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Last updated
06-19-17 10:10 AM
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Welcome to the CT Bombers GIRLS FAST-PITCH SOFTBALL Home page. Please make sure to check out our Sponsors section, without them we would not be doing what we so love to do.

Tuesday, September 6
CT Bombers 2017 Tournaments

The CT Bombers are proud to announce they will once again host three PONY tournaments in 2017. These tournaments, and team committed to playing in them are as follows;


May 20-21, Rose City Rumble, 10-U & 12-U, a PONY National Qualifier

CT Bomber (PD) #3
CT Eliminators (PD) #1
Rhode Island Thunder Gold #2
Valley Fusion (PD)

Cheshire Wildcats '05 (PD)
Coventry Crush Black (PD)
CT Bombers Black (PD)
CT Bombers White (PD) #2
CT Breakaways 1 (PD)
CT Eliminators (PD)
CT Lady Nationals (PD)
CT Rockets (PD)
CT Shock (PD)
CT Titans Blue (PD)
KP Pride Green (PD)
KP Pride White (PD)
Northeast Hurricanes (NY) (PD)
Southington Lightning 04's (PD) #1
Valley Fusion(PD)

June 17-18, Father's Day Slugfest, 14-U & 16-U, a PONY National Qualifier

Cheshire Wildcats 03 (PD)
CT Bombers Black (PD)
CT Bombers White (PD)
CT Mayhem (PD)
CT Pride (PD)
CT Titans Green (PD)
Mass Xtreme 1(PD)

CT Bombers Black (PD)
CT Bombers Teal (PD)
CT Breakaways (PD)
CT Seahawks 14-U
CT Tides Softbal (PD)
CT Titans Green
Southington Lightning (PD)
Xtreme Chaos (PD)

August 5-6, Last Blast, 14-U & 16-U, a post Nationals open roster PONY Invitational


CT Bombers White 12-U (PD)
CT Bombers Black (PD)
CT Tides White (PD)

CLCF Bombers Gold
CT Bombers White 14-U (PD)
CT Bombers Black (PD)
CT Eliminators Black (PD)
Quinnipiac Tornados (PD)
South County Sea Devils Blue (PD)
Stratford Breakers Blue (PD)

2017 Season Highlights

Despite some weather issues it was another overall successful weekend for the CT Bombers;

12-U Black, Dynamites Classic, Taunton MA, (5 teams) due to weather/field issues the pool play was cut to 2 games. The team went 1-1 in a pair of 2-0 games. Sunday pitted this (younger) team against their sister (older) team for the first game of the day. Despite a valiant effort, the Black team went down 7-0 finishing the weekend 1-2 but due to the unexpectedly smaller than normal tournament size, this was a Third Place finish.

12-U White, Dynamites Classic, Taunton MA, (5 teams) due to weather/field issues the pool play was cut to 2 games. The team went 2-0 heading into elimination rounds. As noted above they prevailed in the first game 7-0 advancing to the finals, once again, where they fell by a score of 2-1 capturing Second Place and ending the weekend 3-1.

14-U Black, Father's Day Slugfest, Norwich CT (7 teams), the 13 y/o team went 1-2 in pool play and fell in their first elimination game, in ITB, to a team that had beaten them by one in pool play. It was noted that they played far better than their 1-3 record would indicate.

14-U White, Father's Day Slugfest, Norwich CT (7 teams), the 14 y/o team went 3-0-1 on Saturday, picking up the extra game due to an odd number of teams. The tie did not count in seeding, and they were the overall #1 seed going into Sunday's elimination rounds. The team lost in the semi-finals to the team they had tied on Saturday who went on to win the tournament. They finished the weekend at 3-1.

16-U Black, Father's Day Slugfest, Franklin CT (8 teams), the squad went 3-0 on Saturday earning the #2 Seed for Sunday. After wining the opening game they were pushed a little harder in the semi-finals needing to score 1 in the bottom of the seventh to advance to the finals. The finals pitted the Black team against the #1 Seeded Teal team where they fought hard in finishing in Second Place ending the weekend with a 5-1 record.

