Welcome to the Central Whitehall League!

An inter-community competitive baseball program for ages 5-15 in the Lehigh Valley Area.

The next Representative's meeting will be Wednesday, March 18 - 7:15 p.m. @ Hampton Lanes. All reps must attend. Final team numbers are due - the "2015 Scheduling Handout" on the "Handouts" page must be completed and turned in March 18.

Minutes from the September meet and a file of 2015 Proposed Bylaw Changes are on the "Handouts" page.

2015 Meeting Schedule: (tentative)
Roster Night - Wednesday, April 1 - 7 p.m. @ Egypt Memorial Park
April 22
May 27
Playoff Meeting (TBA)

Fines as of March 13, 2015
Bath East-Allen: $25 - February missed meeting $25
Bushkill: $25 - February missed meeting $25
Ormrod: $25 - February missed meeting $25
Schnecksville: $25 - February missed meeting $25


There were no additional changes to the Biddy or Midget team list. Schedules are now being started.

Team Listing:
Biddy American (7): Bowmanstown Red, Catty, Egypt Cobras Green, Lehigh Township, Moore Township White, Northern Lehigh, Schnecksville #1

Biddy National (15): Bowmanstown Black, Bowmanstown Gray, Coplay, Egypt Cobras Green, Fullerton, Hokey Black, Hokey Yellow, Moore Township Black, Moore Township Red, Northern Lehigh #1, Northern Lehigh #2, Salisbury Blue, Salisbury Gray, Schnecksville #2, Schnecksville #3

Midget American (11): Allen Township Black, Bowmanstown Blue, Laurys, Lehigh Township, Moore Township Red, Northampton #1, Northampton #2, Northampton #3, Northampton #4, Northern Lehigh #1, Orefield

Midget National (12): Allen Township Gray, Bowmanstown Gray, Catty, Egypt Cobras Green, Fullerton, Hokey Black, Hokey Yellow, Moore Township Black, Northern Lehigh #2, Salisbury, Schnecksville #1, Schnecksville #2

Knee-Hi American (10): Allen Township Black, Allen Township Red, Bowmanstown Red, Catty #1, Egypt Cobras Black, Egypt Cobras Green, Lehigh Township Gold, Northern Lehigh, Orefield #1, Schnecksville

Knee-Hi National (13): Bowmanstown Blue, Catty #2, Fullerton, Hokey, Laurys, Lehigh Township Green, Moore Township Black, Moore Township Red, Northampton Black, Northampton Orange, Northern Lehigh, Orefield #2, Salisbury Blue

Majors (8): Allen Township Knights, Allen Township Warriors, Bushkill, Egypt Cobras Black, Egypt Cobras Green, Laurys #1, Laurys #2, Orefield