Thank you to all for entering the 2016 Ace Classic Volleyball Tournament
Updated Pool Play Schedule: TBA
Age Divisions - Playing Sites - Hotels:
  • 12's; 16's: Arlington Courts
  • Arlington Courts Volleyball Facility Directions: Click Here 
  • Arlington Courts Hotels 

  • 13's: Madfrog Volleyball Facility
  • Madfrog Volleyball Facility Directions: Click Here
  • Madfrog Hotels        

  • 14's: Tejas Volleyball Facility
  • Tejas Volleyball Facility Directions: Click Here
  • Tejas Hotels  
  •  15's: Blocksport Volleyball Facility
  • Blocksport Volleyball Facility Directions: Click Here
  • Blocksport Hotels
  • 17/18's: Winning Edge Volleyball Facility
  • Winning Edge Volleyball Facility Directions: Click Here
  • Winning Edge Hotels 
Tournament Information:

*Pool play posted Tuesday prior to Tournament, 7pm

*Updates posted Thursday/Friday, 7pm 

*Start Time: 8am / Championship Matches: 4-6pm

*Secure online payments via PayPal 

*Directors required to check back Thursday/Friday evening for updates to the Pool Play 

*Coaches check in required prior to play

*Seating and Concessions are available; chairs are allowed in the facility

*Tournament T's will be for sale at each site: Click Here for pre-orders





Ace Classic

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