16-U Teal, Father's Day Slugfest, Franklin CT (8 teams), in a workman like manner the team went 3-0 on Saturday earning the #1 seed for Sunday. While not overpowering anyone the team marched through the first two opponents to advance to the finals where they faced the Black team. The game, like the rest of the weekend, seemed to lack energy and emotion but, the team worked together to earn a 9-2 victory, the Championship, and ending the weekend with a 6-0 record allowing only 5 runs.

18-U, Xtreme Father's Day, Swansea MA, (28 teams) starting with a delay due to field conditions didn't slow the team down, starting with two quick wins before a rough loss to end the day, pool play concluded with a 2-1 record and the #2 seed from their Pool. Sunday would require 5 wins to get to the finals, 6 to win it all, certainly a tall order. The team put their heads and went to work winning games 6-4, 5-2, & 6-0 before falling 9-3 in their fourth game of the day in the Quarter Finals. A long tiring weekend earning a 5-2 record and Fifth Place in a large quality tournament.

23-U, dropped a pair of 2-0 games in this weekend's double-header. They will be back at it again next Sunday afternoon.

The Organization was 24-12 with 1 Championship and 2 Second Places


12-U Black, Bring on the Heat, East Hartford CT, 1-2 on Saturday earning the #5 seed of 8 teams, won first game on Sunday then lost 9-7 to the Older Bombers in the Semi Finals, 2-3 for the weekend

12-U White, Bring on the Heat, East Hartford CT, 3-0 on Saturday allowing only 2 runs earning the #1 seed, Sunday won the first two to get to the Finals where they dropped a 2-0 decision, 5-1 for the weekend, Second Place

14-U Black, Xtreme PONY Qualifier, Swansea MA, 3-0 on Saturday earning the 1 seed from their Pool, lost the first elimination game on Sunday, 3-1 for the weekend

14-U White, Xtreme PONY Qualifier, Swansea MA, 3-0 on Saturday earning the 1 seed from their Pool, played well and went 3-0 on Sunday as well, 6-0 for the weekend, Champions

16-U Black, New Windsor PONY Qualifier, New Windsor NY, Lost, then tied, then won on Saturday earning the #3 seed, Sunday scored 3 in the bottom of the seventh to tie the game but lost in ITB, 1-2-1 for the weekend

16-U Teal, Bring on the Heat, East Hartford CT, 2-1 on Saturday allowing 3 runs total earning the #2 seed for Sunday, won game 1 behind a perfect game pitched by Maria Hanchuk before avenging Saturdays 3-2 loss with a 5-1 win over the #1 seed, 4-1 for the weekend, Champions

18-U, State of Shock, Meriden CT, 3-0 on Saturday earning the #1 seed, won the first two on Sunday before a shootout in the Championship game winning 10-9 in ITB, 6-0 for the weekend, Champions

Organization, 27-8-1, 3 Championships, 1 Second Place


10-U, CT Titans Mike Arburr Memorial, E Hartford CT, 2-1 in Pool Play followed by a 2-1 Sunday finishing their last tournament 4-2 and earning a Second Place finish. Both losses this weekend were to the Champions. This gives the team a 17-10 outdoor season earning one Third, one Second, and two Championships in 6 tournaments. The future of the Bombers looks bright!

12-U Black, RI Xtreme Mayfly, West Greenwhich RI, the team went 3-0 on Friday/Saturday to earn the #2 Seed for Sunday. winning their first two games on Sunday and advancing to the Championship game for the second consecutive weekend. The younger team lost to the older CT Bombers White by a score of 4-1 to earn their second consecutive, and third of the season, Second Place finish at 5-1 for the weekend.

12-U White, RI Xtreme Mayfly, West Greenwhich RI, the team went 3-0 on Friday/Saturday to earn the #1 Seed for Sunday. winning their first two games on Sunday and advancing to the Championship game for the fourth consecutive weekend. As noted above they defeated the younger CT Bombers team 4-1 to become Champions, finishing the weekend 6-0.

