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Congratulations to all of our District 11 and 12 Champions. As you move to the next level of the Tournament your main point of contact will be The State of CT Little League Website  

We strongly recommend that you double check and triple check you affidavits and supporting doccuments. Once your Player Verification Form has been signed by a member of the D11/D12 Staff you no longer need any record of birth, however, your residency doccuments will be scrutinized in greater detail than the original District review. The fact that a D11/D12 representative signed off on these has no, none, zero, nadda, meaning at the next level. The onus is on the team to make sure everything is in order.

Each team will need to provide softballs and baseballs at each level so stock up or you wull be faced with a $20 fine per occurance.  

 Good luck and remember, we are here to help you along the way with any questions or concerns. 



 Reporting Tournament Scores

(Winning managers are to report game scores and results: Name of Division of Play, Teams, and Score.

Primary: Joe Cacciapouti joecacch@atlanticbb.net call or text: 860-630-0023

Back-up: Brian Hanlon brian@ctdistrict11.org call or text: 508-341-9918 

 Schedules have been posted, all dates and times are subject to change based on umpire availability. Game sites are dependant on leagues contribution to umpire pool and status of Safety Plan  (6/5/17).

                                                  District's 11 and 12   


                           District 11                        District 12


9/10 SB:             PRESTON                                        MANSFIELD/ASHFORD

9/10 BB:             JEWETT CITY                                   KILLINGLY                             

10/11 BB:            NORWICH                                        MANSFIELD/ASHFORD

11/12 SB:            PRESTON                                        BROOKLYN         

11/12 BB             WILLIMANTIC                                   MANSFIELD               

IntBB:                  COVENTRY                                     KILLINGLY          

JLBB:                  PLAINFIELD                                                      


SLBB:                  PLAINFIELD                                     KILLINGLY                                                   

SLSB:                  PLAINFIELD/MOOSUP     



Affidavit Meetings (completed)         

 These are the last days we will be processing affidavits, if your affidavits are ready before these dates contact us and we will try to make arrangements to review sooner.

Link to Team Contact Page D12:  

Link to Team Contact Page D11: 



Updates to Brackets: 

 Killingly   SLSB withdrew  (6/23)

Mansfield JLBB withdrew (7/1) 

Stafford JLBB withdrew (7/1)

 Killingly JLBB pulled out 6/23 

Plainfield 11/12 LLSB pulled out 6/23/17  

JC SLSB Dropped Out 

 Norwich SLBB Dropped out 

Lebanon/Columbia/Willimantic out of 9/10 SB (6/16) 

Columbia was left out of 1st pass 11/12 BB Revised (6/15) 

Willington was left out of 1st pass 9/10 BB Revised (6/14)  

Willimantic out 10/11 Baseball, brackets Revised (6/13) 

 Colchester dropped from 9/10 BB Bracket Revised (6/12)

Coventry SB dropped from 9/10 SB Brackets Revised (6/10) 

 JC withdrew from SLBB, brackets updated (6/8/17)


Seedings from May 25th District Draw (attachment)

Handout: 2017 Tournament Seeds

Tuesday, June 27
2017 Baseball Bat Information

Here are important links covering Baseball Bat Information for the 2017 Tournament.

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