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IAABO School Info - 2010 ~~~

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Event Info - IAABO school

IAABO School......

        John Martinez was selected to receive the IAABO school scholarship graciously donated by Mr. Lantzy this year. Congrads on this award.

        If you plan on attending the IAABO School and would like to apply for a scholarship, please let Mr. Lantzy know. The application must arrive to Tom Bennett NLT June 1, 2010. Please do not wait for the last minute to get this application submitted.
        Just a friendly reminder the IAABO School will be held on June 17-19 2010 at the University of Northern Colorado! School and registration information is available on the CHSAA_Link. Colorado Board 4's goal is to have 60 or more officials attend the school and if you are interested, please plan on attending! Scholarships and mileage stipends will be available through your area directors. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Lantzy or your respective area director(s).

Day out on the Links....
     The annual CSBOA golf outing - was awesome...a great Spring Classic inaugural year. 

The results...are in: Blind Draw Parings and scores....
Bill Robers/Carrie Guy Shot:37
Mike Quintana/Bill Wolfe Shot:44
Erich Kennedy/Amy Frenz Shot:41
Tim Merritt/John Carricato Shot:35
Al Carroll/Kyle Gilbert Shot:35
Matthew Ross/Shelly Rush Shot:44
Drew Biedronski/Keith Sheldon Shot:41
Shannon Turbyfill/Steve Leaf Shot:46
Bob Lantzy/Rich Monger Shot:38
Bill Whitfield/Rick Bainer Shot:36
John Davis/Katie Parker Shot:37
Bill Evans/John Wyatt Shot:41
Ghost/Dan Fiddler Shot:38
Jeff Heins/Miguel Colocho Shot:36
Ray Swanson/Bo Lizotte Shot:XX
Shunn Cross/Roberto Vega Brautigam Shot:XX
8 random holes were used from both partners..best ball format for the pizes and tie breakers were the HCP holes.
1st place - Al Carroll/Kyle Gilbert Shot:35 {won on first HCP hole} Won 2 rounds of golf at Kings Deer {each}
2nd Place - Tim Merritt/John Carricato Shot:35 Won 2 rounds of golf at Patty Jewett {each}
3rd Place - Bill Whitfield/Rick Bainer Shot:36 {won on first HCP hole} Won 2 rounds of golf at Patty Jewett {each}
Long Drive #8 - Jeff Heins {$20}
Closest to pin #13 - Dan Fiddler {$20}
Skins - 13 participants {$130} 5 skins were won {$26 ea}
Jeff Heins - 1 skin
Al Carroll - 2 skins
Dan Fiddler - 1 skin
Keith Sheldon - 1 skin
Notable mention - John Carricato nailed a 79..nice scoring

Officials vs Cancer campaign

        The Officials vs Cancer campaign for the 2010-2011 season has already begun....Katie Parker coordinated a fund drive and has raised $1357.00 towards this effort. Awesome Katie.
        The 2009-2010 Officials vs Cancer Fund Drive began January 25th.  Thanks again for all your contributions.  Thanks to all the officials who work for this cause. Check out the 3 Amigos in Pink  and the  3 Pink Amigos . The final total for the Officials vs. Cancer fund for the 2009-2010 season is $5424.00 - GREAT JOB Everyone.

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...Other Basketball  Opportunities......

Ray's Corner

07 Jun 10 - Unruly Sports Fans


Your CSBOA Board
John Carricato, President & Area Director
Bob Lantzy, State President & Area Assignor

Kevin Kizewski, State Director for Southeast Region {pic}

Steve Oswald, Area Director {pic}
Amy Frenz, Area Director {pic}
Nels Jacobson, Vice President {pic}
Shelly Rush, Secretary/Treasurer {pic}
John Wyatt, Member-at-Large {pic}
Gary Montel, Rules Sultan {pic}

Bob Marken, Assignor
Ray Lutz, Assignor

2/3-Person Training, Scrimage Opportunities, Clinics
             More Info/possibilities down the road......

Fountain Fort Carson High School will be hosting a benefit staff basketball game on December 6, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. They are in need of three officials who would like to participate in this fund raiser.  Please let Bob Lantzy know if you are interested.

Other Basketball Calling Opportunities......

Banquet/Silent Auction News

First and foremost a big thanks to Shelly Rush for making the banquet a great success.!!!!!!!!!!