14-U Black, CT Titans Mike Arburr Memorial, E Hartford CT, a rough 0-3 Pool Play record gave the team the #9 seed out of 10 teams. Sunday started with a win over the #8 seed, followed by another win over the #1 seed before falling 2-1 in the semi-finals. A great finish tot he weekend that belies their 2-4 record.

14-U White, RI Xtreme Mayfly, West Greenwhich RI, the team went 0-3 on Friday/Saturday, all three forfeits as they didn't have enough players released from High School to be able to field a team. Due to a team being eliminated from the State Tournament on Saturday, this team could compete on Sunday.  The team of 8, two outfielders and an out every time the ninth spot came up did well, they won their first game 3-0, then took out the #1 seed in game two, to advance to the Finals. Leading 5-1 into the 6th inning before reality caught up, two outfielders, oh and only one pitcher throwing her third game of the day, a makeshift infield etc. etc. etc. the good guys went down 6-5 earning a Second Place and finishing the weekend 2-1. We won't be counting the forfeits!

Next weekend both 16-U and our 18-U teams will join the fray! 

10-U, Spring Bash, Watertown CT, Lost game 1 (by one) won games two and three in Pool Play, on Sunday went 3-0 outscoring the opposition 46-5 en route to the Tournament Championship. Finished the weekend 5-1.

12-U Black, Spring Bash, Watertown CT, 3-0 on Saturday's Pool Play followed by two wins on Sunday morning to earn a spot in the Finals. Lost a tough 3-1 game to settle for Second Place and a 5-1 weekend.

12-U White, Memorial Day Classic, Plainville MA, Due to weather on Friday affecting scheduled games, pool play was shortened to 2 games for everyone. Went 2-0 in Pool Play, then 2-1 in elimination rounds on Sunday earning a Second Place finish with the 4-1 weekend.

14-U Black, Memorial Day Classic, Plainville MA, Due to weather on Friday affecting scheduled games, pool play was shortened to 2 games for everyone. Went1-1 in Pool Play then, sadly 1 and done on Sunday. Finishing 2-1 for the weekend. The team is making definate strides and is going to break out at some point soon.


10-U, Rose City Rumble, Franklin CT, 2-1 on Saturday earning the #2 seed but an off game on Sunday morning finished the Team's weekend at 2-2, Third Place in a four team Tournament.

12-U Black, Rose City Rumble, Norwich CT, 1-2 in Pool Play earning the #9 seed, defeated the #8 seed before falling to the #1 seed in the quarter finals. Finishing the weekend 2-3 and a Fifth Place finish in a 15 team tournament.

12-U White, Rose City Rumble, Norwich CT, 4-0 in Pool Play (they picked up and extra game due to an odd number of teams) earnng the #1 Seed. Defeated the #9 seed (yes, the younger CT Bombers Team), then the #4 Seed, before falling 2-1 to the #2 seed in the Championship game. Finishing 6-1 for the weekend and in Second Place.

14-U Black, CT River Rumble, E. Hartford CT, 0-3 in Pool Play, losing to the @1 and #2 seeds, then 1-1 on Sunday, with the loss being to the eventual Tournament Champions, finishing the weekend at 1-4. 

10-U, CT Eliminators Mother's Day Classic, E Hartford CT. The Pool Play schedule is shortened to be two games in anticipation of rains coming in the early afternoon. Game one is a rematch with the L.I. Force that went better than the first meeting but ended with a loss none the less. Second game came down to the final batter in the bottom of the sixth and ended in a 4-3 loss to the Xtreme Chaos. Sunday was a washout but the weekend was much better than the 0-2 record may indicate.

12-U Black, Shock to the System, Meriden CT, Our 11 year old team started their season with an 11-5 win over the CT Impact and followed it up with a 4-4 tie vs. the Southington Lightning. Their third game pitted them against the CT Titans Green and ended with an 8-1 victory to end the day undefeated. Sunday was declared a washout so the #2 seed earned on Saturday turned into a Second Place finish for the weekend. 

