Castro Valley Independent Sports League: Player Registration

CVISL Registration Form


Frozen Player Declaration

This form is used by the Junior A & Junior B Divisions in order to "Freeze" up to 6 players per team.

One form per player is required.


Signed Player Declaration

This form is used by the Intermediate and Senior Divisions in order to "Sign" a player to a particular team for their tenure in that division.


Parenet Code of Conduct

CVISL is dedicated to our young players learning baseball skills, developing pride and confidence, displaying good sportsmanship, and enjoying playing the game.
Wining should be seen as “we did well this time”. And losing should be seen as “we’ll do better next time”. To achieve these goals, we call on parents to set an example for the players by observing the points in this handout.
We ask that you take a moment to read, sign, and return this form to the league.


volunteer application


2014 Information packet


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