Carroll Viper Volleyball Club: FAQs

What is Carroll Viper Volleyball Club (CVVC)?
Carroll Viper Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization consisting of dedicated volleyball players, coaches, parents and volunteers participating in USAV sanctioned volleyball tournaments in and around the Chesapeake Region( CHRVA.)

When and where do you practice?
Practices for club teams are two (2) days a week; elite teams are three (3) days per week.  Dates/times for practices are determined by the individual coaches and availability of the practice facility.  Practice is mandatory and players should manage their time accordingly.  Our primary practice location is  the VolleyBarn located in New Windsor, MD.  Please check the locations page for directions.

When is the club volleyball season?
The club volleyball season begins with tryouts in November after the high school volleyball season is over.  Practices begin in December. Tournaments begin in January. The season concludes anywhere from mid-April to Memorial Day weekend at the discretion of the coach.

Why should I play club volleyball?
CVVC gives a player the opportunity to increase their volleyball skills to their highest potential. Club volleyball allows a player to continue playing volleyball after the high school season is over. By continuing to play, players improve on a continuous basis. Players will compete in tournaments against teams they would not normally see in their high school season, thus broadening their volleyball exposure and experience. Players who wish to play volleyball in college are highly encouraged to play club ball. Generally speaking, college coaches rarely go to high schools to look at potential players or to recruit. They go to the club tournaments because the level of play tends to be higher and they can see many teams and players at one tournament location rather than just a couple at a high school game.

Who can participate?
Girls who want to improve their volleyball skills through practice and competition.  Age groups start at 12 & under and continue through seniors in high school.  Though we are located in Carroll County, players from surrounding communities are welcome.  We have had players from all the surrounding counties as well as Pennsylvania play for CVVC.  Players of all skill levels are encouraged to tryout.  Active players must maintain a 2.5 GPA or better.

My child has very little experience in volleyball, should he/she tryout?
Yes! If she is interested in volleyball and wants to learn, we will teach the rest. We know that many players, especially in the younger age groups, are just starting out. Tryouts for younger ages groups are conducted in clinic form. Your child will be learning skills and evaluated at the same time.

Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team?

Though we make efforts to give every child an opportunity to play, there are a limited number of spots to offer for each team. We are limited by several factors: qualified coaches, availability of gym space and turn out for each age group/level just to name a few.

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to contact our club director Oralee Smith by phone 410-848-1117 or e-mail