LM Lions 2014: Game Nuitrition

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Eat Like A LM Lion Champion!!
Monday, August 28
Nutritional Guidelines for the LM Lion Athlete

Rest + Nutrition = Improved Performance

Important Rules of Nutrition:

A. The Energy Source:  MUSCLE GLYCOGEN (stored carbs)

Exercise leads to a depletion of muscle glycogen.  The ability to train and compete at a high level is dependent upon the ability of the body to repair muscles (protein) and build up glycogen stores (carbs)

The Glycogen Window refers to the 30-60 minute period after exercise when carb and protein replacement is the fastest.  If the rebuilding process takes an hour or more, 50% less muscle glycogen is stored.  This is achieved most productively through a replacement drink.  The ratio of carbs to protein should be 4:1 (4 grams of protein).  This has been shown to double glycogen stores.

One of the problems that tournaments present is that  it takes a day to fully restore glcogen levels.  However, a carob/protein drink will rebuild and restore better than any other food source.  Most goals and most injuries occur in the final 15 minutes of a game.  This has been linked directly to glycogen depletion.

Rest + Nutrition + Timing will take our players to the performance levels that the game demands.  Do not overlook this.

B. Stay Hydrated  "Water Routine"

Most players don't drink enough water before, during or after the game.  Players are often dehydrated before the thirst mechanism kicks in.  A player is hydrated when their urine is clear.

1-2 hours before the game drink 10-14 oz. of cold water (14 oz. is a big cup of water).  The water must be cold as cold water empties the stomach quicker.

10-15 minutes before the game drink another 10 oz. of water (this is known as hyper).  Prior to or during the warm up go to the bathroom.

Throughout the game try and take in 3-4oz. every 15 minutes (this is obviously difficult).  After the game drink as much water as needed to quench your thirst and then a few more gulps.  Hint: 1 gulp = 1oz.  Athletic performance will decrease with sweat loss of as little as 1%.

C. Refuel after the game

Drink a replacement drink: EAS Myoplex, Slimfast, Boost or Ensure.  These can be bought from any grocery store and will not be more than $1 per drink.  These drinks contain the necessary minerals that are lost through exercise, they also contain protein that is a muscle rebuilder and they contain carbohydrates.  Players can also snack on a bagel or a granola bar.

D. Sugar and the Athlete:

Sugar is the enemy of the athlete.  Unfortunately in today's society it is found in more and more foods and drinks.  Sugar has 2 negative effects: 10 the Sugar Rush- this is a release of too much insulin leaving blood glucose at dangerously low levels.  Fatigue and lethargy will follow. 2) Dehydration- sugar slows the release of water from the stomach resulting in the onset of dehydration.  Sodas are banned over the weekend.

Eat Meals 2-3 Hours Prior To The Game

Meals should be high in carbohydrate and moderate in protein and fat.  During tournaments, you will benefit from eating small meals and snacks throughout the weekend that are high in carbohydrates.

Sample Meal

Breakfast:  2 Hours Before Gametime-

Fruit smoothie- always best if you make them yourself. Mix water with OJ as it has alot of sugar in it.  Put in a couple of pieces of fruit and blend.
Oatmeal with toast
Cereal with banana

Follow water routine mentioned previously:

Between Games:  2 Hours prior to Gametime

Lunch: (choose from) Grilled chicken on a bun, turkey sandwich, baked potato, soup salad, fruit, fruit smoothie.  Water only,  NO SODA or FRUIT JUICES

Follow water routine mentioned previously:

Reminder of the Day- continue to drink plenty of water, dinner should be high in carbohydrates (ie:pasta) and moderate in fat and protein.  You should also eat vegetables of some form.

These are general guidelines, substitutions can be made with some items.

Notice this diet does not include candy, chips, pop, fries.  These types of junk food actually decrease playing performance.   These foods are not to eaten at any time.  Substitute fruit, vegetables, protein bars, replacement drinks.

Individual calorie needs may vary, so eat more of this good food if you need to do so.

Tomas & Z
Don't Eat LIke These "Junk Food Junkies" Before Games and At Tournaments!!