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10-01-18 07:21 PM
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Connecticut Bombers
Rich Hiscox
302 Lebanon Road
North Franklin, Connecticut
Support the Bombers at!, with the earth's biggest selection of books, music, videos, software and more, is helping the Connecticut Bombers raise funds. Shop right here by clicking the title or graphic above, and the Bombers will receive a 5% commission on every purchase you make. Please, always visit by entering from this page and help support our girls and fastpitch program.

Order any of the selections listed below and the Bombers will receive a 15% commission! Click on the item's image directly to view and/or purchase each item. Check here frequently for the lastest deals. If there is something specific you would like to see listed here, notify the Webmaster.

You can use the search box at the bottom of this page too.

Britney Spears: Oops!...I Did It Again
Britney Spears quickly became one of 1999's bestselling debut artists with her album "...Baby One More Time," which was recently certified for sales of 12 million copies. Wasting no time, she returns with "Oops!... I Did It Again." Preceded by its title single, the album also offers 11 more tracks that will surely please fans of its predecessor. Perhaps its biggest surprise is a nod to the Rolling Stones with a cover of their "(I Can't Get No Satisfaction." This burgeoning star is likely to see her success continue with her new release. On sale May 16...order now!

Jade Green : A Ghost Story
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, best known for her humorous "Alice" series and the award-winning "Shiloh," shines in this excellent gothic novel with all the trimmings: a brave, orphaned heroine; a gloomy manor; a dashing savior; a dreadful villain; and the star of the cast--a ghostly severed hand that holds the secret to Jade Green's untimely demise. "Jade Green," ideal for reading under the covers, is a shivery delight.

*N Sync: No Strings Attached

Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully
Part of the well-received "Successfully" series, this complete resource for coaches provides direction on communicating with players, evaluating their performance, planning for practices and for a season, and teaching skills. Includes 126 hitting, fielding, base-running, and pitching drills.

Fastpitch Softball : The Windmill Pitcher
The "bible" of windmill pitching.
Mr. Sammons uses his practical knowledge of pitching to educate the coach and player about the mechanics of pitching and most importantly the mental aspects of pitching in an easy to read format. He personally illustrated the book to show the proper grips and forms to assist the reader.

Defensive Softball Drills
Coach Jacquie Joseph presents 74 proven drills for learning and mastering skills at each position in fast-pitch softball, as well as tips for molding players into a finely tuned defensive unit. 93 illustrations.

The Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Women's Fast-Pitch
The definitive instructional book on the fastest-growing women's sport in the country.

A Season of Comebacks
From Parents' Choice®:
Sisters Allie and Molly both play softball. Allie is a star pitcher, and Molly is jealous until she's asked to play catcher on her sister's team. Kathy Mackel's first novel is well-crafted and full of emotion. A good sports stories for girls.

Living the Dream
When Dot Richardson hit the winning home run that delivered the Olympic Gold Medal for Women's Softball to the U.S. in Atlanta last year, she was instantly catapulted to national superstardom. However, 34-year-old Richardson is not only the "Babe Ruth of Women's Softball, " she is also an orthopedic surgeon and a much-sought-after inspirational speaker. This book tells Dot's fascinating life story. of photos.

The Real Rules for Girls
Life sure would have been easier for us daughters if our moms--or someone, anyone!--had given us even a fraction of the advice contained in Mindy Morgenstern's hilarious, insightful new book, "The Real Rules for Girls." Covering topics such as romance, work ("no drama queens in the office"), social life ("being shy is no excuse"), and life tips ("stamp out your inner critic"), this book is determined to empower a new generation of young women. We asked Mindy to write an essay that proved once and for all that a little education is NOT a dangerous thing, and that what you don't know CAN hurt you. Just ask Juliet...

Real Girl Advice for unReal Girls
by Mindy Morgenstern

As if I didn't have enough to do, what with book signings and talk shows, and finding the right hair goo for my frizzy curls, has asked me to consider a different twist on my upcoming book, "The Real Rules for Girls." They wondered what would have happened if some of the most famous women characters from the past had enjoyed the benefit of "The Real Rules." In spite of myself, and an unruly mane of hair, I was intrigued...

So I got to thinking, if Juliet of "Romeo and Juliet" would only have read "The Real Rules for Girls" before her untimely tragedy, you can bet things would have turned out better. Had Juliet only ripped her lips away from Romeo's for one second, here's what she could have learned from me:

There Is No Happily Ever After

Not that I'm down on love, folks, it's just that I'm realistic. Love takes work! It takes great communication skills! This is totally off the top of my head, but if you, say, want to take a sleeping potion that lowers your heart rate to give the appearance of death, you might want to make sure your boyfriend totally understands the plan BEFORE you take the potion. You wouldn't want him to mistake you for really being dead and kill himself out of grief, only to have you wake soon after to see HIM dead. If only e-mail had been invented:

TO: RomeoM@Veronalink
FROM: JulietC@Veronalink
RE: Faking death


Taking a sleeping potion to faketh deatheth. Don't doeth anything stupideth until I come to. Trust me.

I love you. J

Okay, so it wasn't perfect iambic pentameter, but you get the message. Don't you?!

Then there's Cinderella--you know, the chick from the fairy tale. Few people know this, but Cindy had an early galley copy of "The Real Rules for Girls." The Brothers Grimm conveniently left this factoid out of their famous fairy tale, but the real skinny is, while Cindy was left behind to pick out lentils from the ashy fireplace while her mean stepmother and stepsisters went off to the prince's ball, she took a break from her chores, spotted the book sitting on the coffee table, and opened it to page 46 where she found this quote:

"Just Go to the Damn Party."

Coincidence? I think not! Our little Cinderella had everything going against her. Every reason not to go to the ball. Didn't have the right dress. Didn't have the Prada pumps. She only had a couple of mice and a pumpkin to speak of. All right, so she happened to have a fairy godmother, who totally dolled her up, and turned the white mice into horses and the pumpkin into a carriage--but that's beside the point. The fact is, the chick totally pulled herself up by her broomstick and just went to the damn party. Okay, so she was a total klutz and lost one of her shoes, but she got her prince in the end AND she was true to herself. Just think what would have happened if Cindy hadn't read the book. Tragedy averted, I tell you!

So ladies, be prepared for life. Learn from the fabulous heroines that went before you. Pick up a copy of "The Real Rules for Girls." And find the right hair goo. Your life depends on it.

Men In Black: Limited Edition DVD
This limited edition DVD is loaded with special features. Click on the pictue at left for details. Release date is 9/5/00 - you can order it now!

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Connecticut Bombers
Connecticut Bombers
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