Welcome to the Central Whitehall League!

An inter-community competitive baseball program for ages 5-15 in the Lehigh Valley Area.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 23 - 8:30 p.m. @ Egypt Park. All coaches & reps MUST attend.

Tentative Meeting Dates: 

Playoff Meeting - TBA

Meeting Fines

Outstanding Fines as of March 29, 2018
None at this time

Please see scorekeeping fines below.


Both Coaches must submit the score, pitchers for both teams (with innings pitched) , and double-rostered players used in the game. Innings pitched will always be a whole number. Failure to send in the score and pitching within 48 hours will result in a $20 fine. All fines must be paid by the playoff meeting or all teams in those organizations are banned from the playoffs.

Your 2018 Scorekeeper is:

Sharon Dougherty Report your scores

Please state the Division & Age group in your email.

Give the Score & the Innings Pitched for both teams.
List any Double-Rostered Players used for both teams.

Feel free to send in umpire comments with your scores; they will be forwarded to Jake.

Fines for not reporting scores on time and failing to follow cancellation/rescheduling procedures will be strictly enforced. There will be no exceptions and no excuses will be excepted.

Tuesday, May 29 
All games must be completed by 5 p.m. Sunday, June 10. Any games not made up by this date (for any reason), will be counted as losses for both teams.

Coplay KH: $30 (5/3 rainout not reported; 5/18 ejection not reported)
Fullerton Biddy: $25 (5/25 forfeit)
Hokey Yellow KH: $20 (5/3 ejection reported late)
NAA Dark Grey Biddy: $80 (4/30 score reported 5/3; 5/5 score reported 5/10; 5/7 score reported 5/10; 5/24 ejection not reported)
Moore White Midget: $25 (5/25 forfeit)
Schadt Avenue Biddy: $20 (5/10 score reported 5/13)
Schnecksville/Orefield Majors: $10 (5/22 rainout not reported)



The All-Star Games are cancelled for this weekend.

Rescheduling options will be discussed at Wednesday's meeting.
Team Breakdown: (Head Coaches in Bold)
Biddy American A: Coplay Yellow, Hokey, Salisbury Blue, Cementon, Schadt Avenue

Biddy American B: Egypt Cobras, Salisbury Gray, Schnecksville, Laurys Trail Blazers, Coplay Blue, Fullerton

Biddy National A: Bowmanstown Blue, Northampton Grey, Northampton Black, Lehigh Township Green, Northampton Orange, Moore Township Red

Biddy National B: Northern Lehigh Blue, Northern Lehigh White, Moore Twp White, Northampton Dark Grey, Northampton Lt Grey, Lehigh Twp Gray

Midget A: Bowmanstown Red, Northern Lehigh Blue, Salisbury Blue, Salisbury Gray, Northern Lehigh White, Moore Twp White, Moore Twp Red

Midget B: Northampton Orange, Schnecksville, Lehigh Twp, Hokey, Bowmanstown, Coplay, Northampton Grey

Knee-Hi American A: Bowmanstown Red, Allen Twp Gray, Northampton Grey

Knee-Hi American B: Schnecksville, Egypt Cobras, Northampton Orange

Knee-Hi National A: Northern Lehigh, Hokey Black, Coplay, 2 players from Northampton Black
Knee-Hi National B: Allen Twp Black, Hokey Yellow, Moore Red, 2 players from Northampton Black

Majors A: Laurys Trail Blazers, Allen Twp Warriors, split Orefield players

Majors B: Egypt Cobras, Allen Twp Knights, split Orefield players