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Forbes Mill Steakhouse, Los Gatos, CA
Forbes Mill Steakhouse introduces a new breed of beef to Los Gatos and the Bay Area - genuine Kobe-brand Wagyu beef. This delectable meat comes from only highly prized Wagyu (pronounced wah-G'YOU), a term that translates as "Japanese" (wa) "cattle" (gyu). Known in Japan as "white steak", Wagyu beef boasts heavy marbling that is further enhanced by sophisticated breeding practices and feeding methods. Although this beef, with its rich flavor and unique texture, originated in Kobe region of Japan, it has only recently been bred in the Unites States. And now, you can experience this rare and flavorful indulgence, as only Forbes Mill Steakhouse can deliver. Our Wagyu steaks literally melt in your mouth, with a velvety texture and a rich marbling that infuses every bite with supreme flavor.