        CSBOA Awards Banquet :

     Dr. Brown and his wife Roni, Jim Dorsey, Colorado Board 4 Secretary and his friend Vicky Brooks and Bert Borgmann, CHSAA Basketball Commissioner were in attendance at the CSBOA Awards Banquet. It was a great evening of fellowship and thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to those recognized for their outstanding contributions to CSBOA.

The following awards were presented:

Over 50 Awards: Rick Carney, John Carricato, Bill Cooper, Stacy Gorman, Mike Hernandez, Nels Jacobson, Jeff Lindsey, Dan Manning, Steve O'Donnell and Dennis Wansor.

Newcomer of the Year:Adrienne Barnes and Greg Thornton
Mid Veteran of the Year: Richard Gray and Jeff Lindsey
Veteran of the Year: Tony Exum and Steve Riker
Most Improved: Anthony Harrod and Jeremy Isaac
Go to Award: Andy Heo and Dennis Wansor
President’s Award: Shelly Rush
Bill Ruberry Award: Rick Bainer
Jersey Award: David Miller

     Hi Bob, I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality last night at the CSBOA Awards Dinner. Roni really enjoyed talking to Ray. I can’t tell you how many people thanked us for coming. I can tell you now, that I had a speech prepared to deliver but I felt it was getting late and people were starting to look at their watches. The speech would have been in the context of the Olympic Games. I was going to verbally award three Gold Medals in different categories.
     The First was to the husbands, wives and significant others who not only allowed, but encouraged us to officiate. To put things in perspective, Roni has seen Basketball on our calendar every Friday night from December 1 thru March 15 for the past 30 years. The Gold would have been awarded to these individuals for their Tolerance and Understanding.
     The Second was to the CSBOA for its efforts in the Fight Against Cancer. 166% of the established goal in the Official’s Fight Against Cancer is no small achievement. The Gold would have been awarded to the CSBOA for its Caring, Compassion and Generosity.
     The Third and final Gold would have been awarded to an individual who has demonstrated that he really cares about doing the “right” thing with every decision he makes. A person, who is driven by well defined goals; sees the positive in every problem and seeks solutions that truly benefit the entire organization. That individual would be YOU! I was to have awarded you the Gold for your Leadership.
                           Thanks for all you do for Board #4. Sincerely, Ron

Awesome achievements

Colorado Board 4 Awards Banquet....
        The Banquet will be held on March 7, 2010 at Regis University. The following Area 6 officials wil be honored that evening and we would like to see a large contingent of officials from our area:
Bill Ruberry Award  - Rick Bainer
Gene Bunnelle Outstanding Service Award - Gary Montel
Honorary Membership Criteria I - Stan Scherr
3A Boys State Championship Official - John Carricato
5A Girls State Championship Official - Drenda Manning
5A Girls State Championship Official - Katie Parker
5A Boys State Championship Official - Andy Brooks
Please plan on attending if you are available. You can access the invite by logging onto the CHSAA web site or contact me for further information. Best Regrads, Bob Lantzy

CSBOA Meeting Dates {2011-2012 Season}

(All Organization meetings held at Colorado Springs City Auditorium - 6:30 PM : 221 East Kiowa)
The agenda and highlights of the meetings are supplied via the slides on the website links below. The individual details/discussions are not specifically captured due to the meeting limitations and that others {who attended} can easily update the folks who miss the meetings with the specifics...For more information on specific matters/discussions please email your leadership.... Attendance policy - You must attend 4 out of 6 meetings in Nov/Dec. and 2 out of 4 in Jan/Feb

Organization Meetings
2011-2012 Season

Jan 9 & 23 
Feb 6,13, & 20

Wednesday, March 17
Post Season

Post season assignments....

{Post Season Prep/Review/Prof...}
The 2010 Playoff schedule....22Feb-27Feb
The 2010 Playoff schedule....2Mar-7Mar
The 2010 Playoff schedule....8Mar-13Mar

The below officials were selected for the final week of the State High School Basketball Championships:

 Kevin Kizewski, Dan Manning, Nels Jacobson, Nick Lave, Katie Parker, Tony Exum,
 Tim Hutchins, Amy Frenz, Raymond Joe, Darell Fields, Harold Brown, Rick Bainer,
 John Carricato, Mark VanGampleare, Jeff Felder, Keith Woodfork, Mike Hernandez,
 Tony Mazion, Ken Goss, Greg Davis, Shelly Rush, Joh Wyatt and Amy Schulte.

                       Congratulations to all officials selected!

Evening Out

Evening with the Legend 
         January 11, 2010: It was awesome to watch...enough said......

Evening with the Nuggets......
         Nuggets dominated the Orlando Magic   history...

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