Treehouse Racing: Welcome

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Welcome to Music City Cycling

Treehouse Racing began in 2004 as Cumberland Transit Cycling Club. The team grew and had successes in road racing, mountain bike racing, and cyclo-cross racing. With new sponsorship comes a new era for our team for the 2011 and 2012 season. However, our culture remains what the team was initially built on: the philosophy that team is everything. This idea is evident in each individual’s commitment to success in cycling and ensuring others share their success. Our team culture is reflected in the eclectic group of people who make up the team: lawyers, medical professionals, teachers, other business professionals, and moms and dads. While our team’s essence lies in its fraternization and hours of training, its validation comes from its deeds – deeds from the past and the present visible to the public at large. Racing and winning in the Treehouse Racing jersey means being ambassadors to the sport of cycling, our sponsors, and friends and family who support us.


Through this dedication we will achieve our main goal: Creating a positive cycling community, in Nashville and the surrounding areas, where riders of all skill levels have a chance to reach their potential.