Colorado Springs Little League: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When do registrations for the Spring baseball season begin?
On-line and mail-in registrations begin in January and continue until the start of evaluations in February. Fill-in registrations continue after that time if needed. There are usually several in-person locations in January. These will be announced on the website and in the Gazette sports announcements. Flyers are also distributed in many area schools.

How do I register?
You have 2 options:On-line on the website at:
In-person registration at locations to be announced.

What are the boundaries?
CSLL's boundaries are basically everywhere south of Garden of the Gods Rd./Austin Bluffs Blvd./Stetson Hills Blvd. If you live north of these streets, then you reside in Academy Little League or Tri-Lakes boundaries.

May I play with CSLL even though I don't live within your boundaries?
Yes, but a waiver approved by Little League International, Charter Committee, is required and it is for a single season.  A new waiver request with approval by the Charter Committee is required for the next season.  IMPORTANT LITTLE LEAGUE FACT: Your child will not be eligible for All-Star tournament play. Younger players may sign up with us, but we strongly encourage them to begin their baseball experience in the proper league.  If there is any doubt or questions, contact the REGISTRAR,, immediately. 

If my child played with CSLL last year but moved out of the league boundaries, can we continue to play with CSLL?
Yes. You will be asked to provide proof of your old address and your current address. Your child WILL be eligible for All-Stars.  This is an authorized Little League exception.

What are the age divisions? (Ages as of 30 April for the upcoming season)
T-Ball (Modified coach-pitch) - ages 4 to 6
Rookies (formerly Midgets) - ages 7 & 8 (6YO with one year of T-Ball)
Minors - ages 9 & 10 / 10 & 11
Majors - ages 11 & 12
Juniors - ages 13 & 14
Seniors - ages 13 thru 16
Big League - ages 17 & 18

What is the cost?
T-Ball - $50
Rookies - $125
Minors - $165
Majors - $175
Juniors - $225
Seniors - $225
Big League - TBD
Challenger League (all age groups) - $50

The fee for T-Ball & Rookies must be paid prior to your child being placed on a team. For all others, it must be paid prior to evaluations. CSLL accepts cash, checks and credit cards used with the on-line registration process. Late Fees apply after specified cut-off date - $25.

May I get a refund if we decide not to play?
There are NO REFUNDS once a child has been placed or drafted onto a team. EXCEPTIONS to this policy are season-ending injury or moving out-of-state (refunds are prorated).

What is included with the fee?
Your player will receive a jersey and a baseball cap, plus field rental, umpire fees, and injury insurance. Each player must also have a baseball glove, and catchers MUST have a cup and throat guard for the mask. Each coach/team chooses the rest of the uniform (pant color, socks, etc.).

How are players placed on teams?
- Ages 4 - 8 are placed generally by zip code when possible. Player and/or coach requests are also available. T-Ball & Rookies DO NOT tryout.
- Ages 9 - 18 are drafted onto teams following player evaluations. They ARE NOT placed by zip code. Player and/or coach requests are not guaranteed at this level, except for family relationships (brothers/sisters).  CSLL informs coaches of requests immediately prior to the draft, and then it is up to the discretion of the coaches as to whether they honor individual requests. We strongly encourage coaches to honor requests for carpool reasons involving geographic hardships.

Why are there evaluations for the older divisions?
To prevent the perception that teams are unfairly created.
  Evaluations and the draft process are used to keep players with similar playing ability together while identifying developing or inexperienced players for proper placement in developmental divisions.  CSLL's goal is to encourage equitable playing strength of all teams.

What if my child misses evaluations or chooses not to go?
He or she will be placed on a team by random draw. 

When are teams announced?
At the League Membership Meeting March 13, 2014. All parents and players are encouraged to attend. League announcements are made and Board members are introduced.

Where are practices?
Each coach decides where and when practices are held.

How many games will be played? (approximation based on the number of teams/players)
T-Ball - 14-16 
Rookies - 14-16
Minors, Majors & Juniors - 16-20
Seniors  & Big League - 12-16

How long is the season?
Practices may begin immediately after teams are announced in mid-March. Games will start in mid-April and continue through mid-June. All-Star play (for those players nominated and selected ages 9 - 18) continues through most of July. 

What days will games be played?
The game schedule varies and will not be posted until early April. Most likely, all teams will have at least one weeknight game and one Saturday game. Some teams may have games three times a week.

How long does each game last?
T-Ball - 1 hr. 
Rookies - 2 Hour Limit

Minors/Majors - No new inning after 2 hours
Juniors/Seniors - No new inning after 2 hours 30 mins

Where are games played?
Most of the games are at El Pomar Youth Sports Complex, near Janitell and S. Circle Drive. Some may also be held at Goose Gossage, Palmer Park,  or Ford Frick.

Okay, I've signed up... now what?
It's impossible to personally notify everyone that their registration has been received. If you have signed up and paid, then you are registered. In the past, we have sent out group e-mails to remind everyone to attend the General Membership Meeting. If you are unable to make the meeting, you will be contacted by your coach to learn when practices will begin.

When is Opening Day? (tentative schedule)
April 5th, 2014

What if the weather looks bad? Who do I call?
We encourage coaches to notify their players as soon as games are canceled. Please call our voice mail at 591-1819 for the latest updates for weather cancellations. The website may also be updated. Never assume games are canceled without checking with your coach or the voice mail. Weather in Colorado can change quickly!

How do I volunteer to be a coach or umpire? 
Please visit our website and click on "Board" to access the appropriate board member to send an e-mail. All volunteers are subject to a background check.

I have a complaint about a coach/umpire/rule, etc.?
First, you are encouraged to address your concerns with your team’s manager.  If there is no resolution, all complaints should be provided in writing to a division commissioner, head commissioner or a board member.

What fund raising does CSLL have?
CSLL has several fundraisers such as selling SkySox Tickets, CSLL merchandise, and Little League Day with the Rockies or SkySox to name a few. However all of our players are encouraged to participate in our Home-Run Derby.

Each team is encouraged to have a team sponsor. Sponsorship starts at only $250. We also have division & league sponsorships available. Please contact our Sponsorship/ Fundraising Coordinator at for more information.