CYBL-California Youth Basketball League/HopeHouse Sports Inc: CYBL Rules (Pre-K - NonComp)

Pre-K - NonComp

California Youth Basketball League


Non-Competitive Rules

Rules for:

Pre-k through 2nd Grade 

This is a combined division with Pre-k through 2nd graders all on the same team! 


1.      Have a short practice before each game lasting 15 minutes. Games will start no later than 20 minutes after the hour.


2.      CYBL officials will referee and monitor the game.


3.      Game length will be (5) 6 minute periods.


4.      All players must play at least 2 periods each game. (All players should play equal time.)


5.      Players should shake hands at the beginning of each period. Coach should teach their kids to guard the person whose hand they shook. Absolutely no double or triple teaming. Man to man defenses only. No zone defenses.


6.      Defense cannot press at any time.


7.      Defense cannot steal the ball from player with ball. A team may steal an errant pass.


8.      There are no violations (traveling, double dribble…etc.) You should work with your kids so they know what double dribble is and what traveling is. Our referees will instruct your players during the course of the game to help them learn these infractions. These infractions do not result in turnovers.


9.      Do your best to give all players an opportunity to score. Each player should shoot at least twice a game, more than that is preferred.


10. Rotate which players dribble the ball up court so all players get an opportunity to dribble.


11. Teams will only jump ball at the beginning of the first period. After that it will be changing possession on jump balls and periods.


12. Coaches need to talk to each other and the gym official about the game and how it should flow. They should also communicate some of their unskilled players to each other so the other coach knows when to back off defensively for those particular players. This is non-competitive basketball. This is why we don’t keep score. The object is not to make more baskets than the other team. The object of this division is to help develop happy, healthy and confident basketball players and to improve their talents and self-esteem.


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