CYBL-California Youth Basketball League/HopeHouse Sports Inc: CYBL Rules (1/2 Comp - HS)

1st/2nd Comp - HS

California Youth Basketball League



1st/2nd Competitive Division:  Five, 6 minute running periods

·          No full court press for the entire game

·          May play man to man or zone defense

·          May double team on the ball only

·          Only team fouls are kept, players do not foul out

(Players may be taken out of the game for a short time period by the referee for excessive fouling)

·          Free throws shortened to 10-12 feet


3rd/4th Divisions:  Five, 8 minute running periods

·          No full court press until the 5th Period

·          May play man to man or zone defense

·          Free throws shortened to 10-12 feet


5th/6th Divisions:  Five, 8 minute running periods

·          No press in first half. May press in 2nd half

·          May play Man to Man or Zone defense


7th/8th Divisions:  Five, 8 minute running periods

·          May press at any time

·          May play Man on Man or Zone Defense


High School Divisions:  Four, 10 minute running quarters

·          Free substitutions will be allowed, High School Rules


a.        2 periods in first half and 3 periods in second half. Each player must play one full period in each half. Every Player must sit at least one full period. When a team has 6 players, the two players who have not sat out must split the 5th period with each other (4 minutes each). A team with 5 players does not have a mandatory sitting rule.  All players must play their allotted playing time within the first four periods. A coach who violates this rule must be warned and given a chance to remedy this infraction at the time of the violation under direction by the gym official or referee. If they continue to knowingly violate this rule, they risk forfeiture of the game.   

b.        No free substitutions until the 5th period. See rule (a) for a team with 6 players. 

c.        Running clock until the last 2 minutes of a game. Stop clock in last 2 minutes of a game on every whistle. There is no stop clock if a team has a lead of 11 points or more during the last 2 minutes of the game.  

d.        4 timeouts (30 seconds each) per game with no carryover to overtime.

e.        1st overtime will consist of a 1 minute period with a stop clock (1 time-out for each team with no carryover from the regulation time). 2nd overtime will consist of a sudden death with the first team to score 2 points the winner. 

f.         A team may start a game with 4 players with no penalty. It will be 4 on 5 situations.g.        Fouls: a player fouls out when they receive their 5th foul. (1st/2nd Comp players do not foul out)

h.        Teams will shoot one-and-one free throws after the opposition’s 7th team foul in that half. Two free throws awarded after the team’s tenth foul. Technical fouls are counted as personal fouls and team fouls.  

i.         Technical Fouls: The Ref may assess a technical foul against a player, coach, or parent/spectator (to be assessed against a player’s team) for any act of unsportsmanlike conduct the Referee feels warrants the situation.  Technical Fouls are automatic two points and ball out.  Two technical fouls in a game result in a player or coach’s disqualification. Any player or coach who is disqualified from a game for poor conduct will automatically be disqualified from the next contest. Repeat violations (or serious first time violations) can result in disqualification from the league.  If a game is called or ended by a referee, then the team that is the cause of the ending of the game will forfeit.  The score will be 2-0 in favor of the team that was not forfeited.  

j.         No Protests:  No protests will be honored.  This is a CIF rule.

k.        Mercy Rule: if any team has a lead of 20 points or more, these rules take effect:

- No press of any kind                               

-Must play zone defense within the three-point line.                                

-After a steal or rebound, first pass must be in the backcourt. No fast-break baskets.                               

-Once a team gets back within ten points it will go back to normal.

l.         Penalty Box Rule:  Minimum of a Two minute penalty.  This rule is in the digression of the referee.  The Referee can put a child in the penalty box too cool a child down.  The coach will be able to put a substitute in the game. 

m.      CYBL Uniforms: All CYBL players must be in a full CYBL uniform (jersey & shorts) when playing. Teams will receive technical fouls (automatic two points for the other team) each PERIOD a player or players play without a full CYBL uniform. Players must receive their allotted playing time of two periods during the game. Custom team uniforms do not apply to this rule although all custom uniforms must have a matching jersey and shorts.  

HOME TEAM is listed first on the schedule and wears WHITE. They are responsible for providing someone to keep record in the scorebook (Training to be provided).

VISITING TEAM is listed second and wears BLACK. They are responsible for providing someone to keep the running scoreboard and time clock (Training to be provided). 

**Note: 2-minute warm-up prior to game. 30 seconds for time outs and between quarters.  One minute half-time.  Games must stay on time!!

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