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Monday, May 2
DLFC3-2 Dalian Union FC

Sunday, April 17

DLFC's hopes of featuring among Top 5 in the Dalian amature Premier League this season suffered a huge blow again after a 4-3 defeat saw the International side thinking hard for the winning strategy. The nigerian midfielder CEASER and the Russian striker MISHA ensure that they get back as many goals as possible. with ceaser scoring a brace , with a very late finisher at the 88th minuit , but unfortunately that didnt help the team grasp at least a point in the DAF league .The team now stays at the bottom of the league table after playing 2 games and loosing all. The match was tied for the majority of the game with 5 goals total in the first half. Inside the first five minutes, the home side produced a fantastic chance to take the lead. An audacious Run through from the Ghanaian SAM on the edge of the box tricked the chinese defense, after he accurately drove the ball to Malick in the outside the area, and the Senegalese winger unleashed a stinging shot, which could only fly wide and deflected by the defender. The rebounded effort from Andrew the newly registered Canadian for the team wasn’t any decisive. Misha made another important chance just six minutes later, and was again involved in a through play from ca run from the ceaser but His powerful close-range shot required the more strength to beat the chinese keeper who showed top form through out the game as he was always kept on his toes from the very aggressive attacking line up 0f CEASER , MISHA MALICK SAM, ERNEST ,ANDREW and DZHAL. Malick shot from the left wing saw the keeper flying full length to prevent the shot from getting pass him. The Chinese early dominance was repaid with a goal on the 20th minute, after full backs VICTOR and Peric where beaten by the fast chinese player No18 .The same player also used the DLFC player wickness on the right wing covered by VICTOR to score 3 goals in the first half. making it difficult for the DLFC side to get a come back. 

However, in controversial circumstances, DLFC were refused a penalty while the Russian striker was tackled during attempted to kick at goal. But the referee called it and out side tackle and awarded a free kick. The shot went pretty high but the DLFC team kept the press up during the complete second part of the game, Andrew was replaced by the Cameroonian Ernest in an effort to use his speed and aggressiveness to push the defense of the Chinese higher.Victor was substitute in the first half of the game by another new comer paul.Great play from French national Romain made a huge impact onthe team with a lot of through ball from the left side to keep the opposite defense on their toes at all point. A harsh air tackle on skipper Peric saw the chinese team No 20 expelled with a red card .That was his second yellow card after receiving a first with a harsh play on newly recruited Russian defender Rinat and this saw the DLFC playing a 11- 10 game. All hope and effort were lost after the referee ended the game after a 6 Minuit additional time.

    The DLFC will have to work on creating Oder in and cooperation in their camp, as well as try to improve on their defense.as well as attacking play,Since many goal opportunities where missed which could have let to a huge margin score line in benefit of the international side.  

Sunday, March 20
Friendly Result - DLFC 0:3 Dalian Longjuanfeng FC

Friendly Team Photo


The proud members of Dalain Laowai FC were hoping to be victorious in their first friendly of the new season against Dalian Longjuanfeng, however with the score 0:3 at the final whistle the team realized that they have a long way to go to fulfill their potential and become winners. 

Of course the team played hard and gave it their all and maybe on another day (if the team brought their shooting boots!) the scoreline would have been 3:2 or 3:3.

Wanting to exorcise the angels of the 2011 season,

DLFC taught they would get off to a quick start against Dalian longjuanfeng FC ,But as the fist whisle went it was instead the Dalian longjuanfeng FC who created several chances early on.

Their center midfielder found their stricker with a cross in the box in the first minute, but Victor the DLFC Skipper placed a heavy stop on the proceeding ball which was cleared away by KENNEY.


DZHAL CEASER AND JOAO worked a yard of space after a bad turnover in the Dalian longjuanfeng FC , but a soft and low short from MISHA was pulled off the save, before DLFC stricker SAM fired wide of the target from a cross placed to him by Malick.

Dalian longjuanfeng FC didn't come just to be spectators though, and a Defence line clearance by the DLFC captain, peric in the 15th minute prevented the visitors from taking the lead.

Misha of DLFC sent a free kick in from the right flank that went just a bit high over the cross bar.DLFC keeper calvin was very well on alert as he produced some very wonderful saves.

From there, Dalian longjuanfeng FC controlled most of the 20minuits with simple and prcise passing causing the DLFC midfielder Joao and DZHAL to be on thier toes , but failed to create any goals. DLFC winger Ceaser had an effort from long range that went wide off the Dalian longjuanfeng FC defender, and then DLFC debutant Sam ASERE wasted a couple of chances.

The best of those came in the 31st minute, with Malick and misha playing a combination of passes which ended up on SAM'S right leg but the efforts of the stricker went wide out the touch line.

There were a lot of tackles and hard challenges on both side but DLFC most of the time came out vitorious. with the Dalian longjuanfeng FC team feeling out of pace when it came to 1-1challenges. on the 40th minuit DIMA made a rough tackle inside the 18meter box but the refree turn a blind eye on it giving a coner kick to the oppossing side. Proceedings took a turn for the exciting in the 1st half, as the game opened up more from the 39thminuit, and the goal opotunities starting coming close.

Joao nearly opened the scoring in the 43th minute, breaking into the Dalian longjuanfeng FC after eluding a tackle from theDalian longjuanfeng FC defenders but his shot went of the touch line.on the 46th minuits MISHA , CEASER AND MALICK made a very good run with some tick tac touches and with just the last defender to beat, a pass place in the ceter box by misha was not capitalised on leaving the last defender to tackle the ball away to end the chance.

Just one minute later, Dalian longjuanfeng FC were on topof the DLFC , with very quick passes and runs.But good defensive play from DIMA , KENNEY , VICTOR AND PERIC saw to that all those attacks was put to rest. After Proceedig in the second half the game started up with a lot of zeal and efforts and both teams saw a lot of substitution just 5minuits into the game,Ross came in for DZHAL .

DLFC were up with their attacking and pushing forward spirit but Dalian longjuanfeng FC scored thier first goal 59th minuit. A ball was played behind the DLFC defense by thier midfielder; which was colected by their fast moving stricker who finished at the near post, before celebrating in the stands with team mates. Following the goal, Nezi came in for Joao,but the fresh pair of legs didn't brings as much effect and strenght to the already getting tired midfield .FIQO was brought on for DIMA,.

It only took Dalian longjuanfeng FC 10 minutes to get another goal, converting a through pass in the 72nd minute to a well precised goal at the far right. In the 80th minute, DLFC corner found SAM in the box, but the header from the attacker was deflected and a second shot by ceaser went far of target which could have been a turning point. A minute later, Dalian longjuanfeng FC won the header and a long ball found out placed stricker who gave a sliding pass past peric and was immediatly converted to goal number 3. The replacement of malick and sam by sammy and eric at the dieing minuits didn't do the DLFC any much good. 

Learning from thier defeat the DLFC knows that they have to man up to the task and increase their training and coodination

 The only way to go is up from here so the team will train hard and hopefully get into a rhythm before next Sunday's game.  Well played everyone, keep your heads up and we will be winners soon enough!


Pre-game team huddle 

Monday, April 18

Friday, April 15
opening ceremony of the Dalian Amature Football League

Tuesday, April 26
DLFC 5- 3 Dalian Intermidiate FC

Thursday, May 12
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Friday, May 6
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Wednesday, May 25
DLFC 2-6 Dalian Seafood FC

Wednesday, May 25
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Monday, July 4
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Monday, July 4
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