Castro Valley Independent Sports League: Kid's Clubhouse

Kid's Clubhouse

This section is for players of all ages at CVI!!!

Here you'll find articles and facts on the game baseball as well as some fun things too!!!

Make sure you check back from time to time.

See you at the fields !!!!!


moving bat and ball

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Penguin Ball

A fun little game to see how far you can make the little penguin fly !!!

You can e-mail your score to the webmaster at

Put "Penguin Ball" as the subject line and provide your name, your division (or age), and your score.



Penguin Ball Scores

 Coach Henry  11-9-07  308.8
 Lil' Jeffy  11-13-07  323.5
 Lil' Jeffy  11-13-07  319.1
 Tyler F (A Div)  11-16-07  323.4
 Tyler F (A Div)  11-16-07  323.5
 Tyler F (A Div)  11-16-07  322.9
 Coach Jim (B Div)  03-17-08  323.4
 Arman S (A Div)  03-18-08  324.4
 Coach John (A Div)  04-17-09  315.8
 Coach John (A Div)  04-24-09  319.9
 Ken S  05-01-09  323.5
 Ben (B Div)  05-01-09  319
 Ben (B Div)  05-01-09  321
 Henry V (webmaster)  05-03-09  320.5
 Henry V (webmaster)  05-03-09  323.5
 Juan D (B Div)  05-09-09  319
 Moses K (INT Div)  03-04-10  317.9
 Moses K (INT Div)  03-04-10  316.9
 Moses K (INT Div)  03-04-10  307.5
 Darlene K (MOM)  03-04-10  320.3

MLB Kid's Club

Players of all ages can visit this site to get tips from the pros, sign up for special events, learn about your teams' mascot, play games, and much much more !!!!!


MLB's Kids Club