CSBOA: Constitution

CONSTITUTION    {Working Changes Spring 2011}

                                            Last Updated {20 May 08}

The Constitution and By-Laws of The Colorado Springs Basketball Officials
’ Association (CSBOA)

Adopted Feb. 19, 1979 & Amended Feb. 22, 1982, Feb. 22, 1988, and Mar. 4, 2002 & Feb. 4, 2008

– Name
The name of the Association shall be the Colorado Springs Basketball Officials
’ Association (CSBOA).

– Purpose

The purpose of CSBOA shall be to promote the welfare of the game of basketball by maintaining an association of highly qualified basketball officials.


Section 1. Classes of Members

Active. Fully qualified officials affiliated with CSBOA.  The categories of active status are: a.  Members in good standing. b.  Members not in good standing.

Provisional. Officials affiliated with CSBOA who have not qualified for active status but are eligible to officiate as CSBOA members for a period of one (1) year from the date of their acceptance.
The categories of provisio
nal status are:

a.  A prospective member who did not obtain a qualifying score of 86% on the current International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO) examination, but who meets Colorado Board IV, and/or CSBOA’s requirements for provisional status.

b.  A prospective member who has transferred from another State High School Federation Officials Group that was not affiliated with IAABO.
 c.  Provisional members in good standing. d.  Provisional members not in good standing. Inactive.  A previously active member of CSBOA who wishes to remain affiliated, but gives up his/her right to officiate games during the period they are inactive.  This status can only be granted by the Executive Committee.  Inactive members do not pay local dues and are ineligible for any CSBOA benefits.  They must maintain IAABO and Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) status IAW the Colorado Board #4 Constitution and By-Laws.    
Section 2. Rights of Members

Active members in good standing are eligible for assignment of games, to vote and to hold office in CSBOA.  Active members not in good standing do not have any of these rights.
 Provisional members in good standing are eligible for assignment of games.  Provisional members not in good standing are not eligible for assignment of games.   Provisional members and Inactive members may not vote or hold office.   
Section 3. Member Obligations

To be in good standing, Active and Provisional members must: a.  Not be delinquent in the payment of any dues, assessments, fees (including missed game fees) and/or fines established or levied by CSBOA, IAABO and/or CHSAA.  CSBOA dues are to be paid by March 1 each year.  A late fee will be assessed for any dues not paid by that date.  Provisional members who transfer from another State association after March 1, will not be assessed a late fee if CSBOA dues are paid at time of acceptance as a Provisional member.  If not paid at time of acceptance, a late fee will be assessed.   b.  Pass assigned tests. c.  Comply with all CSBOA meeting and/or clinic attendance requirements.   

d.  Not be serving a suspension period. e.  Maintain an active email account.
Section 4. Governing Authority

All members shall comply with applicable requirements of this constitution and the CSBOA By-Laws.

– Officers

Section 1. Titles
The officers of CSBOA are:
– Serves concurrently as a State Area Director.
        State Area Director (2 besides President)
        Assignment Coordinator

Section 2. Term of Office
The term of office for CSBOA
officers shall be:

President. Two (2) years and cannot succeed himself/herself. The President shall also serve as a State Area Director for those 2 years.

Vice-President. Two (2) years, and successive terms are permissible.

Secretary/Treasurer. Two (2) years plus 60 days and successive terms are permissible. The 60 days shall be used to complete the transition period for end the end of the season and to complete an audit should the membership elect another person.

Assignment Coordinator. Two (2) years plus 60 days. The additional 60 days shall be used to complete the assignments for the season in progress and to effectively turn over all records to a new assignment coordinator should the membership elect another person or method for assigning basketball games.  Successive terms are permissible.

State Area Directors (3 including the President). Two (2) years and successive terms are permissible.

Member-at-Large. Two (2) years and successive terms are permissible.

Interpreter. Two (2) years and successive terms are permissible.

Section 3. Nomination
On or before the first meeting in January, the President shall appoint a Nomination Committee. This committee shall prepare and submit a list of nominees for the elective officers at the date and time specified by the President. The President will then submit the nominees to the membership at the first Association meeting in February. At this time he/she will accept nominations from the floor, from and for active members in good standing.

Section 4. Election
The election of officers will normally take place during the last meeting  held in February. A special meeting may be called by the President for election purposes.  Elections may also be conducted by email vote.

Section 5. Eligibility to Hold Office
Only an active member in good standing may be nominated for and/or hold any CSBOA office.

Section 6. Executive Committee (EC)
The CSBOA Executive Committee shall consist of the 8 CSBOA officers and the Immediate Past President who may serve as a volunteer 9th member of the EC for one (1) year following the end of his/her term as President.
 Section 7. Vacancy
The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill a vacancy that may occur in the offices of Secretary/Treasurer, State Area Director, Assignment Coordinator, Member-at-Large and/or Interpreter. Decisions will be made by majority vote of all members of the EC.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President will automatically assume this duty. When a vacancy arises in the office of the Vice President, a special election will be held to fill this vacancy.
 Section 8.  Termination of Officers for Cause The Executive Committee shall have the power to terminate for cause any officer not in good standing or who fails to perform the duties of their office as determine by a majority vote of all members of the EC.  The EC decision shall be final.    Section 9.  Dues, Fees, Fines and SuspensionsThe Executive Committee shall have the power to establish, by majority vote of all members of the EC, annual dues, any fees or fines related to delinquency of payments or misconduct and any periods of suspension for failure to comply with member obligations or misconduct. ARTICLE V – Duties of Officers

Section 1. Duties of the President
The President shall preside at all CSBOA and Executive Committee meetings. He/she shall supervise the activities of all appointed committees.

