DALLAS STARLINGS VOLLEYBALL: Club News: 16-18's Parent Meeting Monday, November 25th 6:30pm at TX Assault Facility

Tuesday, November 12
16-18's Parent Meeting Monday, November 25th 6:30pm at TX Assault Facility


Parent Meeting will be held to discuss the in's and out's of our club.  Please complete the 8 step process to be a member of Dallas Starlings VBC before Monday, November 25th.

*Steps to become a Dallas Starlings*

Please read all information and complete

 http://ntrvolleyball.net/registration/ You will be asked to pay a $45 fee. This fee is NOT a Dallas Starlings fee. It is a region generated fee which pays for region membership, USAV membership and insurance; roughly $15 for each. You must be a registered member in the region to play for any club.
3. Medical Release Form: All players must have a Medical Release on file with our coaching staff.  Please complete and return at our parent meeting. 

2. *OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE FEE DUE AT TRYOUTS: Signed 2014 NTR Tryout Offer and Acceptance Form with Acceptance Fee of $200 (white) or $300 (blue/black) via Cash or PayPal.  NTR policy states: No player is officially on a team until the acceptance form and fee given to the club.

3. *MEMBER PAYMENTS: will be Cash or PayPal for the 2014 season. $50 discount when paid in full with cash. Do not pay in full through PayPal (it will charge you $50 for the convenience fee).
*Dallas Starlings White team fee: $755 > Acceptance Fee of $200 (due at tryouts)
*Dallas Starlings Blue team fee: $1050 > Acceptance Fee of $300 (due at tryouts)
*Dallas Starlings Black team fee: $1545 > Acceptance Fee of $300 (due at tryouts)
**To receive the $50 discount, you must pay in full by the parent meeting. See Below

4. *WHEN is the LATEST you can pay the total team fee to receive the $50 discount? Parent Meeting on Wednesday Evening following your tryout.

5. *FIRST PRACTICE: Determined by parents and coach.

6. *FIRST PARENT MEETING: Monday evening, November 25th (Monday following your tryout) at TX Assault Facility, at 6:30pm. *Please plan on attending this very important Parent Meeting: At this meeting, we will discuss the parent player handbook; determine practice days/times; plan the tournament schedule for your team, etc. Bring your spring calendar and dates of your activities and we’ll put your tournament schedule together based on your team schedule.

7. *PLAYER SIZING: Monday evening, November 25th 6:30pm.  Players will be sized for their uniforms.  If any players miss their sizing, she will have to go to Dallas East Sports to get sized. 

8. *PRACTICES: Depending on your coach’s schedule and yours will determine your practice schedule. White practices 1 time a week; 4 per month. Blue practices 1.5 practices a week; 6 practices per month. Black practices 2 times a week; 8 practices a month.

9. *2014 Parent/Player Handbook; print off your DS handbook; this covers the in’s and out’s of our club and will be discussed at the first parent meeting.

For all information see our website: www.dallasstarlings.org Thank you and see ya Wednesday!

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