Crockett County Dixie Youth: Welcome

Wednesday, April 16

A revised schedule for the dates of 4/17/14 thru 4/25/14 has been posted onto the "Handouts" tab.

Call the rainout line at 656-4100 to find out about games.

Please visit our sponsor page to see which great businesses have supported our league this year!  And please thank them when you see them throughout the community! Without our sponsors, you would be doing fundraisers...and no one wants to do that!

Below is listed the 2014 Crockett County Dixie Youth Board of Directors. Please remember that these are just parents who are volunteering a lot of their time and are working extra hard to be sure that your children have a memorable year of baseball. If you have any questions or concerns, any of us will be happy to try and help you.

Keith Vandiver, Carin Barnhill, Ryan Gourley, Travis Vance, Tripp Crook, Heather Crook, Anthony Moore, Lloyd Nanney, Stacey Gilpin, Trey Goldsby, Chrissy Vandiver, Bret Lewis