra High School coach Pete Jensen who all have been friends throughout their coaching careers. 

Saturday, November 28

The American Amateur Baseball Congress has awarded the 2009 WEST REGION COACH OF THE YEAR to Danville HOOTS Manager Don Johns.  The HOOTS won both State and West Regional Championships and became only the second team since 1959 from Northern California to acheive a West Region Championship in Connie Mack baseball and advance to the World Series in Farmington, New Mexico. This was the third year in a row for the HOOTS to win the North State Championship for Connie Mack Baseball and advance to the West Region tournament. The HOOTS finished their season with an overall record of 42-9-1.

In a recent interview Coach Johns acknowledged his coaching staff throughout the program for their success.  "I am not big on personal awards, so to me this award is recognition for our players who make the committment to be a HOOTS player and for our entire coaching staff who put so many hours into helping our players improve. I am proud of what we do and who we are and pleased that the AABC have recognized us for that."

"It is obvious I am very proud of this recognition when you consider the number of teams and outstanding coaching staffs that exist in the Western Region.  This is an organization award for the HOOTS program, and not a personal one."

After many of its years in American Legion Baseball the HOOTS joined AABC and the Connie Mack program four years ago to provide their players with a higher level of competition and exposure for the opportunty to play in a college program. 

Hoots Connie Mack World Series
Thursday, September 10

The HOOTS were honored this past week by the American Amateur Baseball Congress with the selection of the C.O. Brown Sportsmanship Award from the 2009 Connie Mack World Series. 

Coach Don Johns received the letter from Carol May, World Series Administrator with the following award and announcement.  "Congratulations on your team's selection as the winner of the C.O. Brown Sportmanship Award in the 2009 Connie Mack World Series.  I hope you found your experience in Farmington to be worthwhile."

"Enclosed you will find a trophy commemorating your acheivement.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you and your team will be successful next year and will be making a return trip to Farmington."


Friday, August 14

The Danville HOOTS arrived in Farmington, New Mexico for the Connie Mack World Series. Highlights are posted each day.

Thursday August 6:  A 6:00AM flight from Oakland and a 3 hour bus ride from Albuquerque to Farmington, New Mexico we finally arrived.  The bus was met a few miles outside of the city and provided a police escort into Farmington.  The players had the opportunity first to see Ricketts Stadium the site of all games.  A Beautiful field that seats 6,000 and every game is sold out through the tournament.

Players and coach's attended orientation, treated to a dance routine, lots of pictures from locals, and were provided a hamburger fry dinner.  The players met their host families who they will be staying with for the entire tournament.  The coaching staff was provided a Silverado for their use during the tournament. 

The HOOTS name continues to intrigue everyone here and received the honor of being recognized as the best amateur baseball name by the tournament directors.  Coach Johns has thanked everyone here during orientation as having the experience from other national tournaments for their organization and hospitality.

Friday August 7:

Farmington 'throws out the red carpet' was the quote of the day as the streets were lined deep with thousands of people for the annual parade to honor the 10 Connie Mack teams that are in the World Series.  Each team had a float provided for them and Western Refinery from Bloomfield was the host for the HOOTS.  Greatly decorated in the club colors of black, silver and white with the club slogan, "Champions Are Made When No One is Watching".  Large banners on the side with California HOOTS was a croud favorite.  The HOOTS had the honor to have the cheerleading squad from the local high school cheer for them on the float as they went down the long main street in Farmington.

The team finally found time for a short batting session and some field work prior to the official first games.  All 10 teams were on the field for the Opening Ceremony and were introduced to the capacity crowd.  Another well done event for everyone with honor guards.  Again, the announcers claimed "Now, I love this team and they have best name in baseball, the Danville HOOTS."  You remember these moments of this experience and every coach and player knows the honor of being here.