12-U White, Shock to the System, Meriden CT, The 12 year old team started their season with a one hit shutout over the CT Breakaways. This was followed by twin 8-1 wins over the Southington Lightning and the Host CT Shock. The 3-0 day earned the team the #1 seed for Sundays elimination rounds. Sunday was declared a washout tuning the #1 seed into the Tournament Championship

 For the Organization a 5-2-1 weekend with a First and Second place finish. 

12-U Black, arrives at the Dome in Queensbury NY to play two on a Friday evening. The first game at 6:50 vs the Seymour Tradition turns into an 8-1 victory while the second at 7:50 PM ends as a 14-2 loss to Team Long Island (the third to TLI of the 2017 pre-season).
12-U White, arrives for their first game of the weekend being the 6:30 game vs the Mid Hudson Rebels which results in a 9-0 win for the older of the two Bombers teams in action this evening.

12-U White, starts Saturday play with the 7:30 AM game vs the CT Seahawks. A good close game results ina 2-1 loss for the Bombers.
12-U Black plays their third and final pool play game at 8:50 AM vs the Ulster Fillies. The hard fought game ends in a 2-2 tie. After all the remaining games are played, with their 1-1-1 record, the 12-U Black has earned the #7 seed and a 7:30 AM start on Sunday.
12-U White, plays their final pool play game at 10:10 AM vs a young and over-matched CT Titans. The Bombers earn a 12-0 victory, a 2-14 record, and the #5 seed for Sunday morning.

12-U Black, earn a 7-5 win over the CT Eliminators advancing to the quarterfinals.
12-U White, advance to the quarterfinals after a quick dispatch of the #12 seeded CT Diamond Club.

12-U Black, faces the Ulster Fillies again at 12:50 in the quarterfinal game and despite some bright spots, fall 7-2. They finish the weekend with a 2-2-1 record.
12-U White, face the CT Seahawks for a second time in two days at 2:10 unfortunately the result is the same and the Bombers are eliminated. The older squad finishes the weekend with a 3-2 record.

A weekend well spent by both teams!

16-U Teal, arrived at the Dome for a 7:50 PM start on Friday night. Given the long day, the 3+ hour drive up, and the late start the game was not one that could be described as perfect but the good guys pulled out an 8-5 victory over Stampede. Saturday started with a 10:10 game vs the CT Raiders and ended with a 9-2 victory, the third and final game of pool play was a 12:50 match-up with an old nemesis the East Coas Impact Gold. The clock ran out with Teal, the home team, down 4-3 with runners on second and third with one out and reverted back to the previous inning as we had not tied, taken the lead, or completed the inning. That made this game a 2-0 loss.The 2-1 finish gave the Teal team the #7 seed for Sunday morning.
18-U Arrived for their 3:30 start and behind strong pitching and Hot Bats (that lasted all day) they quickly dispatched the Northeast Xtreme 12-0 in 2-1/2 innings.The second game saw our team up 11-7 with two outs on their opponent in the bottomhalf of the inning, two strikes on the batter, and the clock ran out. This caused the game to revert back to the previousinning resulting in a 5-5 tie being recorded with the Capitol Region Reign. The third and final Pool Play game was an 8-5 victory over the CT Comets. This 7:30 game ended just prior to 9:00 PM to end the tournament events of the day. The 2-0-1 record earned our 18-U Team with the #4 seed and a 10:10 start on Sunday morning.

We turn the clocks ahead and everyone loses an hours sleep! 

16-U Teal have a 7:30 start on Sunday morning vs the 10th seeded Dutchess Debs. A somewhat lethargic affair ends with a 4-1 victory for the good guys who advance to the quarter finals.
18-U start at 10:10 vs the 13th seeded VT Storm who played much better than they had on Saturday giving our team a run before we prevailed with a 3-2 victory to advance to the quarterfinals.

