Welcome to the Central Whitehall League!

An inter-community competitive baseball program for ages 5-15 in the Lehigh Valley Area.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 28 - 7 p.m. @ Hampton Lanes. All reps must attend.
If you have any items for review, please send them to Sharon and Bob.

Tentative Meeting Dates:

By Laws/Rules Meeting - October 2017
March 21 (tentative)
Roster Night - TBA (at Egypt)
April - TBA
May - TBA
Playoff Meeting - TBA

Meeting Fines

Outstanding Fines as of March 17, 2018
Bowmanstown (missed January and February meeting): $50
Catasauqua (missed September (doubled), January, February meeting):$100
Hokey (missed January, February meeting): $50
Lower Macungie (missed February meeting): $25
South Parkland (missed September (doubled), January, February meeting): $100 

Please see scorekeeping fines below.

Information regarding playoff seedings & games has been posted to each individual playoff game.

2017 Division Champions & Sportsmanship Award Winners

Biddy American: Northampton Orange
Biddy National: Salisbury Blue
Midget American: Northampton Orange
Midget National: Bowmanstown Blue
Knee-Hi American: Orefield #2
Knee-Hi National: Schnecksville
Majors: Allen Township Warriors
Ron Appel / Charlie Lambert Sportsmanship Awards:
Biddy: Moore Township Red
Midget: Bowmanstown Red
Knee-Hi: Northampton Orange
Majors: Allen Township Warriors

Thank you to everyone: players, coaches, parents, fans & officials for a greaat season!

 See you in 2018! 


Both Coaches must submit the score, pitchers for both teams (with innings pitched) , and double-rostered players used in the game. Innings pitched will always be a whole number. Failure to send in the score and pitching within 48 hours will result in a $20 fine. All fines must be paid by the playoff meeting or all teams in those organizations are banned from the playoffs.

Your 2017 Scorekeeper is:

Sharon Dougherty Report your scores

Please state the Division & Age group in your email.

Give the Score & the Innings Pitched for both teams.
List any Double-Rostered Players used for both teams.

Feel free to send in umpire comments with your scores; they will be forwarded to Jake.

Fines for not reporting scores on time and failing to follow cancellation/rescheduling procedures will be strictly enforced. There will be no exceptions and no excuses will be excepted.

Some dates may need to be blacked out due to the # of umpires available. Please check this list when rescheduling rainouts (remember BOTH coaches must submit the rainout agreement)

Thursday, June 1
Friday, June 2
Saturday, June 3 - no openings around 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. looking better; checking on early
All games must be completed by 5 p.m. Sunday, June 4. Any games not made up by this date (for any reason), will be counted as losses for both teams.

SCOREKEEPING FINES: (updated 6/3 - 9:56 p.m.)
Catty Biddy White: $25 (5/31 forfeit)
Coplay KH: $55 (5/25 umpires not called for rainout; 6/4 forfeit)
Lehigh Twp Midget #1: $20 (5/16 score not reported)
Lower Mac Majors: $25 (5/31 forfeit)
Northampton Biddy Lt. Grey: $20 (4/19 opponents pitching not reported)
Northampton KH Black: $20 (5/8 score reported 5/12)