2016 District 3     10 & 11 year old "Jim Walters" Baseball Tournament
Posted: June 20  - E. Vineland Dropped out and was Replaced with S. Vineland                                                    Changes are in RED
► In the Jim Walters Baseball Tournament all early rounds will be played under the Pool Play format
► Top two teams in each pool will play in the Finals, in a double elimination tournament, weather permitting
► Inclement weather could make this a single elimination tournament.
Game Div Date Time Team Score   Team Score Innings Location AMERICAN Division
1 Am Tue, 7/05 5:45 Millville   vs. South Vineland     * South Vineland Team W L Run Ratio
2 Am Tue, 7/05 5:45 N. Cumberland   vs. Pennsville     Pennsville South Vineland 0 0 #DIV/0!
3 Nat Wed, 7/06 5:45 Elmer   vs. N. Vineland     N. Vineland Millville 0 0 #DIV/0!
4 Am Thu, 7/07 5:45 N. Cumberland   vs. Millville      Millville  North Cumberland 0 0 #DIV/0!
5 Am Fri, 7/08 5:45 South Vineland   vs. Pennsville     Pennsville Pennsville 0 0 #DIV/0!
6 Nat Sat, 7/09 5:00 Buena   vs. N. Vineland     N. Vineland * Runs Allowed Ratio are Unofficial
7 Am Sun, 7/10 5:00 Pennsville   vs. Millville      Millville 
8 Am Sun, 7/10 5:00 South Vineland   vs. N. Cumberland     N. Cumberland
9 Nat Mon, 7/11 5:45 Buena   vs. Elmer     Elmer NATIONAL Division
                  * Landis Park Team W L Run Ratio
Buena 0 0 #DIV/0!
Elmer 0 0 #DIV/0!
North Vineland 0 0 #DIV/0!
The winning team coach and the tournament site director must contact the District Office to state who won over whom, game #, teams, final score and innings played.  For example: 3 and 1/2 innings, 5 full innings, so the District can compute defensive runs and standing on a daily basis in case of ties in the standings.  Contact District 3 at 856-697-9148 or via email to TJMC8@aol.com immediately at the completion of the game.  District 3 will post scores and standings on www.eteamz.com/d3llnj
Ties within each division within each pool between two teams will be broken by head-to-head record, with the winner receiving the higher seeding. If three or more teams tie, the fewest runs allowed per innings played will be the first tie breaker and if any other ties for a position exist, then head-to head will apply after the fewest runs allowed. This tie breaking system is the official "Round Robin" system approved by Little League Headquarters and the Eastern Regional Little League Office for pool play.
DISTRICT 3 FINALS  -  10-11 Baseball Standings for
the Finals
Over All
Game Date Time Team Score   Team Score Location Team W L Record
F1 Wed, 7/13 5:45 American Seed 1   vs. National Seed 2   Pennsville        
F2 Wed, 7/13 8:00 National Seed 1   vs. American Seed 2   Pennsville        
F3 Thu, 7/14 5:45 Winner Game1   vs. Winner Game 2   East Vineland        
F4 Thu, 7/14 8:00 Loser Game 1   vs. Loser Game 2   East Vineland        
F5 Fri, 7/15 7:00 Winner game 4   vs. Loser Game 3   East Vineland    
F6 Sat, 7/16 5:00 Winner Game 3   vs. Winner Game 5   East Vineland (Poss. Final) District 3 Champion
F7 Sun, 7/17 5:00 Winner Game 6   vs. Loser Game 6   East Vineland (IF Game)  
Section IV Tournament
Date Time Team   Team Location
  TBA   District 3 vs. TBA TBA
Sectional IV Tournament will be played at TBA from TBA
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