Colorado Springs Little League: Home-Run Derby

Home-Run Derby Prizes


2014 Home-Run Derby Prizes TBA Soon!d Home Run Derby.


Home-Run Derby Information
The Who, What, When, Where, How & Why of the Home-Run Derby:
Who: Each child on every team needs sponsorships; keep track of each player’s totals because we hand out prizes for the top individual raisers. The donations ARE tax deductible because this is a straight donation to the league. Every team in your division is competing against each other as well. The top two teams in each division will play against one another in an exhibition game at Sky Sox Stadium on May 11th.

What: The Home-Run Derby is grandest of all hitting contests, there is also a Home Run Derby contest for the parents. The Derby is not a pledge drive, the money MUST be turned in ON MAY 3rd, most likely first thing that coaches do when they arrive to the fields is to turn in your team’s packet. This is not money to be donated per hit. It’s just a straight sponsorship per child. However you want to promote it, if you want to make up your own flyers to and pass out at work, church, school, Facebook, etc is fine with us. A flyer will be circulated with your team picture packets to assist in fundraising. The team picture day is also on May 3rd. Your team will be given a time slot to stand before the camera and to also do individual pictures. Please have your team looking sharp!

When: The Home-Run Derby is May 3rd. Money must be collected before then and turned in on that day. We will count the money up, and announce the winners that day. The Sky Sox Games will be held on May 11th.
Where: Home-Run Derby & Picture day is held at El Pomar.

How: However the kids and parents that want to raise, promote, and advertise is fine with us, just make sure it’s legal, and the kids are being safe. We do want the kids to raise as much as they can, but be safe about it, we do not want your kids asking complete strangers for donations. But what their asking for, is for people to just sponsor their child in a hitting contest, it’s that simple.

Why: This is obvious the most important question. This is our one and only kid participated fundraiser of the year, and the most important day of the year for us as a league. We do not send your kids home with cookie and candle brochures, and turn them into Amway salesman (no offense to any salesman!). We ask they put all their efforts into one huge event, and the rest of the season they can concentrate on baseball. As you know, fees for this year did NOT go up, as a matter of fact, we lowered fees for some divisions, not very many leagues can say that. The reason for this is not because of registration, it’s because of successful Derby's. When you add up field fees, insurance, uniforms, all equipment including baseballs, advertising, operating costs and etc, we do not break even after registration. But we are able to make up that difference with the Home-Run Derby. Because of the Home-Run Derby's, we are able to put more money into better, newer equipment, plus lower registration each year. Plus, not many fundraisers have such a huge prize to give away. The Sky Sox game is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For your kids to go to a Sky Sox game years down the road, and tell their kids and grand kids, that they pitched on that mound, or hit in that batter’s box, the excitement on the kids faces just to play catch in the outfield and take fly balls, or be in the dugouts. The parents get excited to watch their kids play at Sky Sox, and take pictures of them batting on that field....this is priceless!