Saturday, August 8:

The HOOTS lost to the Midland Redskins 3-1 in their opening game at the Connie Mack World Series to a capacity crowd at Reckitt Stadium. The HOOTS loaded the bases in the first inning to score the only run of the game, and an outstanding catch off the wall in right field by Midland to end the inning, and a key single in the bottom of the sixth inning by Midland were the difference of winning and losing.  Left hand pitcher Michael Theofanopoulous of Danville pitched an outstanding game.  The HOOTS led early 1-0 and Midland tied the game up in the 3rd.  The game remained tied until the bottom of the sixth inning with two outs when Midland broke the tie with a key single to score the go ahead run.

Sunday August 9:

The HOOTS battled to the end in a 7-6 loss to the Dallas D Bat Mustangs in an elimination game at the Connie Mack World Series.  The HOOTS took an early 1-0 lead from a Chris Keck home run in the second inning.  The DBat's went ahead on a 3 run home run off starter Mark Appel in the fourth inning after a 3rd out strike out pass ball was not blocked and followed with another home run in the same inning.  The HOOTS came back to take a 6-4 lead in the fifth inning spurred by a squeez bunt play.  Dallas came back in the bottom of the sixth to take a lead 7-6.

The 2009 HOOTS season ended with a 42-9-1 record, a Connie Mack North Championship, and a Connie Mack West Region Championship and the honor to represent the West Region at the Connie Mack World Series that marks them as only the second team since 1959 to achieve that goal. 

In an interview with Coach Johns on local media stations his comments were "we will find a way to build our team with players to help us to get back to the Connie Mack World Series and Farmington." 

Richard Neely, President of AABC came to the field to compliment Coach Johns on the quality of the team, their play, and the way they represented the West Region during the World Series.  

The team will return to California on Monday with a summer of great memories. 

Earlier in the day the HOOTS host Janet Mackey from Western Refinery held a lunch for all the players and parents and foster parents to start the day.  In the afternoon the HOOTS and all teams attended the Connie Mack Home Run Derby.  Stephen Piscotty represented the HOOTS.

The game as expected was an exciting game between two very good nationally recognized programs both having a long history but faced each other for the first time.

Support is coming from many people and we thought we would share some of these with you.

From Nate Schierholtz, San Francisco Giants MLB:

"Donny-Congratulations on going to the Connie Mack World Series.  Thinking about you and the team.  The last trip to the American Legion World Series in 2001 was a lot of fun for me and the rest of the team.  Enjoy the ride and Good Luck."

From Dean Manderson,San Diego Gamers Baseball Club:

Congratulations on winning the Connie Mack Western Regional and advancing to the World Series. You guys are a class organization and we wish you the best in Farmington.  Good Luck!"

From Steve Trombly, Trombly Baseball SoCal:

"Congratulations on earning your way to the Connie Mack World Series.  The HOOTS are a great organization and whenever you aren't playing us I'm always rooting for you guys and wish you success.  Your team will be a great representative for the Western Region and I wish you luck.  Our team has been to Farmington twice and the experience is second to none.  Your players, coach's and parents will have memories from that week to last a life time.  Good luck Don and go get 'em."

From Mario Iglesias, Head First Gamers:

"Headfirst Bercovich hope the HOOTS continue a magical run in Farmington. I played there in 1991 for Bercovich and it is an experience I will never forget.This is great for Northern California Connie Mack and shows that in addition to the HOOTS being there all of us who are aspiring to make it there get to know what it takes to get there.  Best of luck."

From John Hughes, Northern California Professional Scouts Association:

"Don--on behalf of the NorCal Scouts Association I want to send out a big congrats and good luck to you and the rest of the HOOTS.  Thanks for making Northern California Baseball Proud. Nice going"

From Head Coach Dave Esquer, University of California Berkeley:

 "Congratulations, great job in getting your team to Farmington and the Connie Mack World Series.  That is awesome and a really great accomplishment, a big deal and good job and wanted you to know.

From Si Petro, Orange County Renegades:

"Congratulations to your club on a huge accomplishment.  It is really a great experience for your team and they are well deserving of this opportunity.  Best of luck and enjoy the experience of the Connie Mack World Series."

From Dave Manning, Delta Indians:

"Congratulations to you and your group.  You have a very special group and it was really exciting to watch you play and play against you.  It will really be a neat experience for you and your boys.  I wish you well and hope you can come back with a national championship ring." 

