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Tuesday, February 18
New website is up and going!

CVI is excited to announce the launch of our new website!  Click on the image to transport over to .

As of Feb. 18th, this site will no longer be updated and all information will be accessable on the new page.

Tuesday, March 19
Rain and games

A reminder that with sprinkles and light rain, we still try to start / play the games on schedule. 

Game cancelations happen after the field Coordinators, Jr. Division Coordinator and other Coordinators meet and make an assessment.  We try to get the word out asap to the team Managers, but sometimes this happens very close to game time.  Please always plan on playing.  Check with your team Managers prior to deciding not to show up.

Thank you for your understanding.


Monday, May 27
Custom pitching mounds
Freds pitching mound
Special offer to CVI players.  These are custom made portable pitching mounds.  Great for the back yard or team practice in the park.

Board Openings

There will be open Board positions for the 2014 spring Baseball season. 

If you would like to inquire about openings for the CVI Board or other sports division positions, send an e-mail to: Rick Ramirez at

If you are interested in volunteering for other events, or would like information about what the responsibilities are for Board positions, please contact Rick Ramirez at .

We thank you for your interest.



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