Section 2. Duties of the Vice President
In case of absence, resignation, or termination of the President, the Vice President will assume the duties of the President. The Vice President will be responsible for conducting the local basketball clinic, managing the mentor program, and administering any evaluation or assessment program as prescribed by the State Board or CSBOA.

Section 3. Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer
The Secretary/Treasurer shall:
a. Handle all administrative and record keeping responsibilities of CSBOA including compiling minutes of all CSBOA and EC meetings, dispatch and filing of official correspondence, maintenance of accurate and updated membership and attendance records including status of good standing.b. Provide the Assignment Coordinator timely updates of members not in good standing.c. Keep complete and accurate records of all monies received and disbursed; disburse all monies pursuant to the direction of the Executive Committee; and present an annual written financial report to the membership in January.

Section 4. Duties of the Assignment Coordinator
The Assignment Coordinator shall coordinate all high school varsity and sub-varsity game assignments in accordance with State and local policies. The Assignment Coordinator shall inform the EC of all reports of missed game assignments and provide the Secretary/Treasurer appropriate documentation to assess missed game fees.  The Assignment Coordinator shall not officiate basketball games on meeting nights.

Section 5. Duties of the State Area Director(s)
They shall establish and conduct training programs for members and new applicants. They shall attend State Board meetings and act as liaisons between the State Board and CSBOA. They are charged with the responsibility for reporting all violations of the State Board Constitution, its By-Laws, and dress code to the State Board Secretary. They are also responsible for administering and monitoring all examinations given through CSBOA.

Section 6. Duties of the Member-at-Large
The Member-at-Large shall serve as a liaison between the general membership and the Executive Committee.

Section 7. Duties of the Interpreter
The Interpreter shall act as the focal point for all rule interpretations for CSBOA. He/she shall act as the CSBOA liaison with the State Interpreter.

– Amendments Procedures
This Constitution may be amended by:
a.  A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of a quorum of active members in good standing present at any CSBOA meeting including a special meeting called specifically for the purposes of amending the Constitution. b.  A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all active members in good standing if the vote is conducted by email.   
Amendments hereto must be presented to the membership at least one (1) week prior to the meeting date or email voting deadline  established for such vote.  Notification of proposed amendments may be made by email. 


Membership in CSBOA

Section 1. General
Any person who has reached his/her 18th birthday on or before October 1 of the year in which membership is being sought is eligible to apply for membership. Applicants must establish a satisfactory record of health and character.

Section 2. Member Obligations
A.  All Active, Provisional and Inactive members must:
1.  Pay annual IAABO State Board Number 4 and IAABO National dues, fees and assessments as prescribed in the Constitution of the respective organization and maintain good standing with CHSAA.
2.  Uphold the standards of IAABO, State Board Number 4, CHSAA and CSBOA as they relate to the professionalism, appearance, and personal conduct, both on and off the court.
3. Pay all fines and fees assessed against them by the due date established by the EC and successfully complete any requirements imposed in connection with any period of suspension imposed against them. B.  All Active and Provisional members must:    1.  Pay annual CSBOA dues by March 1 of each year.  NOTE:  With the exception of transfers and new members, if dues are not paid by March 1, and are still not paid by June 1 (including late fee) that member will be ineligible for any game assignments in Nov/Dec. 
2.  Pay all assessments, fees (including missed game fees) and/or fines established or levied by CSBOA, IAABO and/or CHSAA by the due date established for same.
3.  Score a passing grade appropriate to membership class on tests.
4.  Attend at least 4 CSBOA meetings during the Nov-Dec period each year, at least 2 CSBOA meetings during the Jan-Feb period each year and either a Board 4 sponsored State Clinic and/or CSBOA Clinic each year.5.  Maintain an active email account. C.  Failure on the part of an Active or Provisional member to comply with any obligation identified in Section 2, A and B above, will immediately result in their loss of good standing which makes them ineligible:  to work assigned games, for assignment of games, to vote and/or to hold office.      Section 3. Grievances
A.  Any member may submit a written grievance to the Executive Committee.
B. The President will ensure that prompt action is taken concerning the submitted grievance, and that a written reply is transmitted to the submitter as soon as practicable.

Section 4. Term of Membership
A.  Active membership must be renewed each year by compliance with all member obligations.
B.  Inactive membership can only be maintained for a period of three (3) consecutive years.        C.  Termination.  CSBOA membership in any class may be terminated by:  voluntary resignation, involuntary expulsion by IAABO, Colorado State Board Number 4, and/or CSBOA.

