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Welcome to CT Districts 11 and 12 Little League Website! 

District 11: Colchester, Columbia, CoventryBaseball, Coventry Softball, Jewett City, Lebanon, Moosup, Norwich, Plainfield, Preston, Scotland-Sprague-Franklin-Canterbury,Willimantic.

D11-11/12BB Intermediate go to Sectionals unchallenged.


District 12:Ashford, Brooklyn, Hampton-Chaplin, Killingly, Mansfield, Pomfret-Eastford, Putnam, Stafford, Thompson, Tolland, Willington, Woodstock. 



Monday, June 23
District 12 9/10 Baseball

Monday, June 23
District 11 9/10 Softball


This is the District 11 and 12 Tournament Head Quarters Page. All Managers, Coaches, League Presidents and Umpires should monitor this page daily (if not more frequently) throughout the duration of The Tournament for Critical Updates and information.


 7/7: Correction Stafford is in for SLBB they dropped out in JLBB

6/30: SLBB District 12 will be reseeded, Stafford will not be participating 

6/30: JLBB D11 has been reseeded and rescheduled. Norwich and Willimantic are not participating

6/26: We are still experiencing a severe umpire shortage and will are starting to move Saturday Morning Games to Saturday afternoons and Sunday. Monitor this site daily for game changes.  

6/25: We have not heard if any teams will be attending the Little League All Star Game Saturday night at Dodd Stadium. Please get back to us if you are attending so we can communicate with teh Tigers Staff. 

6/23: 11/12 District 11 LLSB Championship game moved to Norwich facility 

  • Expect some teams to drop out in the upcoming week. This week we lost a couple in JLBB D12. When a team drops I have to confer with Eastern Region for instructions. In this case they advised us to reschedule so each team slides up based on original seeds.


  • This year our Tournament Director will be Larry Gagne.  All questions regarding scheduling, game sites, scores etc...should be directed to Larry email: larrygagne01@yahoo.com    cell: 860-450-2248 home: 860-928-0259 





Handout: 2014 Tournament Field Rules

Saturday, June 7
Tournament Forms for 2014

Tuesday, June 10
Tournament Handouts for 2014

Handout: Tournament Handouts 2014

Monday, June 23
District 11 11/12 Baseball (LLBB)

Monday, June 23
District 12 10/11 Baseball

Monday, June 23
District 11 Senior League Baseball (Revised)

Sunday, June 29
Division 4 Little League Softball Playoffs

Tuesday, July 1
District 12 13/14 (JLBB) Revised

Wednesday, July 2
District 12 Senior League Softball

Monday, July 7
District 11 Senior Softball Revised 7/6

Tuesday, July 8
District 12 Senior League BB (July 7)

CT Tigers.jpg
Our Local Professional Team
CT Tigers

The Connecticut Tigers are our local professional baseball affiliate and support the participants of District 11 and 12 Little League Baseball.

Monday, June 30
Division 4 LLBB 11/12

Monday, June 30
District 11 JLBB (13 & 14)

Tuesday, June 24
District 11 9/10 Baseball

Monday, June 23
District 11 10/11 Baseball

Monday, June 23
District 11 11/12 Softball (LLSB)

Monday, June 23
District 12 11/12 Baseball (LLBB)

Monday, June 23
District 12 9/10 Softball

Thursday, October 25
District Staff

              District Administrator: Brian Hanlon brian@ctdistrict11.org


Umpire Co-ordinators: Larry Gagne   and   Scott Golden

Safety Officer: Ed Charlton

ADA's:  Dave Davenport                     Bob Murray

 NOTE: How Host teams are determined:

This is a formula that we use:

1) 1st set of games the host is determined by the lowest seed. 
2) 2nd round is one of 3 criteria:
    1) two teams who hosted previously are matched, the lowest seed is the host.
    2) two teams who traveled previously are matched up and the team who traveled the furthest to their last game gets to host.
    3) a team that hosted previously is matched up with a team who traveled last game, the team who traveled gets to host.

There is one exception to this. Any team matched up with a "Non Host" team gets to host.
(Leagues who do not provide any umpire help are "Non Host" teams)
Presently Colchester and Willington are "Non Host Leagues. Consequently all of their teams will have to travel unless they get on board and help cover games.
NOTE: Stafford is now off of the "Non Host" list as they are helping with umpiring
NOTE: Thompson is now off of the "Non Host" list as they have provided umpiring. 
NOTE: Preston is now off of the "Non Host" list as they have provided umpiring. 

Coventry Baseball has no fields to use as theirs are under repair so their BB teams are not host.
One other thing. All bye teams travel to their 1st game. 
All Championship 1st rounds are hosted by Winner of the "Winner" Bracket.
All "IF GAMES" are hosted by the Winner of the 1st Championship round. 
NOTE: District 12 LLSB CHAMPIONS: Stafford Team 6/25/14 
NOTE: District 11 LLSB CHAMPIONS; Columbia/Norwich/Preston Team 6/26/14
NOTE: District 11 10/11BB CHAMPIONS; Norwich Team, 7/1/14 
NOTE: District 11 11/12SB Divisional Champions: Col/Nor/Prest Team 7/8/14
NOTE: District 12 9/10SB Champions: Stafford Team 7/8/14 
NOTE: District 11 9/10SB Champions: Preston Team 7/9/14
NOTE: District 11 11/12BB Champions: Colchester 7/12/14
NOTE: District 12 9/10BB Champions: Tolland 7/12/14
NOTE: District 12 11/12BB Champions: Killingly 7/15/14 
NOTE: District 12 SrLBB Champions: Thompson 7/15/14
NOTE: Div D8/D11/D12 9/10SB Champions: S.Windsor 7/20/14
NOTE: Div: D8/D11/D12 JrLBB Champions:  Jewett City 7/20/14
NOTE: State SrLSB Champions: Moosup/Plainfield 7/21/14


Thursday, June 26
Division 4 10/11 Baseball

Tuesday, June 10
District 12 11/12 Softball

Friday, July 11
Division 4 9/10 Softball

Tuesday, July 15
Senior Leage Baseball States 2014

Tuesday, July 15
Senior League Softball States

Wednesday, July 16
Division 4 JLBB