Connecticut District 5: Welcome

Tuesday, November 12

Welcome to Connecticut District 5 

The Home of the Eastern Regional
Bristol, Connecticut

Next District 5 meeting will be November 21th at 7 PM in the Rec Hall at Eastern Regional HQ in Bristol.  

Congratulations to:   

Yalesville LL 2013 Big League Baseball District 5 and Connecticut State Champions      

Edgewood Senior League 2013 District 5 Champs and Connecticut State Senior League Champions.  

Edgewood LL 2013 Junior League Baseball District 5 Champs    

 Edgewood LL 2013 11-12 Baseball District 5 Champs

Berlin LL 2013 10-11 Baseball District 5 Champs

Southington South LL 2013 9-10 Baseball District 5, Connecticut 9-10 Baseball State and New England 9-10 Baseball Champions

Bristol LL Softball 2013 Senior League Softball District 5 Champs 

Girls LL Softball of Wallingford 2013 11-12 LL Softball District 5 Champs

Farmington LL 2013 9-10 Softball District 5 Champs    


  2013 District 5 All Star Game Results are published under the News section to the left of this notice.  


2013 Connecticut Sectional and State Game Results are published on the Connecticut State Little League Site located here:




Sunday, June 9
2013 Tournament Schedules

Schedules for 9/10, 10/11, 11/12 and Jr. League are posted in the Handout Section.  Schedules and Standings will be updated shortly.