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Friday, April 15
Dalian Laowai FC




Established in September 2010 ,the Dalian Laowai FC was created with the idea of having a place where expats, travelers and visitors in Dalian could meet, exercise and have fun in the spirit of football and healthy competitions, through which the team has continued to shine high in its relatively short history.

 DLFC  is presently Ranked the 8th in the Dalian Amature Premier League.(To get the latest results,scores,Highlights , vedios and pictures of all the teams in the Dalian Amature Premire league please click here.  Dalian Premier League).

  DLFC ,this year qualified for a place in SUPER CUP FINALS,(THE BANK OF DALIAN CUP) which is made up of the 32 best teams in dalian. DLFC is made up of very skilled , players with different levels of football ranging from Professional, semi- professional, Amatures as well as guys who do have the interest of playing football although dont have the talent. Meaning new players are always welcomed no matter your football talents. The team trains every Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00pm at olympic west field, and plays mostly every sundays at 2:00pm

 Everyone is welcomed to join our team which is made up of internationals from Cameroon ,Nigeria , Senegal , Brazil, Russia, France, England, Scotland , Saudi Arabia, America,Canada, Kenya,Japan, Kzakistan,Ireland, just to name a few

       The club at present is sponsored by HAOBILIN CAFE-BAR


With its outstanding chef (who was first in the Steak competetion in Russia) they serves the best Russian and European style cusine at the most affordable prices ever.

  The name of the club is and will be carried out world wide by our players and fans such as you.when ever you check our webpage we know and see.

  if you like what you see ,Please feel free to sign our guesbook to let others know what you think.


-Our Motto says all about DLFC team.We work play and try to leave be it as a team


-To promote Friendship, Fitness and Fun for all Foreigners presently  visiting or residing in Dalian, through the international game of football (soccer).

- To actively involve ourselves as guests in China with the local community of Dalian and its surroundings, through sports in the spirit of healthy competitions and international cooperations.

-To welcome both adult and young foreign players of all skill level to join the Team and to treat all players evenly without prejudice to Age, Sexual orientation, Nationality and Religion.

-To select players for matches not only with the Aim to win but predominantly on the basis of those who are active at practice and other events and who otherwise demonstrates strong DLFC SPIRIT.

Entrusted by all the players, the Coach will impliment this at his full discretion and to the best of his judgement and ability.

   if you want to join the team, either like a fan or a player just click here and get started Contact Us

     Remember all players are welcomed




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