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" You had the whole place jumping, right? You had the whole state jumping. You had New England jumping. You had ESPN jumping. OK?

“You want to know why? They like fighters. They like sportsmen. They like guys who don’t quit. They like guys who play the game the right way. If everyone would play baseball like the Cumberland Americans, this would be the greatest game."

- Coach Dave Belisle


Congratulations to our Cumberland American 11/12 Year Old All Star Team

District 4 Champions * Rhode Island Champions * New England Champions



The CYBSL Annual Golf Tournament will be help Saturday September 27, 2014 at The New England Country Club in Bellingham, MA.  This tournament is held to benefit the CYBSL Scholarship Fund.

CYBSL has raised $18,100.00 at its annual Golf Outings the last three years. With the success of our golf tournaments, CYBSL has been able to give out scholarships to twenty deserving high school seniors from Cumberland to aid in their pursuit of a college education. Over the past three years, CYBSL has given out $21,000 in scholarships thanks to the many golf participants and sponsors

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REMINDER: The Annual Meeting of the League will be held Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Community Room. At that time, the Board of Directors and League Officers for 2014-2015 will be elected. All Members - League Officers, Board Members, Commissioners, and Managers but not Coaches and/or Assistant Coaches- are allowed one vote each.No Member shall have more than one vote regardless of the number of roles he/she has within the league.  

At the Annual Meeting, there will be two ballots distributed for the election. The first ballot will be for the election of the Executive Committee (President, Vice Presidents of Baseball and Softball, Treasurer, Secretary and Player Agent). After the election of the Executive Committee, the Members, through a ballot, will elect the Board of Directors. 

The Executive Committee and Directors to be elected will be for the ensuing year. The ballots for the election will list all individuals interested in representing CYBSL as a Board member. In addition to the 6 Executive Board members, the top 13 vote getters on the ballot for the Board of Directors will compromise the remainder of the Board. The number of Directors and League Officers elected shall be not less than 19. The League Commissioners will be recommended by the President and approved by the Board. 

After the election, the Board of Directors and League Commissioners shall assume the performance of their duties. The terms of office of the Board of Directors and League Commissioners shall continue until its successors are elected and qualified under this section. 

If you are interested in running for a position on the Executive Committee or for a Board of Director position please let me know by e-mail at before 6:00 pm on September 10, 2014. CYBSL is always looking for help from individuals that are willing to be active members.



Welcome to the Cumberland Youth Baseball Softball League

Home Page

Cumberland, RI

 The CYBSL organization serves boys and girls aged 5 through 18.

The CYBSL Little League Baseball division is comprised of two leagues, the American League and the National League, both leagues are organized under Little League Baseball Inc.  Each league consists of a Minor and Major division to serve players 8-12 years of age.

The CYBSL Little League Junior division serves players 13-15 years old.  CYBSL also offers a Big League Baseball division for players 16-18 years old.

The CYBSL Little League Softball division operates under one league and consists of a Minor & Major division serving softball players 8-12 years of age.

Instructional & Farm division is offered in both the Baseball and Softball programs.  Instructional programs are offered to players 5-7 years of age.  Farm programs serve players 6-9 years old.

The Little League Challenger division is offered to players 5-18 years of age with physical or mental disabilities.


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