Dalian Laowai FC: Sponsors

Haobilin Cafe-Bar

  Shuma square
Dalian Laowai FC is presently being sponsored (Haobilin Cafe).
    The newly Open Russian Cafe-Bar at Shuma square, will be the teams
sponsors and base .Team members and Fans will meet every after games to eat and talk about the game and toast together whether the team wins or not so as to build a close family circut around players in the team.

Join our fan club and enjoy one of the best food and pancakes Russia has to offer in Haobilin Cafe- Bar, with its outstanding services and
Excellent chef, you will have the most wonderful time ever .
    The Place will make feel at home due to its comfortable design and indoor games for you who just want to have a good time.
   All DLFC Fans and Supporters will get a 20%discount on top of the cheap prices already being provided by the cafe.
To be a Fan and supporter you will have to contact me here.so as to get your Membership card

Phone: 18741156928