C.S.A. Baseball: Welcome

Welcome to the 2017 baseball season.

General Information

Carmel Sports Association (CSA) baseball is offered to both boys and girls, aged 4 - 16 (as of 08/31/2017).

The CSA's programs are open to all Town of Carmel residents, as well as all Carmel Central School District students.

The baseball season typically runs from the 2nd or 3rd week of April through the 3rd week of June. The baseball season ends with our picnic/awards day at Camarda Park.

For the Tee ball and Soft toss divisions, the teams generally meet two times per week, one weeknight at 6:00 pm and Saturday at 9:00 OR 11:00 am.  Their schedules are randomly generated and all seesions are held at the Carmel High School middle level fields. 

The Instructional division meets the same as tee ball and soft toss, but their sessions take place on the lower level fields of the High School.

The Minors and Majors division have two games per week, sometimes three. Games are randomly scheduled. The weeknight games start at 6 pm and there are games on both Saturday and Sunday.  Games are usually played at Peckham Field in Patterson and Camarda Park in the Hamlet of Carmel.  There are occcasions when the teams will play on the Crane Road field in Mahopac.

The Juniors and Seniors normally practice for one night a week and have a game on Saturday and another on Sunday.  The games, as well as the practices, in this division are also played at both Peckham Field in Patterson and Camarda Park in the Hamlet of Carmel.