From Tony Crivello, NorCal Baseball:

"Congrats on winning the CM West.  Best of luck to you guys down in New Mexico.  We will be rooting for you."

From Dan Sozzi, EDH Vipers:

"Good luck in Farmington, I hope you guys win it all. That would be a great accomplishment with your American Legion Championship that you won.  Keep everyone posted and let your guys know the Vipers are rooting for you to win it all."

From Al Carrasco, Oakland Baseball Club:

"The Oakland Baseball Club is proud of the HOOTS for getting it done the right way. Congratulations to your players and coach's on your West Region Championship.  We wish you the best at the World Series and believe that you have what it takes to bring home the crown.  Go take it."

From your friends, Coach Joel and California Smoke:

"Congratulations to your team and coach's on your west regional championship.  Good luck at the World Series.

From Don Miller, Lafayette Generals:

"Don, congratulations! You have really put together a great program.  Good luck in Farmington...and enjoy the great facility and atmosphere!!

Monday, August 3

Trying to be the first Northern California Connie Mack team since 1959 to advance to the Connie Mack World Series fell on the shoulders of incoming senior left hand pitcher Michael Theofanopoulous as he pitched a complete game to defeat the California Rockies from Los Angeles in the Championship game of the Connie Mack Western Regional Tournament 3-1.  The victory sends the HOOTS to the World Series representing the West Region.  This is the HOOTS first trip to a Connie Mack World Series after being an American Legion program and winning the National Championship in 2000. 

With the game tied 1-1, the HOOTS failed to score in the bottom of the fourth with the bases loaded and no outs.  As this team has done all year they did not let that disappointment distract them and they moved on.  In the bottom of the fifth, Stephen Piscotty with two outs had a base hit, followed by a monster drive from incoming junior Chris Keck to right center for a triple to score Piscotty.  Keck was thrown out at home after a wild throw to third base.  Leading 2-1 in the bottom of the sixth Joey Epperson led off the inning with a home run over left field to put the HOOTS up 3-1.  In the top of the seventh, Theo got a quick fly ball for the first out, a strike out and a game ending fly ball to win the game.

Both teams played a great Championship game with a lot of class to complete a very well run Regional Championship.

The HOOTS will depart for the Connie Mack World Series on Thursday, August 6 and after opening ceremonies on Friday will begin play on Saturday at 7:30PM.

The HOOTS defeated the Orange County Renegades in the Semi Finals on Saturday 8-2 to advance to the Championship Game on Sunday at 3:00PM.  Andrew Kjar pitched 5 strong innings for the HOOTS and was relieved by Andy Eslick to finish the game against one of the top teams from Southern California and the west region. The offense scored 7 runs in the first and second innings to give the HOOTS some breathing room early in the game.  The Renegades came back strong in the fifth inning but with one out a fly ball out to Carter Loud and a great throw on a runner trying to score from 3rd ended the inning.

The HOOTS will face the winner of the 12:00 game between the OC Renegades and Ca. Rockies(LA). The Ca. Rockies defeated the Mudville Washington team earlier in the day 6-0.  The Ca. Rockies will play the Orange County Renegades at noon in an elimination game as required by AABC rules.

WOW! Friday was a Great HOOTS Day!!

The HOOTS advanced to the semi finals at the Connie Mack West Regionals after Stephen Piscotty pitched a complete game for the HOOTS in a 4-3 victory against the Arizona Firebirds who have been to the Connie Mack World Series 3 times in the past five years.  Both programs recognized as some of the best in the nation had a game for all to remember.  The HOOTS led early 2-0 only to see the lead diminish in the sixsth inning as the Firebirds went ahead 3-2 in the bottom half of the inning.  Trailing by two runs in the top of the seventh inning the HOOTS with two outs were able to get a key hit from Tino Liscomb, followed by a single by Piscotty, and a monster ground rule double by Chris Keck to score both runners and put the HOOTS in front 4-3. Piscotty went to the bottom half of the seventh and after a lead off push bunt single, was able to get a pick off out and retire the side without a threat to secure the win.

