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Sunday, March 6
Schedule fixed

The schedule should now be correct.


Sunday, January 16
Let's get started!

The time has arrived, we will begin conditioning on Tuesday 1/18/2011 from 3:30 until 5:00 PM. Although I can not make conditioning mandatory, I can not stess the importance of conditioning. This is a very strenuous sport, and if we are not in shape it we be evident on the field when the season begin. So if you are not engaged in another sport or school function the team needs you there. This week schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The following weeks will include Mondays. Make sure that you have your physicals turned into Mrs. Woodard before you begin conditioning with the team. ~ Coach

Wednesday, November 10
New Web page

Welcome to our new web page. I have included our schedule for the upcoming season in the calendar and schedule sections. Stay tuned to the web page for the upcoming parents/coach and players meeting. We will be talking about the season, fund raisers, new uniforms and conditioning.  - Coach