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CSA 20th Anniversary Celebration

Come join us for an afternoon of games, music, food, fun, and friends in celebration of 20 years of CSA providing sports for our kids and serving the community.  Click on the flyer below to register.


Sunday, February 21
Tom Lyons

As many of you have heard and for those who haven’t, our good friend Tom Lyons has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He is currently undergoing a treatment plan and needs our support and prayers. Tom and his family are kind and generous people. They are loyal friends and dedicated to their family. They are people of faith. They are truly one of the finest families in Carmel and we have the humbled pleasure of calling them our friends.

While dedicating a career to the NYPD, Tom was assigned to Ground Zero. Doctors suspect that it was this work that did indeed make him ill. Like many heroes at that time, he spent many days there without thinking twice that it would be putting him in harm’s way. Unselfishly, he helped others and now will have to fight this battle as a result. Let’s not let him fight it alone.

Tom and his family have been a big part of our Carmel Community and a huge part of our Carmel sports programs. Over the years, Tom has sat on the CSA board, coached our youth teams and he and his wife Jeannie have donated to many causes within the community to help those in need and now we believe it’s our turn to help them. They have two boys who have been and continue to be involved in Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse, Carmel Rams Football and Cheer, and CSA. Like us, I know many of you want to do whatever you can to return their generosity. Here is your chance.

Most importantly we ask for your prayers and support. May that be via an email, a text, maybe a card, something to let Tom know you are thinking of him and his family at this difficult time, as I know many of you are. However, we also have attached a link for a Go Fund Me page (CLICK HERE FOR GO FUND ME PAGE) that will benefit the Lyons’ family directly. All donations received will go directly to them and will be used as they see fit to meet their household and medical needs. It may help set aside some funds for the boys’ future or it could go to a research charity of the family’s choice.

Graciously,  CSA Board of Directors

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