The victory leaves the HOOTS and only three other teams left in the west region who are battling for the Connie Mack World Series Berth.  The level of quality amateur baseball exceeds the expectations of college coach's and professional baseball scouts.  Connie Mack baseball is all wood bat and follows the American League professional baseball rules. This is an opportunity for people to see some of the best amateur teams and players from the western states.

The HOOTS face off Saturday August 1 at 3:00PM at Chabot College against the Orange County Renegades.   It pairs up one of Southern California's best Connie Mack teams against the top team in Northern California.  The two teams have met in the Connie Mack regional tournament in 2007 and are familiar with each other and their style of play.  Both programs are recognized as two of the top programs nationally on a consistent basis.  The Renegades are managed by Si Petro.

The HOOTS lost 2-0 in a winner bracket game at the Western Regional to the California Rockies from LA North Connie Mack League.  Mark Appel pitched seven strong innings for the HOOTS giving up only 4 hits while Rockies left hand pitcher Erik Salcido limited the HOOTS offense to 2 hits. The HOOTS face the Arizona Firebirds at Chabot College today at 2:00PM in an elimination game.

The Danville HOOTS won their first game at the 2009 Connie Mack West Regional Tournament against the Mudville Pinnacle the Washington State Champion in a tough extra inning game 4-3.  The HOOTS trailed Washington most of the game 1-0 as they battled through the game against Washington left hand pitcher Matt Boyd.  The HOOTS tied the game in the bottom of the sixth inning on an executed squeeze play, fell behind 3-1 in the top of seventh, and tied it up in the bottom of the inning to send the game into extra innings. The HOOTS finally won the game in the bottom of the ninth inning on a Chris Killeen single to score Brian Hamm from second base.  HOOTS left hand pitcher Michael Theofanopoulous got the victory for the HOOTS coming into the game in the third inning and pitch six very strong innings only giving up 2 runs.  Theo is an early committed scholarship player to the Cal Bears at the University of California, Berkeley. The HOOTS advance in the winner bracket on Thursday at 5:00PM against the Ca. Rockies from LA North County.

Monday, July 27

The HOOTS Black team defeated the Sonoma Rebels 13-1 to win the Connie Mack North State title.  Both teams will advance to the West Regional at Chabot College starting on Wednesday July 29 for a birth in the Connie Mack World Series. Will LaMarsh pitched 5 strong innings for the HOOTS and the offense was led by Stanford bound Stephen Piscotty who was 3-3 for the day, 7RBI's that included a bases loaded triple. The West Region tournament will feature the 8 top Connie Mack teams from Arizona, Southern California and Washington. The winner will advance to the Connie Mack World Series held in Farmington, New Mexico.

The HOOTS open the West Region Tournament at 5:00PM against an opponent to be named later today.  This is an opportunity for baseball fans in Northern California to see some of the top teams in the nation and the many of the nation's best amateur players.

The HOOTS Black team defeated the Union City Lookouts 8-7 on Saturday in the North State Tournament and remain undefeated with a record of 4-0. Jason Kochan pitched for the HOOTS early in the game and got the victory. Andrew Kjar and Andy Eslick followed on the mound in a tight game in the later innings.

On Friday the HOOTS defeated NorCal U18 team 5-3.  The HOOTS Stephen Piscotty got the win on the mound for the HOOTS pitching a complete game.  The HOOTS play Saturday at 2:00PM vs. Union City and are guranteed a spot in the Championship Round on Sunday.

Earlier in the tournament the HOOTS defeated the California Smoke 8-5 on Thursday.  Michael Theofanopoulos got the win for the HOOTS on the mound after entering the game in the third inning with the game tied 2-2. Ryan Deeter started for the HOOTS in the first game to get the win for the HOOTS over the Tracy Cardinals.

The HOOTS entered the tournament as a top seed with an overall record in their league of 9-1 and an overall record with only 2 Connie Mack losses of 36-5-1.  The HOOTS are the defending Connie Mack North State Champion and have won the tournament the past two years to advance to the Connie Mack Western Regionals. 

Game times on Sunday are at 11:00AM.

You can follow the tournament also at


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