Central Western Board of Approved Soccer Officials


Welcome to the CWNYBASO

We are a Referee Unit that services one of the largest and some of the finest High School soccer programs for boys and girls in Section 5 of New York State.

Are you interested in becoming a High School soccer referee? Here are some of the requirements to consider that will assist you in making that decision:

  • New members must attend the MANDATORY clinic of referee instructions. This clinic is held once a year.
  • All Unit members must pass the written National Federation Rules examination.
  • All unit members must participate in a series of physical events. This includes an endurance run, a distance run and sprints.
  • All unit members must abide by the CWNYBASO Constitutions, By Laws, Policies and Procedures.

If you would like to challenge your communications and physical skills, the Governing Board of this unit welcomes your inquires.