16-U Teal starts their quarter final game at 12:50 vs the #2 seeded CT Legends. This game is never truly in jeopardy as the Teal team pulls off a 9-2 win to advance to the semifinals.
18-U starts their quarter final game vs the 5th seeded CT Eliminators Elite at 2:10. The game starts off fairly well with the Bombers taking a 5-0 lead. As can happen in softball however, they quickly find themselves in a 5-5 tie. The final inning with the clock running out, was played to a draw forcing ITB. In the first inning, yes there is more, of ITB sees the ZEliminators score 4 runs taking a 9-5 lead. The Bombers come up in the bottom of the inning and score 4 of their own, forcing a second inning of ITB. The Eliminators score two in the top half of the inning before being put down. Our team comes up in the bottom needing less than they did in the previous inning. They push one run across the plate making it an 11-10 game and then come up just that short. A very loud, intense, nerve wracking game ends with us just short of advancing to the semifinals. The squad ends the weekend with a 3-1-1 record. They end the preseason with a 5-3-1 record over the two tournaments played.

16-U Teal start their semifinal game at 3:30 (while the 18-U team is still playing on the other field) vs the #6 seeded Stampede who they had played on Friday night. This is a much better played game on both sides that was closer than the 9-3 score would indicate. It was a 5-3 game before Kelsie L hit her second Grand Slam in as many tournaments (both in the semifinals to boot) to give Teal all the cushion they would need to advance to the Championship game.

16-U Teal start the Championship game at 5:30 PM vs the #1 seeded East Coast Impact Gold who again start their pitcher reportedly going to Marist on a full ride next year. After a scoreless first Teal went down 1-0 in the bottom of the second only to take the lead 2-1 in the top of the third. ECI scored three in the bottom of the third to take the lead back at 4-2. The top of the fourth saw the Bombers score three times retaking the lead 5-4. After pitching changes by both teams and some special defense this is where the game ended with 16-U Teal earning the Championship with a 6-1 record for the weekend. They end the preseason at 16-2 with two Championships and one Runners-up over the three tournaments played. 

14-U Black headed North to the Dome in Queensbury NY to play their second tournament of the preseason. Drawing the late schedule, starting at 3:30 PM, seemed to work against the team as they dropped the first two games in pool play prior to winning their third and final game of the day. The 1-2 record earned the team the #8 seed and a match-up with the #9 seed at 7:30 AM. The game was a close contest ending 8-6 in the wrong direction and sending our team home with a 1-3 record for the weekend. 

16-U Teal took their first trip of the winter season up to the Dome pulling the early morning schedule (starting at 7:30) the team combined for a 3-0 day allowing 2 runs while earning the #1 Seed for eliminations on Sunday. Sunday started with a win over the #9 seed followed by another more difficult win over the #5 seed, and culminated with a comeback falling short while losing to the #2 Seeded Empire State Huskies. The 5-1 weekend earned the team Second Place for their efforts.

 14-U Black  went to play a one day tournament in the Danbury CT Dome. They started the day with a win for the young team but the day got more difficult from there.Dropping the next two Pool Play games, and their first round elimination game the squad ended the day with a 1-3 record. As usual, valuable lessons were learned and points to work on uncovered. All in all a good experience.

16-U Black headed North to our winter home in Queensbury NY to play at the Dome. The clock was not our friend this day. One game stopped and reverted back to the previous inning changing a win to a loss, another game stopped down 1 with runners on second and third and only one out. The third was a legitimate loss to a good team. The combined results were an 0-3 day. Sunday saw heavy snow with a 18-20" prediction. As the #13 seed the team joined a few others and bugged out for home rather than wait to do so when the storm was at it's height. 

14-U White returns to The Dome for their second outing of the season. A great Pool Play once again, posting a 3-0 record. The ream needed and got a shutout in their third Pool Play game in order to be the #1Seed. This set up a late start on Sunday which turned into an agonizing 4-3 loss to the eventual Champions and an abrupt end to the weekend. Still the team had 4 legitimate over the fence HR's and excellent pitching throughout. While disappointing, good things abound and as always things to work on were uncovered.

18-U's turn at the Dome, for their first tournament of the young new year. They dropped a Friday night game before dropping their first game on Saturday but rallied to win their third and final Pool Play game Saturday afternoon. The squad carried that momentum into Sunday morning where they were again victorious in their first game before matching up with the #1 Seed and suffering a final defeat for the weekend. Still a 2-3 start to tournament play with lessons learned is not a bad way to spend a January weekend. 


