Crystal Lake Cardinals: Host Families

Host a Cardinal this summer
During the past few summers, families have opened their homes to baseball players from all over the country. Families have welcomed these young men into their summer lives and have made them, in a short time, an extended member of their family. The families have provided a family environment to these young athletes, some of whom, except for college, have never been away from home. The wonderful folks that have hosted Cardinals players during the summer have received many rewards while helping these young men continue to pursue their dream of a baseball career.

Players find themselves in a “home away from home”. Host family children become younger brother and sisters for the players during the summer. Host families attend the games and cheer for their new extended family member. New friends and great memories are forged for a lifetime.

If you love the game of baseball and are willing to share your generosity with others, hosting a Cardinals player might be for you. If you are interested in participating in this great family experience, please call Armie Bombino at 847.612.0372.