CT District 11 and 12 Little Leagues: Welcome


Tournament Central

Welcome to Tournament Central we are in the process of posting all of the schedules.  Site locations will be posted  following directives from the Tournament Committee regarding umpiring availability. This will be the primary form of communication so it is up to leagues and teams to check in daily.                   

We are starting to receive requests to reschedule games due to conflicts. Please note that we can not and will not accomodate any requests. Our only exception is direct school functions (graduations) that are brought to our attention in advance. 

 This is the first leg of an International Tournament. Locally we have 140 district games that lead into another 25 plus sectional games, followed by state games, all in a 4-6 week window. We have to co-ordinate scheduling, umpiring, field locations and get these games through. Participants should be aware that our priority is to get these games through. If it rains we will push games into any openings we find including Saturday afternoons, Sundays and are even instructed to revert to single elimination if necessary.


6/20: District 11  8/9/10 Baseball Changed from 8 teams to 7 Teams All Games Changed

6/19: Rescheduled 11/12 Softball Leabanon @ HAMR to Monday  6/25  

6/18: Rescheduled D11 9/10/11 Baseball original format was not correct 

6/15: Re casted D12 8/9/10 Baseball 

6/14: As we get closer to the games, it is not unusual for teams to find out they cant field a team and drop out. As this happens we recast the schedules. 

6/14: We will also shift games around to balance our umpiring availability. No schedules are final until the games begin. 

6/14: Re-seeded D12 8/9/10 Baseball as teams enetered dropped to 7, we will advance 2 teams from each pool to an extended playoff. Schdules will be posted soon.

6/14: This site does not format home vs visitors. A teams position in pool play has no bearing on home vs away. We will assign based on the random draw and discretion of District staff. 

District 11 District Administrator: Everett Demers emdemers@live.com 860-771-1690

District 12 District Administrator: Brian Hanlon brian@ctdistrict11.org 508-341-9918 



District 11   Affidavits signing     

                               Date--- June 16,2018

                                Place-- Coventry softball field

                                Time-- 10:00 am


                                 Date-- June 19,2018

                                 Place-- French Club  Jewett City





                       District 12  Affidavits signing

                            Date  ---     June 19,2018 

                           Place--  the Danielson Elks (13 Center St )

                           Time --   6:00-8:00


 Reporting Tournament Scores

(Winning managers are to report game scores and results: Name of Division of Play, Teams, and Score. Pool Play and Round Robin Games must also report Defensive runs allowed and defensive innings played.



Primary: Joe Cacciapouti joecacch@atlanticbb.net call or text: 860-630-0023

Back-up: Brian Hanlon brian@ctdistrict11.org call or text: 508-341-9918 


Handout: 2017 Tournament Seeds