12-U Black, our 11 year old team made the journey to The Dome in Queensbury NY for their first outing of the season, The team pulled a very tough draw facing perennial powerhouses, Dutchess Debs, Team Long Island, and the Empire State Huskies and as a result went 0-3 in pool play, Unfortunately for the young squad this set them up to face Team LI again on Sunday morning. They finished the weekend with an 0-4 record and some valuable lessons. Next time will be different!

14-U White, our 14 y/o team traveled to our winter home at the Dome in Queensburry NY to play in the weekend tournament. They posted a 4-0 record in Pool Play, having pulled the extra game due to an odd number of teams, won the first game on Sunday advancing to the quarter finals where they lost to the NJ Jaguars who went on to place second. All in all a good 5-1 weekend on their first outing of the year. Many good things and some to work on before they return the first week in February to compete again.

Both of the 16-U teams attended a 16/18-U Tournamentat the Danbury Sports Dome. The tournament was a six team affair scheduled to be a one day event.

16-U Black (15 y/o Team)
Started at 10:00 vs the WTN Rapida with a one run loss as a late inning comeback fell just short, followed by an 11:30 win over the Fairfield Fury, and a 1:00 victory over the CT Fusio. Yes that was a back-to-back-to-back schedule. As the 2-1 team with the least runs allowed the team earned the #2 seed and a bye to the semi-finals at 6:00. The layoff, or the day, may have been a bit too long as the good guys fell short vs the CT Seashawks and were eliminated. A 2-2 day earning a Third Place finish in their first outing for the 2017 season. All in all a good day.

16-U Teal (16 y/o team)
Started at 10:00 with a win over the CT Seahawks followed by an 11:30 win over the CT Fusion. After a gamebreak off a thiord win this time over the Fairfield Fury. Being the only 3-0 team they earned a bye to the semi-finals. At 6:00the team once again defeated the Fairfield Fury advancing to the 7:30 PM Championship game vs the CT Seahawks. In the Championship game the team earned a 6-0 victory capturing the Championship. The day started with 9:00 AM warm-ups and ended at 9:00 PM with the crown. In the middle were 5 victories allowing only 1 run all day long. This was also a defense of the Title won last season in the inagural Holiday Swan Song. A very good start and a high bar set for the 2017 season.

12/2-4, 2016;
Well the 2017 Season has kicked off early and with results to be proud of

Our 12-U White (12 Year Old) Team traveled North to the Dome in Queensbury NY for their season opening event. In this 6 team tournament the team did great on Saturday going 3-0, allowing 4 runs, to earn the #1 seed. Sunday saw a bye to the semi-finals where the team won in ITB to advance to the Championsip Game. The girls fought hard but fell to the New Jersey Vipers 6-4. They ended the weekend with a 4-1 record and in Second Place finish.

2016 Season Highlights

Season Wrap-Up

10-U, ...

2015 Season Highlights

For the ...

Saturday, April 19
2014 Season Highlights

Season Summary by the numbers:

2013 Season Highlights

April 20 & 21, 10-U, Second Place Reading-Easton/ Brewster Rockets Invitational Second ...

2012 Tournament Season Wrap-up

What n interesting and rewarding season. Fielding 7 teams to offer the girls in Eastern CT the best possible oportunity for exposure, experience, and growth. We, as an organization, had an extremely successful season. As team records and accomplishments go;


10-U 19-16-1, 1 First, 2 Second place finishes

12-U 32-25-1, 3 Second Place finishes

14-U 18-31-2, 1 Second Place finish

16-U Black 20-29-3, 1 Championship

16-U Teal 37-16-1, 5th at PONY Nationals, 2 Second Place Finishes

16-U White 27-27, 9th Place at PONY Nationals, 1 Championship, 1 Second Place Finish

18-U 37-8-3, 32-2-1 over the last 35 games, 1 First Place (Showcases often don't crown Champions and this team did almost all showcase events)


190-152-11 for the organization.

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Monday, January 3
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