– Discipline of Members

Section 1. Grounds for Discipline
Any member, regardless of membership status, who fails to comply with the CSBOA
Constitution and/or By-Laws applicable to them, may be suspended from any and all officiating assignments, assessed fees, fined and/or have their membership terminated by the EC. 

Section 2. Appeal
Any member who has been disciplined may appeal such action. The appeal must be in writing and submitted within a reasonable time to the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Jurisdiction
As a part of the CSBOA disciplinary program, the Executive Committee has the authority to assess fees and/or fines, impose suspensions from any and all officiating assignments (including those already assigned) for any specified period and to terminate membership of any CSBOA member.  All such decisions will be made by majority vote of all members of the EC.

Section 4. Right of Hearing
A member pending disciplinary action shall have the right to a reasonable hearing before the EC and to present oral and/or written evidence in his/her behalf at the hearing.

Section 5. Notice of Disciplinary Action
The President shall provide written notification of any disciplinary action imposed to the member involved.  A copy of the written notification of disciplinary action will be read by a member of the Executive Committee at the next CSBOA meeting.

  ARTICLE III – Special Assessments
The membership shall determine and approve by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of Active members in good standing any special assessment to be levied on the membership.

Rules of Procedure
Section 1. A simple majority vote of all Active members in good standing at any CSBOA meeting is sufficient to transact any CSBOA
business not otherwise addressed in the Constitution and/or By-Laws.

Section 2. Absentee Voting
Absentee voting by email or other reliable means is permissible on all matters pertinent to election of officers, amendment of the Constitution and/or By-Laws, and approval of special assessments.  The EC may also authorize absentee voting for any other matter they deem appropriate.

Section 3. Election and Special Elections
The President will appoint a nominating committee to establish a slate for election and/or special election purposes as prescribed in Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution. The nominating committee must obtain the approval of each individual it desires to run for office prior to submitting the nominations to the President. Nominations from the floor will be accepted per Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution.

ARTICLE V - Game Assignment Process
Section 1.  Active and Provisional members desiring game assignments will be required to provide availability information as directed by the Assignment Coordinator.  Assignments will be communicated through the Arbiter system.  Members must accept or decline assignments within the time specified in the Arbiter system.  Normally, assignments should not be declined if the member indicated they were available.  Excessive declinations will be reported to the EC and may result in disciplinary action.

Section 2.  The Assignment Coordinator will provide a periodic listing of all game assignments to be posted on the CSBOA website or Arbiter. Members are responsible for contacting their partner(s) to verify travel and other pre-game arrangements. Contact must be made at least one (1) day prior to the scheduled date of the game. Should such contact not be established, the Assignment Coordinator must be informed. The Assignment Coordinator will then attempt to contact the missing official, after which he/she will take appropriate action, up to and including replacement of that official, to insure the game is covered. 

Section 3.  Turnback of assigned games should be avoided if at all possible.  All turnbacks of assigned games must be done through the Assignment Coordinator.  Absent extremely unusual, emergency type circumstances, no official shall arrange for another official to work a game assigned to him/her by the Assignment Coordinator.  Any turnback made less than 36 hours before the assigned game will subject the member to a $25 rescheduling fee.  The Assignment Coordinator will report the turnback to the Secretary/Treasurer who will notify the member of the rescheduling fee via email.  The member must acknowledge the email within 24 hours and agree to pay the fee (unless waived for unavoidable circumstances by EC) within 7 days.  Failure to acknowledge and/or agree within 24 hours and/or pay the fee within 7 days will result in loss of good standing and cancellation of pending game assignments.  All rescheduling fees collected by the Secretary/Treasurer shall be paid to the Assignment Coordinator.  Members must report any game assignment changes received directly from a school to the Assignment Coordinator.

Section 4.  Any member who fails to work or is late for the start of an assigned game shall be assessed a missed game fine unless the EC determines the circumstances were unavoidable. The missed/late game fine shall be the amount of the game fee(s) for the missed/late game(s).  Missing or being late for the start of a game shall also subject the member to disciplinary action as determined by the EC.  Missed/late game fines are paid to CSBOA.
ARTICLE VI-- Working with Non-Members.
The restriction of this Section applies only to CHSAA sanctioned games.

Normally a member of CSBOA will not work a high school basketball game with a non-member of Colorado Board Number 4, IAABO. However, circumstances may dictate that to cover the game properly, such action is essential to the game being played. In such cases, the member will file a complete written report describing the circumstances surrounding the game. A verbal report must be made to the President of the Association as soon as possible. The written communication must be delivered within 24 hours of the verbal report. A copy of the written report will also be forwarded to the State Board.

 ARTICLE VII -- Amendments
These By-Laws may be amended by:
a.  A simple majority (50% plus one) vote of a quorum of active members in good standing present at any CSBOA meeting including a special meeting called specifically for the purposes of amending the By-Laws.

b.  A simple majority vote of all active members in good standing if the vote is conducted by email.   
Amendments hereto must be presented to the membership at least one (1) week prior to the meeting date or email voting deadline established for such vote.  Notification of proposed amendments may be made by email.