Friday, November 18

This is a really great call by the lead official. So often the lead gets these base line drives wrong because they look at the dribble driver and they don't find the secondary defender and then default to a block. In this case the lead found the secondary and ruled correctly that he had established LGP.

The lead does not give much of a foul signal and goes quickly to the Player Control signal. Would he have looked stronger had he held his foul signal just a little longer and then "punched" the team control signal, saving the PC signal for reporting?

Instead of walking to report the lead might have "zipped out" to report

The Center official might have doubled on this play, because if the lead had not called anything the center could have come with the charge. The secondary defender came from the center;s primary coverage area.

The Center probably should have closed quickly on this play when the defender hits the floor.