Cyclone Lacrosse: Welcome

Welcome to Cyclone Youth Lacrosse of Bethlehem!

We are presently organizing a youth lacrosse program to help feed into the Liberty HS Hurricanes team in Bethlehem, PA! We would like to be ready to go by spring of 2016, with intro clinics before that. What better way than to train a bunch of energized, enthusiastic cyclones and watch them turn into seasoned hurricanes!!

Stay tuned for registration dates, intro and skills sessions and the like. If you are interested in helping with initial organization or coaching, you may call Joe Sexton at 610-730-9131 or email Our club plans on providing US Lacrosse-sponsored Coach Training certifications for those who are interested in coaching....with the beginner coaches in mind. All coaches will also be required to file for all clearances. Please understand these are volunteer positions. 

We are hoping to form at least one Under 15, 13, and 11 teams each from students from all the Liberty-bound elementary and middle schools. If we get more than one each....even better.